All right
We got a fun equations dice game here for you
What you’re gonna need are two dice as well as a sheet of paper
With the numbers one through ten across the top and a place for your students to record each roll
you can make this sheet on your own or if you like you can download this for $0.99 at
To play students roll the dice and record the equation on their log
So if this was my roll ever record 6+3=9, and I would X the nine out on the top
So let’s say on my second roll
I also roll six plus three so in my log on roll two I would record six plus three equals
But I can’t choose nine; 9’s already taken. So I’d have to find another solution that makes this equation true
I can choose 6+3=5+4
Then cross out the five and four. I would continue to roll the dice and record my equations until
Something no longer worked, so let’s say I crossed out all the numbers except ten
And then I rolled three plus three. Well my last roll would say three plus three does not equal ten
And then my total would be ten and the person with the lowest score wins all right. Thanks for watching rethink math teacher com

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