GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Homecoming Date Reveal

Hi Guys! As you know Pavko Gale brings food to the Blue Mountains, but he’s not the only bearer of good things! I’ve also got something for you, and it includes a big cup of hot Homecoming news! October is almost here, and our 6 month deadline for Homecoming is slowly approaching. For those of you who missed the initial announcement, and the Challenger #4 video with first details, Homecoming is a major overhaul to GWENT, and we’re super hyped to bring them to you soon. Firstly, let’s talk launch dates. On PC, we’ll be launching on GOG on October 23rd. On consoles, we need to work on the game for a short bit longer and then send it to certification, so we’ll be launching on the 4th of December. Sorry for this delay, but we want everything to be perfect, plus, we’ll make it up to you — expect complimentary kegs! OK, so now that you know the timings, let’s unveil some new information about the game and have a first look at the leaders and their 3D models. Let’s snap to Brad! Whoa! Magic! Ready to talk Homecoming news? Yes, absolutely! So I know your favorite faction is Scoia’tael — so is mine of course… and we’re here to showcase two Leaders, Eithne and Filavandrel, and also show the new board for Scoia’tael. But before we do that, let’s get into how you guys animate these things. We know that Leaders are now present on the board, they are not cards anymore. So, everything starts off with the concept art, which is totally different. Is this when your team comes in, and you? We try to be involved very soon in the process, same with VFX, same with 3D artists, because this is a very collaborative process and the concept basically dictates how the character moves, what kind of props or abilities they might have. We do start with a brief and a concept, and sometimes the concepts change quite a bit from the characters you already know from the cards, which is cool. You’ll see that from Eithne, actually. She’s got a bow, she looks way more badass, she is more of a warrior. It’s really exciting for us because it allows us to do more things with animation. From the concept art, you move on to the 3D model, and the process then starts snowballing. How does it look from your perspective? We get the 3D model and we start with rigging – that’s the animation department’s next step – and that’s basically putting a skeleton inside of this model, so that we can start moving it around. At that point we should have a pretty good idea of what we want to do with the character and actually most of the time we already have the animation done on a temporary model and then we transfer it over to the final rigged 3D model. Okay, that’s pretty cool! I know you guys are using different software this time, than you’d normally use for 2D cards animations. How challenging is this process? How different is it for you and your team? It’s very different but it’s a really interesting challenge because now we’ve come from taking this 2,5D Premium Card, where we are kinda limited by how much we can move because of the illustrations and things like this, and now we have full 3D character and we can move him around as much as we want. We actually started using a lot more Motion Capture, we didn’t use Motion Capture at all on the Premium Cards because it’s such a weird, different thing. It’s been a really fun for us, a few of us has been doing a lot more of acting out of the characters, getting into the characters to work on the animations. Yeah, so you’re animators, nothing has changed. They still kinda walk around, do their crazy poses… Yeah, animation is animation at the end of the day, but it’s a nice new thing for the team. And you’re making it a lot more realistic, when you have real people acting out these things. So talking about the change to Leaders, since they are 3D models now – what’s your opinion, how do you feel about this change overall? It’s a really cool change, for us it’s like taking what was avatars before in the game, and bringing them to life as full 3D characters with similar customization options you’re gonna be able to have, with different skins and things like this, people will be able to make Leaders their own. I feel like it’s an extension of avatars which we had in the game, in a really cool way. Some of the things we’ve actually added because our philosophy for the leaders from the start was to make it feel like they are leading the battle. You’re playing as the Leader, you are sending your units onto the battlefield. Your army. Yes, and we obviously have animations for Leader abilites, for all these different kind of things. One of the things I really like that we added was spotted on Reddit, actually – when you move the mouse around, the leader follows it. The same for the opponents. That’s a cool feature. It gives this feeling, when your opponent is making decisions about where to place units, they’d want to check what card you just played, like what the hell was that, and you see the leader turns his face, and it really makes the whole thing feel more alive. And also taunts now – when you taunt your opponent, the Leader does something, or when you’re passing, and you lost, the Leader has a different animation. It adds a lot more flavour to the whole thing. You can pretty much see the new VFX so this is something that is totally cool, am I right? Yes, very cool! And the Scoia’tael board which is beatiful. Yes, it’s beautiful, I agree. Alright, that’s it for the second update. Brad, thank you for stopping by the studio. Thanks for having me! We’ll be having more of those updates coming in the following weeks! Bye!

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  1. The leader needs more polygons. I am not sure why CDPR is not going for a stylistic approach rather than the current realistic one. If you guys are planning to go realistic with the 3D rendering, it has to be really really good or else it just looks out of place and uncanny.

  2. What!!! Another another complimentary kegs?!?? I am not trying to sound ungratefull here, but if you are too generous with your pricing and rewards, there are less incentive and excitements to do daily quest anymore. This come from a long time hearthstone player and i only been playing gwent for less than half year, barely spent any money and literally all my cards collection are maxed up after the last guaranteed legendary kegs event.

  3. 3:05 "Melee: Abilities can only triggered on the melee row." The grammar is fustrating me… urgh haha. It should have a "be" after only.

  4. I cant even stand to log in after missing the legendary event a couple days ago… all my hype for the official release died after that because I cant think of anything but how much scrap I missed

  5. ew…. the fuck is this . idk why i hate the look i just do. idk what this game is anymore. looks to new with out leaving at least some of past. ohhh well.

  6. Damage X by Y ability should be less of, for heaven's sake. So far we've seen very few cards that are not like that.
    The game looks great but the visuals is not the most important thing for a CCG.

  7. That leaders look amazing compared to the others in your last video, but I have an important question: We all know that with the homecoming all our cards will be mile at full value, but if you have to change the rarity of the cards because the silver ones are gone, we get the old amount or the new amount? For example, if you give me the amount of a silver and now is a gold one I cant create it again. For me is ok, but some people can feel scammed. Thanks for your time and you have my full support with all the new stuff.

  8. What I liked about Gwent was it felt like I was playing in a Tavern in the witcher universe. This kinda ruins it for me.
    I guess i'll watch it unfold

  9. would be dope if each faction had boards they can change between…..idk if thats a lot to ask or whatever but just a thought

  10. No siege row, no Gwent board… Meh. I preferred the leader cards way more… Meh, it took only one video to erase all my interest in Gwent.

  11. Looks shit. More ways to rinse money out of people. Not my GWENT, bro. I wanna play a card game with, well, cards. Not this shite.

  12. So i stopped playing about a year ago when they announced this face lift to the game. I figured it was gonna change a lot. It has and its gonna bring me back in. Good job.

  13. If they are going to this direction, why even make the soldiers as cards anymore? Leaders are now 3d, and one row is removed.. So why not make the cards too 3d models. Then it wouldnt feel a mishmash between those. If the leaders AND the cards were 3d that would make it more "battle" like. And making the leaders back to cards it would feel like a card game once again.

  14. Woah, rows are going to matter now. Having to choose between options like deal 4 damage to 1, or deal 4 split damage is going to be challenging AF. I cant believe my eyes with such strategic decisions. Is this really the best you came up with?. Give us closed beta again and cancel this travesty of Gwent you are making.

  15. This game is a PAY TO WIN GAME.
    What are the chances that I go first on each match? 50/50 if the algorithm is fair. Well, guess what? I have not buy a single card pack and guess how many times I go first on each ranked match? I have kept a log of all my games and this is the result:
    78 times I go first
    23 times I go second

    This game is fucking rigged against those who don't buy packs. And on top of going first most of the times, the algorithm matches me against players with more powerful decks than mine. It is clearly a pay to win game!

  16. Can you please please please add the option to have the original cards for the leaders instead of the 3D model? And maybe even a normal board instead of the environment? I’m okay with you going in this direction but a lot of people loved the old feeling…

  17. I love Gwent for simply table, beautiful artworks and character. It feels, like you just sit near table with friend and start play Gwent. Now I see crude 3D action-animation card game like other cardgames, very similar to HS and other :/

  18. Please for the love of god let me turn the models off. For real they're disturbing and distracting. Y'all are tooting your own horn too much over 3-D models in a card game.

  19. Новые лидеры красивые, но выглядят неестественно. И простите меня, но гвинт это про карточные бои, ты смотришь в свои карты и на действия соперника – как там кривляются 3D модели ты 1) не успеваешь заметить 2) это в принципе не важно. Ну и чисто на мой вкус убрать Дагона и Радовида , поставив Лешего и оставив Филавандреля – это просто гений сочинил, браво! (нет).


  21. I think it looks really cool, the board the new card layouts and the 3d models. Though I never even imagined there would be 3d leaders still cant wait to try it out and see for myself how it plays 😃

  22. I dont really want to feel like im on a battlefield in the Witcher universe… I want to feel like im playing Gwent, the card game.

  23. R.I.P. Tavern Gwent
    This doesn't look promising. Why would they remove the siege row? What happened to the cozy look of Gwent?
    I guess we have a month or so to play Gwent as Gwent. Farewell.

  24. I really do not like background of the game. These rich enviroments do not belong to card games. Give me board of one color instead.

  25. Could you perhaps give us an Option to have the old, tavern-like board? This way, players like me, who are put of by the new Design and 3D leaders, would be made very happy and you could designe your new board without us writing annoying comments everywhere. I would love that.

  26. Please keep up the amazing work! Turning a simple game inside a major game to an outstanding title like this is simply amazing. So gorgeous looking can't wait

  27. The biggest complaint is literally what I was posting about before you decided I was "being rude" – you're supposed to be making it look MORE like a physical card game. Not less. Instead of a unique, quaint, intimate, strategy game you went with elder scrolls legends beta. And there's is free. Good work, gang. Enjoy bankruptcy. Hope the ride was fun, pervurza.

    RIP closed/open beta gwent

  28. I've waited all this time and got 3d animations. I hope there's a setting to remove that, in my opinion it looks goofy and distracting.

  29. After the TESL upgrade this week, you just got yourself a new player! The Bethesda forum is on fire, and +70% of us will probably be looking for a new home.

  30. I wonder how the gameplay will be like. I don't really mind the graphical changes, always loved the premium card effects. I might dislike the leaders a little bit, but it's not that big of a deal. It'll probably be smoothed out and etc. Everyone is complaining about how they want it to be more simplistic/taverny…I guess. I don't mind because I haven't played Witcher 3 yet…..terrible of me to say that, so I won't have the same viewpoint as others.

    But, as a player who came after the midwinter update, I know that the core gameplay was completely different from the past. I really hope that the card quality and gameplay mechanics will be interesting/complex even with a small amount of gameplay shown

  31. I wish we have different scene types, for example, table scene where you'll see your avatar playing in the table but of course still has those animations, kinda like imagining Gwent in real life or when you're playing at the table you imagine those cards being alive.

  32. It's not the Gwent we used to know. May be good as a game (hopefully) but it's something… else.
    And it looks weird: HOMM style 3d battlefield and leaders aaaaaand 2d tilted pieces of paper on the ground? Doesn't make much sense tbh. Why bother with 3d stuff at all? Such a strange design/direction decision.
    But anyway, will play, long live cdpr

  33. The Game has definitely some great potential if all goes well it can easily be a hit, if not… well, a massive failure obviously but then again consistent content updates and listening to feedback but not to suggestions directly is key. Innovation 🙂

  34. 3D is terrible idea. At least for cards in your hand. They all look the same. I LOVE my cards looking different. .. Also this game is TOO DAMN DARK!

  35. Never ending loading screens on ps4 slim . Works 1st time but lagging happens. Optimise properly. 😣 Even GTA 5 doesn't lag in ps4 slim. 😃

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