English Comparative Tutorial – Dice/Kostky #40 KCD|Kingdom Come

Greetings to all fans of
the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
I want to do another comparison
tutorial to show you
what the game looks like
when you play and know how
and when you play and you don’t know it.
I’m at the Inn on Clearing.
I will play dice with both
trained and untrained character.
In a moment I will switch
to an untrained character.
I will play dice in Uzice
and I will not do it.
I’ll try the dice while I’m here.
Ou, yes.
I won’t overdo it.
I probably won’t win.
Just try it.
I’ll pick one dice.
Six’s useless.
It is great.
Look, he has this odd dice.
Odd dice, it would come in handy.
It’s good to know he has it.
I’ll go see him at night.
Yes, he does.
Well, then.
Yes, he’s doing well.
He is happy, I have no money
and everyone is happy.
I’m back in the pub on clearing.
I will pick up,
I have a well-trained character,
great dice.
We can show them
and go play.
When you have an extension
that you have your own village,
you get the opportunity
to brew your own beer.
That’s this
Přibyslavice wild boar beer.
My character is terribly over eaten.
I wonder if I have a potion …
digestive decoction I could try.
So I wouldn’t be so overeat.
Well done.
I’ll drink two.
And when I drink this beer
so I get a dice bonus.
I don’t need it because
I have first-class dice.
However, I can do it,
drink beer.
I go play.
Let me show you the dice.
I have a lot of them.
I got them by robbing different players.
I made great sets.
The best for me are the odd dice.
I have six of them and
it goes like butter.
Here we go.
You see, I have a perk
or dice advantage below.
I’m going to the pub,
here are the players.
I’m going to play with one of them.
He plays with me only once,
then gets angry.
Pretty hundred,
no consideration.
First we choose dice.
I choose six odd dice.
It’s a little tricky
All six should be marked.
Odd dice, I have
six of them marked.
I confirm.
And the game is about nothing.
This is terrible.
You’re still throwing.
Still, still, ….
It’s for two throws.
Or two playing rounds.
I will not exaggerate, I will score.
Use Q key.
It’s all about now.
The poor man
won’t give it anymore.
Although he has sixes,
it was nice.
He did very well.
And it’s over.
Game over.
It’s done.
That’s how dice are played when
you have the game set and experience.
He won’t talk to me anymore
because he’s angry.
If you don’t get a player
who plays with you over and over,
so it doesn’t make much sense.
The win can be managed
even for one round.
So so.
I hope you enjoyed the show,
it is very cheerful.
I wish you nice watching
of other tutorials.
I am saying good bye.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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