F1 WC | S2 | Australian Grand Prix | Race summary

Heavy rain at the race. Good i have wet setup. I’m going at wet setup. In Qualifying Sun shines, but heavy rain in race. This will be Spain Version 2 Womble have advantage because rain. He is specialist in wet races. I lost tenth at final corner. 0.073 second at pole. I was faster than Gonanen so i’m happy. Gonanen and khairikaram hits . I was burger. i’m last in this race. Virtual sc not enough My fw is red. At least 5 car crashed. okay…. what are you doing? Dont do that. i can’t get penalty for that. Now he is trying purposely crash me out. Ashki is getting away at first and second sector but he is slower at final sector. Jeff said inters are fasters but i was only who pitted inters. Jeff are you drunk. Inters aren’t working. I’m last who finished. Gonanen wins aigain NN has 24 second penalty.

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