Giant Board Game Challenge | Winner Gets $$ Toys

– [Dad] Go!
– [Mom] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!
– [Dad] Mom has completed the challenge!
(mom screams)
– [Jace] Jace’s toy playhouse!
Don’t forget to hit the red button!
– Hi, it’s Jace.
– Hi Jace! What are we doing today?
– The Giant Game Board Challenge
– Oh I’m so excited!
We are playing the Giant
Game Board Challenge.
Now, lets go over the rules are you ready?
Some of the toys in the video,
were given to us by moose for free.
The first person to
complete the game board
and end up at the finish line wins.
Those large squares are challenges.
If you land on the red
one, the floor is lava.
If you land on the yellow one,
you have to close your eyes
and jump to any square you want
but you have to land on the square.
If you land on the big green square,
you get to throw a squishy
and you can move to
whatever square it lands on.
If you land on the big blue square, uh oh!
You start all over but you
have to do this game backwards!
We also have the mystery wheel!!
So it tells you exactly what happens
when you land on each of these spaces.
Jace, how are we going to
figure out who goes first?
– Rock, paper, scissors!
– Good idea! Ready?
– [Together] Rock, paper, scissors!
– [Mom] Shoot!
We both have scissors.
(Jace giggles)
– [Together] Rock, paper, scissors!
– [Mom] Shoot!
Paper covers rock!
So you get to spin the wheel
and lets see where you go!
Ooh!! Okay, so go to the start line
which is also the finish line
and you get to go four squares.
– 1
– It’s my turn!
Can’t wait to see!
Free spin!
Go back two spaces!
I didn’t even get started
I guess its Jace’s turn
so go back to your orange cube
– Okay
– And move up four
– 1
– Yes!!
I get to move up three spaces
– [Mom] Whoa, you get
to move up three spaces
– 1
– [Mom] Good job!
– Look, I’m so close to
getting the surprise toy
– That’s right!
Jace mentioned the surprise
in our Giant Game Board Challenge.
We place toys along the game board
and if you land on a square with a toy,
guess what?
– What?
– You get the toy!
– Yeah and I get to open it too!
– Yes! That’s right!
I get to move ahead four spaces
Which way should I go?
Should I go towards the
K, the way Jace went?
Or should I go a different
way and pick letter Z?
What do you think?
– [Dad] Z!
– I’m going to go a different way.
Number four!
All right Jace, it’s your turn.
– Okay.
– [Mom] Ooh, you get to
move ahead four spaces!
– 1
– [Mom] And what’s there?
– I got the surprise toy
(mom claps and cheers)
– Goo Jit Zu!
– [Dad] Wow! Jace got
a brand new Goo Jit Zu!
Lets open it up!
– He’s super gooey.
– [Mum] And it says his
Goo power is Lava Slam!
– [Jace] He’s really cool.
His name is Blazagon.
It looks like he has lava inside.
– I feel like I’m on Wheel of Fortune.
That plus sign means I get
to move forward four squares
Aw, I don’t get that toy, 4.
– [Mum] Uh oh! You have
to go back two spaces.
– 1
– [Mum] And the big
square means you have a…
– A challenge!
– [Mum] Okay this is the challenge
where you close your eyes
and you can jump to any square you want.
All right Jace, good luck!
Close your eyes and jump!
– Okay.
(mom cheers and claps)
– [Mom] Good job!
You get a free spin
Oh!! Mum got a challenge!
– [Dad] Okay Mom you need to
hop on your square 10 times
and not fall off otherwise
you go back to the start.
– Back to the start?!
– [Dad] Yes, on one foot!
– Oh my God! That’s not fair!
One foot? Look how
small these squares are.
– [Dad] You have to do it in five seconds
– No…
– [Dad] Blindfolded!
– What?? Come on!
Cover my eyes?
– [Dad] Okay, close your eyes,
hop on one foot ten times, don’t fall off.
Are you ready?
– Ready!
– [Dad] Go!
– 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8,
9, 10!
(mom screams)
– [Dad] Mom has completed the challenge
Ooh! Just in the nick of time.
(mom cheers and claps)
– I did it!
– [Dad] Okay, Mom survived.
Now, it’s Jaces turn.
– I don’t like these challenges
– (whispers) please, please, please…
– [Mom] Whoa! He gets a challenge!
– [Dad] Okay jace,
your challenge is answer
this math question.
What is two
plus two?
And if you…
– 4!
– [Dad] Whoa!!
And what I was going to say is
that if you get it correct
you can move forward that
many spaces, so you did!
So move four spaces ahead!
– [Jace] 1
– [Dad] How did you figure it out?
– By using my fingers…
1, 2,
– Come on! I’ve got to catch up
(mom cheers and claps)
I get to move up four
and its a big square which means…
– [Mom and Dad] Challenge!
– [Mom] Green challenge means
I get to throw a squishy
at a square and wherever it lands,
and it has to land on a
square, I get to move there.
(mom cheers and claps)
I get to go to the yellow square!!
– [Jace] Then you’re behind me!
– [Dad] And its another challenge!
– [Mom] So the yellow
square challenge means
that I get to close my eyes and jump
and I can stay on any square
that I land on without falling off.
Wish me luck.
– [Jace] Yeah
– [Mum] Ooh! I’m on W!
I did it, now its Jace’s turn.
– Okay.
– [Mom] Whoa! You get to
move ahead three spaces!
– 1
– And what does big green square mean?
– I get to throw it and
get to land on the letter.
– [Dad] That’s right
– [Mom] Very good
(mom cheers and claps)
Nice shot!
Not only do you get to
move up all those squares,
you get a toy!
– Yay!!
– Wow! Lucky!
What did you get Jace?
– Thomas Minis!
The Fizzy Thomas!
This is called the Fizz ‘N Go Cargo.
Put this in water and see who’s inside.
– [Mom] Good idea.
– [Jace] Whoa, it looks
like blueberry juice.
– [Mum] It does.
– [Jace] It looks like Ryan’s fizzers.
So many bubbles.
Is it done fizzing?
– [Mum] I don’t think so.
– [Jace] Let’s wait for twenty minutes.
– [Mom] So these are the
surprises that are inside.
One of these surprises are inside.
– [Jace] We already see who it is.
– [Mom] Who is it?
– [Jace] Its like an alien.
(mom laughs)
– [Mom] Jace what do you think it is?
– [Jave] It looks, its a caterpill!
– [Mom] Oh yeah! A caterpillar!
Now you’re supposed to put the caterpillar
inside the cargo car
then attach him to Percy
and take him for a ride.
(train sounds)
– I need to move ahead three spaces.
– [Dad] Go back one.
– [Mom] Do you have to go from T to P.
Now its moms turn.
I have to go back one too.
I went back one too
Jace, now its your turn,
Whoa you get to move up four squares,
– 1
– Ooh!! I get to move ahead four spaces!
and 4.
– [Dad] Plus three!
– 1
– [Mom] Ooh! He beat me! He beat me!
All right, its my turn.
I get to move ahead four spaces!
but this is a large square
and its red!
What does this mean?
– [Dad] It is the…
– [Jace] Floors lava!!
– [Dad] The whole floor is lava challenge!
3, 2, 1…
The floor is lava!!!
– [Mom] (cheers) we made it!!
Whoa! You get to move four spaces.
– 1
(mom and dad cheer and clap)
– [Dad] You’re the winner!
– [Mom] You’re the winner highfive!
– [Jace] Now you’re the only
one that is in the floor lava.
– [Mom] Highfive!
Good job!
– [Jace] I did it!
– [Mom] What does he win Dad?
– [Dad] He gets to open the remaining toys
that weren’t opened yet!
(mom cheers and claps)
– [Mom] Lucky! How would you
like to open up the toys Jace?
Good job!
– [Jace] Its another Goo Jit Zu.
This one looks like a daddy shark.
– [Mom] Yeah he sure does,
and his name is.. let me see,
And his good power is Tsunami Flex!
– [Jace] I think he beats this guy!
– [Mom] Lets see, who’s going
to win in a battle, Jace?
Whoa, he won!
– [Jace] He’s super sticky.
It looks like there’s water inside.
I hope you guys enjoy
the Giant Game Challenge.
Don’t forget to hit the red button.
JCB out!
(playful flute music)

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