Fight Replay: Justin Edwards vs. Joe Stevenson | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER


comes out very aggressive.
I expected him to.
Stay on him, Joe.
Stay on him.
Came out, instantly
tried to put it on Joe.
Threw– threw some big combos.
Fakes, Joe.
Joe shrugs them off, and
they’re kind of, you know,
testing each other out.
Justin kind of ends that
flurry with a big knee.

CODY GARBRANDT: Justin’s able
to go for the guillotine.
It looks really tight.
That’s tight, Justin.
We thought it was deep.
Joe fought it off.
At this point, it’s a
back and forth fight.
They’re both landing
good strikes.
That caught him!
landed a couple jabs
and it comes to the
end of the round
a very, very, very close round.
All right, second round Fight.
Round two starts,
Justin picks up
where he left off.
Oh, nice!
wanting Joe to be
a little more aggressive than
he is, but he keeps backing up.
Get him, Joe!
Get him.
Let’s go, Joe!
Act like you want it.
I felt like every time
Justin landed a punch,
Joe kind of woke up
a little bit more.
There it is!
There it is!
Finish it!
CODY GARBRANDT: Justin was able
to fight off the guillotine.
Kind of standing his guard a
little bit and kind of really
let him up.
gets back to his feet,
he lands a good
spinning heel kick.
Man, what an– what an
amazing round once again.
Winner by unanimous decision
and moving on, red corner.
been a long season.
You know, it was our first win.
I was able to pick it
up with our last pick.
And I was ecstatic for
my team and Justin.
TEAM MEMBER: You hit him
with that spinning hook
kick twice hard, bro.
was cool, right?
– Good.
– Yeah.
Told you, I can do stuff.
Feel great, man.
Feels real good.
Joe Stevenson, he’s a–
he’s a [BLEEP] winner.
It was a great fight, and it was
a complete honor to fight him.

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  1. I'm team Snake but i'm happy for Edwards. Joe had to carry a lot of fat to make weight, feel bad for him

  2. wat was the reason why joe stevenson on this show? he was in the ufc the last time i saw him but that was in 2006 when he fought bj penn. was it because the losses , he quite or wat?

  3. Edwards is gonna get beat by basically everyone else that advanced. Tough win for Cody.

  4. Damn last time I saw Joe he was in a puddle of blood crying after getting choked out by BJ now he out of shape getting wheel kicked fuuuuck

  5. the first win 🤣🤣 and then they talk shit. wait they only won one lets be honest it's gonna be codys guys in the finales.

  6. boy has some chin on him. edwards is a little pillow fisted (one tko on his record) but still impressive durability from joe daddy.

  7. its a shame how TUF doesn't concentrate on the fighters getting drunk and starting shit in the house anymore. LET ME BANG BRO

  8. Cody was "ecstatic", yea ecstatic to not get swept.

    Tardbrant and Bucholz are the bigger douchebags on this season. Usually it's one of the fighters but this season it's coaches that act like the biggest douchebags

  9. id love to see Stevenson in the ufc now that they have lighter classes. plus hes a vet of the sport. who doesnt love joe daddy

  10. I don't agree with the Poindexter/armchair critic judges again — should have gone a 3rd round. The bald guy was too tired from shooting his whole wad off & Joe Daddy kept coming strong like a Panzer tank — it'd end up like a Tank Abbott on top of Ferozzo in the backyard fight ;P

  11. Joe seemed really sluggish with little power in his punches, no fire in his belly. That replay, seeing him in Season 2 when he was 22 and now, 12 years on, still slogging away at it… the Wildcard is definitely his last shot at anything with the UFC.

  12. 7-1… I'm hoping we'll see a good performance from Joe Stevenson in his next fight because that was disappointing… so slow and off in that fight compared to how great he was. It's a shame. But… he wasn't doing the game plan or whatever so. Most likely why he lost.

    … As for the Wild Card, looking into it properly. Most of the losers were horrible. Dominated or outclassed. The best losers IMO were Johnny Nunez and Eddie Gordon based on their very good striking. …Honestly Hayder was one of the worst to pick. Joe too with their dominant losses.

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