What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome welcome w-w-w-w WELCOME to 10 tech gadgets that may waste your money and will Waste my money because Sam picked em’ out With my money Sam – I did I’m gonna let you guys know whether they’re tasteful or Wasteful! Shall we begin? 4M electric plane launcher kit. What is 4M? I feel like it’s a knockoff on 3m, and they’re like PSSSSSH , 3m. How about 4m? Just I’m gonna buy it. Add to cart! electric plane launcher ready for takeoff discover how spinning motors and plastic discs are used to launch a paper plane up to 50 kilometers an hour! An ideal kit for exploring paper plane designs This is not a paper airplane. This is like a paper airplane designed by a numbskull Imma teach you how to make a paper airplane. You want to make your own? Oh, yeah, I want to make my own and how about we race them all right all right? Okay? Winner buys lunch For the loser because we’re nice people here all right All right This is our lunch. Okay, okay? Going fast (Quiet laughing) Oh c’mon! My went way better, I’ll give you even a second try all right because remember what’s at stake here Oh yI’ll even hold this down for you, so it stops vibrating Well I’ll take it I like pickles I don’t like onions, American cheese- so extra onions all American cheese I say wasteful Gyroor F1 hoverboard One hoverboard Gyroor Gyroor the fastest all-terrain hoverboard order now They sent us this product I’m gonna let you guys know whether this is a dope or a nope alright, but it looks it looks awesome It’s designed to be like an f1 racer right and it looks like it too. Even like the front little scoop there The the strongest off-road hoverboard alright. This is like a racing hoverboard. Let’s watch a video. It looks pretty cool I’m not gonna lie to you He doesn’t look too enthused though They ask you how you are you just have to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine. Look at that dude. He’s going off-road on-road that does look more fun than a normal hoverboard Maybe it’s just cuz it looks so cool. Even those wheels look like f1 racing wheels I dig it. I dig it You know what we’re gonna check it out, so while we get this product ready Let’s check out the next couple products. Ozobot bit extra bot award-winning robot Compete with friends and your extra BOTS draw color codes that will tell bit what to do? I see like a little iPad there and that maybe allows you to program the robot to do certain things. Oh look at that They’re so cute then It’s got four out of five stars, so you know what that means we’re gonna have to add that puppy to cart Ozobot alright see he’s drawing a little path here and the robots following the path see it comes with markers a Little helmet for your BOTS. Oh bot helmet oh he’s so cute. It’s got a little helmet on Wake up what did you do oh I figured it out, okay? So you got to push the side of it, and then he just kind of like does his own thing alright So here’s what we’re gonna try and do he’s flashing blue so So what can I make him go in like a circle? Huh now fall- follow my line dude. Follow my line He’s following the line that I just drew that’s pretty cool oh He’s lost poor little bot uh-oh he changed his colors too, and now he’s blue. He was green now. He’s gonna go red Mine line sucks. I don’t know what’s wrong with my hand today my hand today. No he doesn’t like my handwriting This is not good for someone has no control over their appendages get on the line He’s just like your line sucks I’m gonna go on the computer one it includes these little things and I can program it to – I guess follow this path, but it’s being very clear that I need to write. Oh my gosh. What is wrong my wrist dude Stop stop making fun, Sam So I totally appreciate this this could be a lot of fun if you’re into coding and you want to maybe start your kids on Coding and like get them into like programming and all things like that or robotics. I think that’s pretty cool So I must say tasteful. Buddha board original Buddha board canvas sturdy waterproof stand complete with a roomy reservoir for water and Separate grooves for holding both the board and the brush I don’t understand what a Buddha board is so you paint on it. You paint. What is it? Just like water painting, or is it like it’s just water painting. I feel like it’s not regular water painting though I feel like it’s different. There’s something different about this hold up hold up how that how that okay? Yeah, so Buddha board. Oh, okay. I get you I get you So it’s just dipping it in water and the board itself has some sort of special Texture paper or something to do with it. Oh see it’s fading away. There’s the speciality add to cart’ Buddha board baby. It’s a Buddha board baby. I mean it’s like really nice packaging. I’m not gonna lie. Why would I lie though? I mean I don’t usually lie. Oh stickers. So what? Now I just place it in the stand? and now I’m boo delicious Don’t put that in there. So what’s this? This is water. Just plain old regular water, huh? Yeah, so I just I just write on it. I’m not gonna ruin it? Okay so what should I paint? Give me something. A self portrait. I can do a portrait of you. Okay Gotta do it before it fades away! I know. There you go Sam. My hair is in a ponytail. Crap I didn’t look That’s me! I look like a potato. But I don’t know what that was I’ll try to make your nose more realistic no just looks like a bit Well that’s different So this is cool, so it allows you to kind of like paint your problems away You know I mean it’s kind of like that same type of thing. We’re just like what’s your problem? What’s what’s one of the things you’re dealing with right now your boyfriend boyfriend troubles no Your mom she yell at you for not picking up your laundry today. No your car yeah, okay, so car and It’s just gonna be so peaceful to see it fade away, and your problem is no longer here But in reality your problems definitely still here, and you probably should get it resolved soon. Yeah, I’m gonna say this one’s tasteful I think this is pretty good Got it so here’s one of the things that I noticed right away what try to lift it That’s heavy I would like to argue that that may be more than 33 pounds look at that, dude bumblebee edition hey you like that Gosh that is solid metal, there’s metal there’s a little bit of plastic and some parts That is metal. I’ve never seen like a metal hoverboard Legit these are some big tires – it did not look that big look at these tires here Metal hmm it smells like a race car right hey guys go ahead let’s turn this puppy huh oh Here spitting out some juice out of that speaker right there again shall I do it it definitely feels different Yeah, it feels Punchy you know we tried the other hope the other like it was an actual Segway Yeah, that one was like very slow moving slow pace this one like no you can like speed around with this thing Wow, this thing is solid I feel confident writing this not confident in the sense of like what’s up? Yeah It means that confidence in a sense of like I did feel very confident that this is like high quality Enough to like actually do some some pretty cool moves on we’re gonna go test this around and get people riding a hoverboard some for The first time and some that have ridden hoverboards before and get their honest opinion if this is a dope or nope all right guys But before we do that next product height SmartWatch for kids red. Oh my word this picture is so funny But what they just put the watch on it They superimposed the feet into a road That’s way smaller than it should be and then put the watch on top of it for some reason they want me to focus on the watch But I can’t I have to look it at all because it’s just all so good they put it upside down to time Zero step zero this person hasn’t moved. Yes. Oh, they haven’t started running yet You know I I appreciate that the non runners. I’m a non runner Yeah, you know what someone’s like hey you want to go running with me. I’m like. What is the matter with you? Can you get? Youtube on this watch it doesn’t mention You Tube on the box just a long phone calls call history contacts calendar pedometer play music Ballmer No YouTube, don’t buy please let me return or place this item will not charge, ooh People ain’t having it Add to Cart So alarm phone calls call history contacts calendar pedometer. Play music. They have decent art on it looks pretty cool Didn’t even look how much this was 1995 that is cheap It’s invisible you can’t even see it oh my gosh Okay got it open guys a Little sticker on it. Let’s power this puppy on feels really really cheap. It is really really cheap, so that’s not that’s not very surprising Whoo height height height? Bluetooth camera, so you can control your phone’s camera Bluetooth music not connected pedometer see your steps man start What the heck No steps It’s not Just doing 1833 whoa Maybe that’s because I shook it up so much 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 50 Did I That’s good news for me With this watch all this way no time 60 60 run. Okay. No okay, never 162 okay, so it started counting accurately Okay, dizzy. I just got dizzy yo, that’s why you don’t exercise kids makes you dizzy I’m getting way more dizzy when I stop sleeping sounds like a problem. Whatever who cares really yeah Hell so yeah, I mean for $19. I’m gonna say not bad for $19 remember it’s only $19 that’s very very cheap so for those reasons. I must say tasteful if it was literally $21 I’d be like nah us Jack clean Felicity five and one vibrating massage system So this is like one of those like Octopus head massager things you ever done that and it like gives you like the shivers the willies yeah, and you’re just like giegi She’s just like very like Foot massager, and then you spit some besides your head right after you massage your foot head to foot foot to head Yeah, as long as you clean it although my feet are clean Sam’s got toe jam Never confirmed she’s only denied, but I’ve never confirmed it so believe what you want to believe offer a strong vibration therapy just real strong Add to Cart Have you ever massaged the bottom of your foot? Yeah really? Amanda has this foot massager. She loves it she massages her feet every night and it relaxes her like crazy I put my foot and I’m like yeah. I don’t like it, but it’s me Oh weird this thing this looks like a torture device. Do you think the the? Vibration will improve it at all no whose head is this small What head is this small? maybe Paul I’m gonna just try it on my head first without the vibration Ha that feels weird No, it doesn’t really hurt right or the vibration now Not that much better, I know do you want to try it? It feels kind of a very interesting headpiece. I feel like you belong in Star Wars. You know yeah, Amidala look Oh Wow No, it’s even more Queen Amidala It’s called the vibrating headpiece. It makes me like instantly feel dizzy. Oh, so now you’re a dizzy. Huh yeah, oh, dude Yeah, I was trying to go farther down, but like Your hair is too thick what if you just did it like this? Oh? That feels weird My eardrums directly on them ah Am I bleeding no ah it’s a shame. That’s good YouTube content No, I’m gonna say That’s a wasted singing machine SMM 2 to 5 BK uni-directional wired microphone LED disco lights So it’s like a karaoke microphone but with disco lights LED disco lights on the front of the microphone grip Synchronized to music or voice or use it in random selection modes 3 out of 5 stars not great Do not buy doesn’t work doesn’t light up kids were very sad and I paid $20 for this have one star because I had to Did you have to now? I have to add to cart’ All right, dude the Uni directional light up microphone Try me function experience an awesome light show by pressing the button on the back, okay Yeah, they gave me like a weird vibe like a snake karaoke only generally creates a joy for the person doing it Everyone else is like We have an Advil okay Parks and Rec fans, you know what’s up, you wanna sing No, you can’t sing What I can I just would not like to Drugs kids the drugs are bad do not do them Can’t see the light so they’re not gonna listen to you oh Yes now for the short attention span people don’t do the drugs kids oh This thing doesn’t provide music it’s just telling me if it should do it randomly, or if it’s off, or if it’s my voice It’s just a bad polite Mm-hmm that’s the only song I know okay, that’s not even a real song. It’s candles in the wind technically Better get some feedback this could be fun for sure you’d need to have music Reviews Hardy fans saver sort of dispenser drinking dispense gadget use Battle does it oh sweet does it come with soda. I’m sick right now and high quality is savor What’s a favor? I need my face same haven’t you ever been in a party and you’re like hey? About this this is supposed to be a busy beverage, and then you get kicked out, and you’re like hey Riffle use of the home office camping entertaining and more simply twist the dispenser Into the top of the two-layer bottle and then invert I hate the word invert invert I know what’s invert some bottles at the cart Well, thank is this It’s already missing its fizz. You can’t move you can’t give back this We clearly can’t test this with non is soda. That’s the whole point there’s a piss saver We gotta go downstairs and get some actual face also Change it for the record dad cooks sex Oh boohoo does that upset you Diet Coke fanatics? No? Whoa that is not a good seal know what I was gonna. Ask is. What is your favorite soda mine is like Pepsi maybe Your Pepsi really have you ever had Pepsi yeah, I feel like you haven’t had Pepsi if I imagine had Pepsi I’m a coca-cola person anyway. Let’s pour some for Paul. Hey Paul come here. Dude. Do you like Diet Coke nope too bad? Just boom hey you hold up you’re gonna have to just wait a bit all right. Yeah stop with the impatience Yeah, okay. There you go, dude Yeah, that’s much quicker I Don’t like that. I don’t like that This is so bad I’ll let you know yeah, I’ll let you know when that’s done, and then I’ll hand-deliver to you I think that’s clearly a wasteful product Vaughn during spinner taught as 360 rotation cell phone ring Well that was it that’s a shame I wanted to do a mic drop and that was the best way to go out All right special guest Luna and Amanda say hi Amanda and Luna say hi Luna say hi All right check this out Luna. We’re looking at a phone ring spinner. No you trust me you’re gonna like this, dude You’re gonna like this a lot. Why on earth of there are little mini trucks down here. All right well Let’s test it out Add to Cart Okay ring holder watch and then I open this up. She’s gonna go for it oh She got it So the idea here is that you stick this to your phone, and then you spin it. I mean I’ll try it On top of the pop socket dude actually that might help Honestly it might help a lot, so I’m gonna put this right on top of that pop socket So you can see this is supposed to spin Okay if you don’t put it on perfectly though, it’s really awkward It’s working. You just really have to Center it perfectly I don’t know man like turning your thousand dollar device into a spinner It’s probably not the best idea although Luna seems to really get a kick out of it. Don’t Luna you Like that Just like dad that’s the most boring in my life She’s like go outside yeah, it’s way more fun to actually spin it like this That’s actually way more fun, and it’s not really like a good ball bearing either So that’s why it’s like imma say no. I’m gonna say. It’s it’s wasteful I roll a reusable liquid free touchscreen cleaner for smartphones stop wasting money on disposable Wipes I feel like I’m not the only one that just does this yeah stop Wasting money on shirts when you can clean it with this And you don’t have to wear a shirt anymore to clean your phone the only reason why we’re wearing shirts is to clean our phones If we’re being honest, let’s try it Add to Cart Wow Okay liquid free touchscreen display clean you bet I just wiped my phone off It’s pretty clean, but look oh, no the back of it the back of the iPhone 10 is Horrendous let us see if this actually does anything you can clearly see the front of it right here right. Let’s see what this does Wow it actually did pretty well pretty pretty well, it’s just obviously if you have a pop socket or something like this That’s gonna be a problem, but you can clearly see a difference in the areas that this thing cleaned the phone It’s interesting because you can’t really see that many fingerprints on the front of the phone because screens are typically oleophobic Meaning they repel the oils on your finger, but this is doing a great job of cleaning my phone great job What what yeah, it’s a camera up there, sweet pea so I mean all in all yes absolutely does work But is it needed probably not I would say it’s tasteful If you really do have like a screen cleaning problem am I right if you’ve got some grubby hands touching all your stuff Then maybe you need one This thing is all right all right one at a time one time one time, dude Bumblebee Dude this thing is an f1 like racing hoverboard all right really I’m Brian is pretty loose adaptive riding a hoverboard hang out There’s all even take a sip Doesn’t that feel good and the wheels are like racing wheels dude. That’s what I’m saying try that puppy out This thing is smooth, it feels solid remember the one that I broke Dude You wanna bother jumping? Yeah, it actually advertises that it can go up Alright, I did let’s try it alright so right now team edge is prepping for a challenge right now but what they’ve set up here is a ramp and Brian seems to think I can go up this ramp I I’m gonna bail on a percent, but I want to see I want to see how it feels Haha actually rolled I rolled on that one This thing is pretty cool, though like six inches off the ground This puppy right here I’m gonna have to give a dope and I’m gonna have this on regular rotation in my gadgets in the office So you have video right there, that is some waterproof fire No joke 100% waterproof fire it blew my mind this video right here is video that YouTube thinks you Specifically will enjoy click it and find out a few tube is right alright guys high five

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