GIANT Backyard Board Game SLIME BUCKET Challenge (Backyard Hero Episode 1)

– Who will survive this
extreme backyard challenge
and be crowned backyard hero?
(dramatic music)
– Oh no!
– Ow.
– No!
Comment down below whose team you’re on.
Comment a unicorn emoji
if you’re on team Holly.
– And a pizza emoji if
you’re on team Timo.
Should we explain how the game works?
– Sure. Okay.
So, each player will roll the dice.
If you land on the misery square,
prepare to be miserable.
If you land on chance, you
get to spin the mystery wheel.
– If you land on a challenge square,
prepare to be challenged.
If you land on a safe square,
you live to fight another day.
– If you land on riddle,
you have to answer a
skill testing question.
– If you land on reward,
you get to draw yourself
a little reward card.
– And if you land on reset,
the one and only reset
on this entire board,
you are heading back to the start.
– So what do I get if I win?
– Timo, obviously I can’t tell you that.
You will find out when you
get to the victory pizza.
You have to watch til the end to find out.
– I wonder if it’s $10,000 dollars.
– Well, Timo, I don’t know.
You’re just gonna have to
get to the victory pizza
to find out.
– We’re gonna roll this
dice to see who goes first.
Highest number wins.
– Two.
– I get to go first.
All right, it’s gotta be a six.
– Pretty strong start there, Timo,
how do you feel about that roll?
– Confident, really confident.
– One, two, three.
– (gasps) Okay, Timo got a
reward right out of the gate.
I think he’s rigged these dice.
– Where’s my reward card?
– All right Timo, we’ve got lots
of awesome reward cards here.
Hopefully you don’t get one too awesome.
Pick from the deck.
– Use this card to
double your current roll.
– But are you gonna use it
now or are you gonna save it?
– No, I’m gonna save this one.
– All right, it’s my turn.
Okay, I really want a reward too,
so I’m gonna try to get a one or a four.
– Come on, five!
One, two, three, four, five.
Oh no, I got a challenge.
– All right, Holly, you get to draw one
of these challenge cards
to see what you got.
– [Holly] Okay, this one.
You have 60 seconds to eat
a bowl of tasty cereal.
‘Cause we’re nice sometimes.
– So what happens if you can’t eat a bowl
of cereal in 60 seconds?
‘Cause I know you can’t.
– If I complete the challenge,
I get to stay on this square,
but if I fail the challenge,
I have to go back three whole spaces.
– All right, so I’m gonna
start the one minute timer now.
(dramatic music)
Ten seconds down.
Half way.
Better hurry.
10, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four, three, two, one.
– Okay, I have to admit,
I was pretty confident
and that was way harder
than I thought it would be.
These are really tasty
little cinnamon squares,
but they’re also super
hard to crunch quickly, so
guess that means I’m
going back three spaces.
One, two, three.
Oh no, now I’m like two
squares behind Timo.
– All right, my turn to roll.
Six, here we come.
One, two, three, four, five
– (gasps) Oh no, Timo, do you
know where you’ve ended up?
– No, where?
– You’re in Doodoo Alley.
– Doodoo Alley?
What’s Doodoo Alley?
– All right, Timo, so you are gonna have
to don this blindfold
and make it through Doodoo Alley
without stepping in any unicorn doo.
If you make it through,
you will be teleported over
to the donut.
But if you don’t make it, you’re
going back to that unicorn.
– Whoa, that’s awesome.
That means if I don’t step on any doo doo,
I’ll be five steps even
further ahead of you.
– Well, no need to get
ahead of yourself, Timo.
First, put on your blindfold.
– All right, I’m ready.
– Not so fast, you are wearing shoes.
Gonna have to take those off.
All right.
– All right.
– [Holly] Off you go.
(Holly gasps and laughs)
you stepped in two!
Oh, three!
Oh no, the carnage.
Timo, you stepped in five unicorn doos.
How do you feel?
– Yeah, I’m really disappointed in myself.
Really let myself down.
– Timo, you’re still doing really good.
I’m all the way at the
beginning of the course
and you get to go back to the unicorn,
which isn’t even that bad.
– True, I’m still beating you.
– (scoffs) Just trying
to make you feel better.
All right, well, it’s a
little bit lonely here
at the beginning of the game
but I still think that I can win.
If you think that I still
have a chance of making it
to the victory pizza, give
this video a thumbs up.
All right, I’m ready for my roll.
It’s a big one. (gasps)
Oh, come on, come on, come on!
Sideways, sideways, sideways!
Is that a three?
That’s a three.
One, two, three.
No, I just came from here.
– All right, Holly, it’s time
to draw a challenge card.
– [Holly] All right.
This one.
– [Timo] All right, what does it say?
– I have to throw the frisbee
and get it inside of the hoola hoop.
That’s not so hard.
I think I can get the frisbee
inside the hoola hoop easy.
– But did you notice where
the hoola hoop is, Holly?
– What?
– All the way over there.
– (screaming) No!
All right, I can do this.
I can still do this.
Just gotta do a real careful throw.
Here we go.
All right.
Yes, yes!
I’m stuck in a loop.
I have to go back three spaces again.
One, two, three.
I think I just live here now.
– All right, let’s see what we get.
(Holly gasps)
One, two, three, four, five.
– [Holly] (gasps) safe in the donut.
– Hey Holly, how’s it way back
down there near the start?
– What?
– I said, how is it being all the way
back down there at the start?
– I can’t hear you.
– I’m totally gonna win this one.
– All right, it’s my turn.
Please, please roll something
other than that challenge.
All right.
Whoa, five!
One, two, three, four, safe on five.
– Here we go.
(Holly gasps)
One, two, three.
– Oh, Timo, looks like you
landed on our first misery card.
– Yeah, so?
I can handle it.
– All right, well, we got
lots of misery cards here.
Which miserable option do
you think Timo’s gonna get?
Here you go.
– [Timo] I want this option.
Feet together.
You will be completing
the rest of the game
with your legs duct taped together.
– I’ll go get the duct tape.
Look, my duct tape has puppies on it.
– Oh no, ow.
– This is gonna be so hard.
Okay, I feel like I’ve
regained my advantage.
Let’s get a good roll here.
All right, or a one.
(gasps) Does that mean
I’m going to Doodoo Alley?
All right, here we go.
So far so good.
So far so good.
All right, I stepped in one doodoo.
Means I’m going back to the unicorn.
It could be worse.
I could have my legs duct taped together.
– Hey!
– All right, Timo’s turn.
[Holly] Don’t fall!
– A riddle?
– Yes we haven’t done a riddle yet!
Okay, I’ll get the riddle cards.
All right, Timo, so you’re
gonna get to choose the card
and since you’re on a yellow square
you have to answer the yellow question.
All right, pick a card.
– [Timo] All right.
– Got it, thank you.
All right.
So Timo, which of these is a caveman?
A diplodocus, a troglodyte,
or a pteranodon.
– I’m going with B, a troglodyte.
All right, Timo, if your
answer is correct you are safe
but if you’re wrong, you
have to go back three spaces.
Are you ready to find out?
– Yeah.
– All right.
You are correct.
– Yes!
– All right, I am ready.
Here we go.
One, two, three, four,
five, safe in the donut.
– All right.
– [Holly] You get five again.
– Yes!
– [Holly] All right, off you go.
– One, two, three, four, five.
– Just to recap, Timo’s legs
are already taped together
from his last misery card.
I wonder what’s gonna happen this time.
All right, I got the misery cards.
I’m kind of scared for you right now.
Okay, here you go, you can pick one.
– [Timo] All right.
– What’s it gonna be?
– Ever take a bite of an onion?
Me neither.
Lets try.
– Uh oh, you stay right there.
I’ll get the onion.
Oh, Timo, this isn’t so bad.
This actually looks like a great onion.
It smells good, you’re gonna love this.
– So I just have to take
one bite of this, yeah?
– Yes, just one bite.
No problem at all.
– Okay, here it goes.
(Holly screams)
(Timo spits)
– Does it taste good?
– (Coughs) it’s very spicy.
– All right, this is a dangerous spot.
If I roll a three or a five,
I think I’m getting a misery
so come on anything other than that.
All right, I got a three.
One, two, three.
– [Timo] All right Holly,
time to pick a misery card.
– No, okay, maybe this one.
All right, time to face reality.
Time for lunch.
All we have is baby food, sorry.
– All right Holly, so you’ve got a choice
of roasted squash and fruit medley
or juicy pear and garden greens.
– Okay I think I am gonna
go for garden greens.
– [Timo] Here you go.
– Juicy pear and garden greens.
All right, okay, so for
six months and older.
I guess that includes me.
Doesn’t smell great. (laughs)
All right.
(gasps) Oh no!
– [Timo] Yeah, it doesn’t
look too good, either.
All right, down the hatch.
– I don’t have to eat that bit, do I?
– [Timo] No, just the stuff in there.
– All right, here we go.
Baby gourmet.
You know, it’s not as bad as
I thought it was gonna be.
A quick meal on the go.
Kind of like Gogurt, if
Gogurt was a smoothie.
– I can’t believe she’s not disgusted.
It’s meant to be a misery tile.
She’s not miserable at all.
Okay, let’s go.
One, two, three, safe.
– [Holly] You’re safe.
– But I’m right next to reset.
– [Holly] Oh no.
– If I roll a one, I’m dead.
– All right, let’s see if I get
another tasty, tasty misery.
Big roll.
It’s a six!
One, two, three, four, five, six.
I didn’t actually want a misery.
– [Timo] All right Holly, time
to draw another misery card.
– Please be more baby food,
please be more baby food.
This one feels like baby food.
All right, here we go.
Hope you didn’t spend too much time
on your hair this morning.
Pour a bucket of slime on your head.
This can’t be happening.
Okay, it’s fine.
I’m just gonna run away.
I’m gonna run away,
I’m gonna live the rest of
my life in the tree house.
I don’t need the pizza victory.
– Holly, I ate an onion and
my feet are tied together.
You’re pouring that bucket
of slime on your head.
– All right, I’m gonna do this,
but I need to put on my safety goggles
because I don’t wanna
get slime in my eyeballs.
That would be a bit disturbing.
So, all right.
Think I’m ready.
Oh no, that’s a lot of slime.
Okay, here we go.
One, two, three.
Why is nothing happening?
Why is nothing happening?
Is it even coming out of the bucket?
Timo, what’s happening?
– [Timo] It’s coming.
– Is it coming?
– [Timo] Yeah.
– Oh, okay. (screams)
It’s cold, it’s heavy.
There’s so much slime on my head.
Oh no, oh, there’s more.
It’s just coming really slowly.
It’s happening so slowly, oh no.
I think I got all the slime.
Oh, wow, there’s a big bubble.
Yeah, that’s sticky.
Oh, no, can I try to get it off?
(Timo laughs)
Gather the slime!
It’s going down my shirt, no!
(Timo laughs)
Oh no, okay, okay, it’s fine.
It’s fine, I’m gonna get it out.
Oh no, oh no, oh no.
I don’t know if this is a good idea.
Great, so if anyone has any hot tips
on how to get slime out of your hair,
please let me know in the comment section.
I don’t recommend doing this one.
I really didn’t think this through.
I’m stuck to my shoulder.
– Yes!
– [Holly] No way. Oh my
gosh, you’re gonna be
so close to the end.
– One, two, three, four, five, oh no, six.
– You laughed, you laughed,
but who’s on the misery now?
(Timo laughs)
– [Timo] Enjoying the slime?
– All right, Timo, I’ve got some
real miserable cards here for you.
Probably even, oh my gosh am I dripping?
Oh no, some went in my pocket!
I’ll just pop it back up
here, just a bit here.
That’s fine, I’ll just
pop that back up here.
Oh, it’s very sticky.
Sticky in there.
Okay, that’s fine, misery cards.
Here we go.
– [Timo] All right.
– There you go.
– [Timo] I’ll take this one.
– Okay.
– A delicious chocolate
cake straight in your face.
What does that mean?
– You stay right there.
Don’t you hop anywhere.
I’ll be right back.
All right.
Timo, I would like to invite
you to face plant this cake.
– So are you saying I
just get to eat this cake?
– [Holly] No, no, no, face plant the cake.
– Cake is pretty good.
– [Holly] No, no, no, in the face.
Right in the face.
– So I have to put this in my face.
– [Holly] Yeah, whole thing in the face.
– All right, hang on,
I just gotta get ready.
So I have to put this,
squash it in my face?
– [Holly] Yeah, real squashed.
One, two, three.
(Holly laughs)
– Is it in my face?
– [Holly] It’s a full
face of cake. (laughs)
– Do you want some?
You want some cake?
– [Holly] Yeah, sure.
– It’s pretty tasty.
– If any of you decide to make
your own backyard hero game this summer,
you should totally let me know
by tagging me on
Instagram @kawaiikunicorn.
– [Timo] All right, your
turn to roll the die.
– I’m so far away but I’ve come so far.
All right.
Big, nice roll.
Six, six, six!
All right.
One, two, three, four.
– [Timo] Oh no! (laughs)
– No, no, no!
– [Timo] Reset.
– It was all…
None of it was worth it.
No, dude, I’m gonna lose my hair.
I’m gonna be bald.
I’m bald and I’m going
back to the beginning.
And then there’s a booger
coming out of my nose.
– [Timo] Right back to
the beginning you go.
– No!
– [Timo] All the way down there.
– Put this back on my head, okay.
– [Timo] Bye!
– Bye.
– Clearly looks like
I’m gonna win this one.
Might have a bit of cake, actually.
Victory cake.
– Don’t count your
chickens before they hatch.
I’m gonna make a comeback.
– All righty, I only need
to roll a one to win.
– [Holly] No, if you roll
a one, you’ll be there.
You need a two.
– Oh, I need a two.
All right.
Let’s roll.
– [Holly] Oh no!
– Five.
Well, that’s easy isn’t it?
One, winner!
– [Holly] You made it
to the victory pizza!
All right, it’s fine.
I know when to admit defeat.
As in, now, because I have been defeated.
But I declare that Timo
is today’s backyard hero.
– Backyard hero.
– Congratulations, Timo.
You won, this time.
– So what’s my prize?
– All right, get ready, Timo.
Prepare yourself because you have just won
(gasps) this cupcake.
– My face is covered in cake
and all I win is a cupcake?
Whatever happened to $10,000?
Or like, a Lamborghini?
– I made no promises.
– I demand a rematch.
– That’s fine, actually,
because considering this whole
situation’s reset button,
I was gonna demand a rematch.
– Man, I can’t believe
all I won was a cupcake.
I mean, I went through all that misery,
had my legs tied together,
I even had to eat an onion.
And squish cake in my face.
And all I win is a cupcake?
This is pretty awesome.
I love cupcakes.
It’s a really good cupcake.
(playful music)

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