F1 2016 – 100% Race at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Sainz’ Toro Rosso

Here we go again then, for another round of Grand Prix action. The conditions are just right to spice up the racing in this part of the world today and we’re all itching to get underway. It’s a sell out crowd of a 140,000 here today as we await lights out for the 730 metre sprint down to Turn 1 of this 2.9 mile race track. Overtaking is challenging through these 16 corners but there’s still a lot of high speed excitement to be found including the flat out Turn 3 and the terrifying blind right of Turn 9. I won’t be commentating alone today of course. No, I have the honor to share this commentary box with none other than Anthony Davidson. Ant, you and I were talking earlier today about how tight that midfield battle is compared to the last couple of years. Why do you think that is? Well, I suppose the main reason is simply stability in the regulations. Look at what we had towards the end of the V8 era. In 2012 we had seven winners in seven races. And we talk about the dominance of Red Bull at that time but their advantage was rarely more than two or three tenths of a second. And we’ve had this current formula now for a couple of years and that serves to solve any teething troubles with reliability. Let’s not forget that these cars are more technical than ever before so it was always going to take a bit of time for those gaps to come down. “Okay, I know it’s your home Grand Prix, but treat it like any other race.” “Don’t take unnecessary risks.” So before the off, let’s remind ourselves of yesterday’s qualifying session with a look at the starting grid. Lewis Hamilton lines up on pole position with Nico Rosberg alongside. Looking down the rest of the grid, we have: Raikkonen – Verstappen Daniel Ricciardo – and Vettel Button – Massa Bottas – and Nico Hülkenberg Gutiérrez – Kvyat Fernando Alonso – and Pérez Grosjean – Nasr Kevin Magnussen – and Rio Haryanto Wehrlein – and Palmer Marcus Ericsson – and Carlos Sainz starts from the back of the grid. And with preparations almost complete let’s head down to the track! “Good job, you did really well. Super driving!” Brilliant stuff from Mercedes today. That’s another historic win. Anthony, what do you think made the difference here? Well, the Safety Car completely changed the race, didn’t it? It’s hard to say exactly what would’ve happened without it but there’s no question that they came out of that situation in a good position. And here are our podium drivers today, after that excellent race. They’ve excelled here, as they so often do and it’s a well deserved victory. Mercedes then, are on top today! And now, let’s take a look at the drivers’ standings. Lewis Hamilton takes over the lead of the drivers’ championship after an excellent result. Now then, Anthony Davidson, who was your driver of the day? I’m going to say Carlos Sainz. It was probably one of his best drives this season and I was thoroughly impressed. It was great having you with us for this weekend. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Until next time though, goodbye!

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  1. lol didn't use Alonso in the McLaren because of…. u know but anyway great race and plz do a online race in a lobby where automatic shifting is allowed bcuz shifting is a pain in the (censored)

  2. hey man you're a beast wish I was as good as you but do you use a steering wheel so yes wich one do you use

  3. Hey, great job swinging the car from the inside to the outside midway through turn 3.  Obviously, you're following the racing line, but the fact that you use a hand held controller and still maintain superior stability through the curve, every lap, is incredible in my opinion.  I use the g-920 wheel and quite often cannot maintain this level of control in this track.  I guess I just need more practice with the wheel and the acceleration pedal.  Keep up the good work.

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