Fake History Japan – Tartarian Architecture Mud Flood Buildings

OK it was 12 stories..as it says above lol

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  1. I have spent thirty years in construction dealing with low-rise, medium-density, high-rise and civil works such as bridges and carparks. There are buildings found worldwide that I am convinced were built by a civilisation that is not living amongst us today – the civilisation that we refer to as Tartarians.

    On the subject of Japan, there's an interesting video which shows ancient Samurais in Japan as Western men. You mind find it interesting:

  2. That was very eye opening about Japan of all places. Like you said, I never suspected to see architecture like that there. Glad I found your channel. Thanks.

  3. We can see those red and white striped arches in many other buildings around the world. I wonder if different colors signified different purposes.

  4. Have you watched that Tom Cruise movie,The Last Samurai? I think that illustrates quite well what was happening in Japan in the mid 1800's. Japan was modernising and there were those that wished to continue their traditional ways,that didn't trust the European and American powers influence over the country,l suppose looking at China as an example. These forces were defeated and Japan continued to embrace western ways,from clothes to architecture. Most of the buildings and infrastructure would date from this period of modernization and onwards.

  5. I had no idea Japan had budings like this that isn't an embassy. Joseph Smith found an Egyptian book that he deciphered into the book of Mormon. Seems to have found a holographic message in his bedroom that repeats itself, called it an angel. Perhaps a fire place message? Could the garden of Eden really be in Jackson County, Missouri? Perhaps he uncovered prehistory.

  6. Is this the Japan reset lots of children? What about the Tokyo/Osaka train station she's a Beauty it's a sad that all these magnificent buildings had to go along with trams and our beloved steam trains one of the best inventions for us people but looks like we're left with all the rubbish now.

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