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Welcome to this 3rd video of
In video 1 you discovered aspects of the game so you can start to enjoy watching this sport on TV.
In video 2 you learned the very important rule of the 4 downs so you can cheer while watching a game.
This video, video 3 you will learn the mind game of this sport.
So far, we have simply talked about the teams going forward or back.
Now we will see how teams go about their gain or loss of ground.
The offense, team that has the ball, needs to find a way to advance
and the defense needs to stop them from doing it.
that seems to be all athletism,
all strength speed or agility that is required to be successful.
Well that is far from the truth!
The obvious athletism hides a real mind game.
A game of hide and seek.
There is a game in the game.
This video will now unleash that hidden side of the sport.
Have you noticed on the sideline, how crowded it is?
What do all of those men do on the side of the field?
Most of them are players waiting to get in.
But look at this group…
They are not going to play in their kaki pants!
They are positions coaches.
For each group of player
there is a coach on the side line
that is looking over what they do,
for example the running backs coach
focuses only on the running backs.
In addition each position coach has a boss.
The offensive coordinator oversees all coaches of the offense
and the defensive coordinator does the same for the defense.
Finally the headcoach is the coach who has the last say
and is responsible for the whole team.
Ok that is all good to have all of those coaches…
but for what reason are they needed?
Here we see that the offensive coordinator is telling the quarterback a code.
Then the quarterback checks to what strategy this code corresponds
and announces it to everyone in the huddle.
The strategy assigns every single player a task.
If one player does not fulfill what he expected from him,
then the whole attempt is ruined.
The defense on the other hand has no idea what the offense will do
and that is the whole basis of the game in the game.
Where one team is trying to hide its true intentions
while the other has to react or guess well in order to succeed.
Here is an example of a missed excecution that leads to failure of the hole attempt.
well it is also a very good anticipation and hussle by the defense.
Let’s take a look at it one more time.
do you see the two defenders there?
and the wide reciever?
The key is the wide reciever who didn’t know which to block and ended up blocking no one.
Let’s see a strategy that worked and that every player executed well.
Good, now lets take a look at the strategy of this sport in more details.
Do you remember the Linemen?
Running backs?
Wide recievers?
what about on the defense?
the linemen,
and cornerbacks
Here is an example of a play.
The coach draws up an assignment for each player.
The red and green lines are the path that each player should follow.
Can you guess what type of action this is?
Yep a run of the running back who will get the ball from the hands of the Quarterback
and run as far as he can.
Notice that every player has a job of blocking a defender to help out the running back in his progression.
It is by now obvious that a great team needs great players at every position, not just one player.
Notice that the offense here is in a run formation
(a lot of heavy personel near the line, two tight ends and just one wide reciever).
It looks like the play will be to the left
(to the strong side where the tight ends are placed)
but look just before the ball is snapped,
one of the tight end shifts to the right!
The defense also sensed it and put as many men near the line to stop that play.
There is a real green wall that will be tough to go through.
Either left or right, it looks like a failure will result.
Not so fast lets see what will happen.
The key is the guard on the left that is not going straight to stop a defender
that is far from the play. He pulls up and runs to where he will be most needed.
We call that a pulling guard.
the green wall now is facing a white armada paving the way for the running back…
Well done that play gained 10 yards
The defenders will not just stand around.
The defense also has a strategy to hide its intentions.
Here do you recognize the players?
Quarterback, a running back, the lines, the line backers.
Ok that is all that we are interested in for the moment.
In a case of a passing play,
the defense has two areas where it can influence the outcome of the play.
First area is the pressure on the quarterback.
That means not giving him enough time to find a reciever.
Let’s analyse what is going on the defense side.
They are lined up normally.
Look on the outside of the line, the line men deliver a strong man competition.
not much strategy (except for technique and pure force and agility)
Here the offensive tackles won their contest.
Let’s take a look at the play again but this time take a look at the inside.
The defense has 3 linemen…
the offense 5…
So the numbers do not give an advantage to the defense.
The coach sends the inside linebacker for support.
They will not simply go straight and hope for the best.
They will try to confuse the offense. Look.
Did you see? they crossed…
So if the offense said simply, I take that one and you take the other…
then the defense wins.
Our linebacker was able to go through the line obstacle so he has a free way to the quarterback!
Well not so fast
because the offense, by chance, decided to not send its running back out to catch a pass
so the quarterback will be saved by number 30. Look
Do you remember both linebackers sent to apply pressure on the quarter back?
That leaves a very weak spot where the qb can complete an easy pass.
So the defensive coach thought about solving that weakness
by sending an outside linebacker straight to that spot
in case the QB wants to take advantage of the defense.
Do you want to see a play where the defense was able to fool the offense?
See all the defenders on the line. All offensive linemen are busy figuring out who to block.
It is 3rd and 13, so it has to be a pass to get the first down.
Let’s see what trick the defense reserved.
Yes you can see him all free,
no one is blocking that one and he has a free way to the QB and this time no Running back will stop him.
This concludes this 3rd video that covered the game in the game aspect of american football.
In the next video I continue to talk about the strategy as we have not seen anything yet…
stay tuned and be sure to visit – because the world has to know.

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  1. Volume is much better this time around but it sounds muffled for some reason.

    With that being said, excellent explanation and analysis. You've helped save me some time explaining to others, I can just send them here now. =)

  2. "They are not going to play in their khaki pants!" Hilarious 🙂

    Thanks for putting these videos together, I learned a lot.

  3. great video, and as you know, the mind games get deeper and deeper and deeper … you did a great job with these videos …

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