Gamezy app – It’s a fantasy cricket app you can join a contest in the team and build your team If the players in your team perform well, you can win the contest and earn money In this fantasy cricket app you don’t need to do KYC or attach pan card to withdraw money there are lot of offers and discounts available in this app Download the Gamezy app from the link in description and first comment You will have 50 rupees joining bonus and if you use my referral code ‘LUSTRO’ and get extra 50 bonus so you could start playing with 100 Rupees Download Gamezy app and play your game. Hello viewers, Welcome to Nothing But Cricket. In this video I’m gonna talk about a flaw which most players commit while ground fielding and also about classification and usage of ground fielding techniques So before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell icon to get updates Instagram link is in description and first comment. Follow for daily cricket posts Lets go into the video We all know about the kneel down technique in ground fielding We will put one knee down and receive the ball and brace ourselves for throwing In modern day cricket this technique is used very rarely because we can conceive an extra run easily in this technique crouching, fielding, getting up and throwing takes lot of time so there is a chance of conceiving more runs This is why this technique is not used much in limited period games This technique is still useful where the priority is safety and to avoid misfielding there is very less possibility of you leaving the ball past yourself When you just bend and field there is higher possibility for misfielding and fumbling But kneeling down gives is rock solid protection and safety and prevents misfielding This is why this technique is still in use This is mostly used inside 30 yards circle Where the ball is hit hard and the need for safe fielding is more Mostly It’ll be dot ball We can use this technique when there is no possibility of conceiving an extra run because of the lag So we should judge well before using it Players tend to have a large gap between knee of one leg and the toe of the other while using this technique ball will race through that gap This happens when the fielder rushes to the ball and all of a sudden squatting to field it and the ball will fly through the gap which was already travelling fast it’s hard to put knee down on the run this technique is primarily for static and safe method and you should let the ball to come to you If you are rushing towards the ball you should use a different technique that is by standing and using the back leg as defense and fielding it. If the ball is fast and rushing towards you, allow the ball to come to you and kneel down and field check the card for fielding technique playlist on a simple note we can say, When you rush towards the ball don’t kneel down and field. When ball rushes towards you and you’re gonna be static, kneel down and field. So mostly this technique works out well for close – in fielders where the ball rushes towards the fielder Thanks for watching the video, please do like the video if you find it useful, share with your friends and please do subscribe and also press the bell icon for notifications Thanks for watching keep supporting Check out my other videos also

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