Garden Dice Final Thoughts

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  1. No hats this time? I think Final Thoughts needs more hats. Thanks for doing this game! Is it weird that it reminds me of Troyes?

  2. I am quite fond of this game. I bought it soon after it came out and despite the great purges my shelves have had in recent years, this one has remained.

    Firstly, I'm into dice allocation. Using the dice, the grid and the multi-use pips to determine what you want to do is right up my alley. Want to buy four seeds? Go for it. Want to plant a bunch instead? Well, plant 'em if you got 'em. I like the interesting decisions made from utilizing fives and sixes versus the ones and twos. Great stuff.

    I completely disagree about the critters, though. They're worthwhile options for the game. Keep rolling ones and twos while your opponent lucks out with fives and sixes and tell me you don't want a critter out there fixing the luck o' the roll. 🙂

  3. The card expansion might work as an extra resource option?  E.g. deal out a tableau of 5 face up cards "for sale" – use a die to buy one you like (or want to discard?) on your turn, the tableau always refills and any events that come up are played out as usual?


    Thanks for the runthrough!

  4. All the games I have played has been with the bird/rabbit and they really haven't turned very mean.  The 6 die is SO important to be able to get the x2, that people really wanted them for that reason, and the bird/rabbits hardly came out.  Along with that, we also wanted to keep the tile as much as possible, so you needed a die to be able to keep it instead of keeping a placeholder out of gameplay.  In our gameplay, the birds/rabbits also got blocked a lot of the time, so it was really hard for us to try to be mean (you could if you wanted to, but the dice could be used for so much more)  I can understand why you and Jen wouldn't play with it, but I couldn't imagine playing without it.  Just an extra layer of thinking that was fun!  Also, thanks for doing a run through of a underappreciated game!

  5. I was trying to decide between this and k2. My daughters would prefer Garden Dice, l think. We have only a couple "garden" games (Bohnanza and Nile DeLuxor). The problem with k2 is that I'm feeling forced to buy it right now, because it's finally available at a reasonable price. It's going to sit on my shelf for a couple years until they're ready for it. Sigh. 
    As I'm listening to you, I've made a decision. I'm skipping the expansion and buying Garden Dice abd K2 right now. Thanks, Richard.

  6. Card Expansion variant: Set up the deck as explained within the rules. During the game players may purchase a card from the deck by spending doubles.
    Double 1s/2s – Take 1 card.
    Double 3s/4s – Draw 2 cards and choose 1.
    Double 5s/6s – Draw 3 cards and choose 1.

    If a card is an {event}. Immediately play it (as usual rules) and draw another card.

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