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Set in a dark and twisted world full of witchers, monsters, knights and sorceresses, GWENT is a card game where armies clash and you, as a commander, lead the charge. You engage in battles divided into rounds. To win a round, you need to gain more points than your opponent. To win a battle, you need to claim victory in two out of three rounds. Sound easy? Trust me – it won’t be… You begin by choosing a faction, each faction offering a distinct feel and play style, along with unique leaders. Then, you assemble your army. Each card has a Recruit Cost – the higher this cost, the more powerful the card. Added together, the total Recruit Costs for any deck you build cannot exceed the Recruitment Cap. Once you’ve amassed your force of at least 25 cards, you’re ready to fight. You start with 10 cards in hand. As the commander, you can swap cards before the start of a battle and between rounds. This makes your cards your most valuable resource. With your cards in hand, you’ll then need to think on your feet, bluff, and craft devious combos and strategies to outplay your opponent. The battlefield has two sides, each with two rows. You can send any unit from your hand to the melee or ranged rows, however, placement is often crucial, as certain units perform better when deployed to a specific row or alongside a particular unit. As the leader you have one more, special play in hand: a set of unique abilities you can use to turn the tide of any battle. Your experience as a leader and commander will grow with each clash, as will the resources available to you. You’ll expand your army with new, powerful and unique units, either by crafting cards or by stocking up on Card Kegs. Powerful armies and mighty commanders, tough choices and brutal consequences — this is the world of The Witcher, and it’s at your fingertips. So see you on the battlefield.

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  1. BETA Version 9/10
    Final Version 3/10

    Game uninstalled. Thanks for thousands of hours playing the Beta version. i reached grand master lvl. 21 !

  2. Wow… I remember times when Gwent looked like board game in Novigrad tavern. It came a long way since open Beta. Great job CD Project RED.

  3. Are you planning to release this on Switch? I haven't played the beta for a long time in my xbox but in the touchscreen would be awesome!

  4. I'm gonna miss the old game .Hopefully , this new version will be great . It looks interesting, though. Monsters rule !

  5. Seriously, wtf is this game now? this isnt even Gwent anymore, You HAVE COMPLETLEY changed this game into something else … constantly changing how cards function and even the Base game play is not how you keep players around … every time i come back everything i crafted becomes completely retooled and shit on and i feel i wasted any money i spent on packs trying to support this game.

  6. Awesome game but it becomes frustrating with every patch since your builds which are to strong arent available anymore
    Understandable for the competitive game but as said frustrating…

  7. I wonder who designed cards for NG… high roll reveal archetype, spies butchered completely… you really dont learn on your mistakes do you? HC ruined NG faction completely. RNG over brains, your card design team sucks.

  8. The worst for me is that they copy/pasted TB into this new game that could not be called Gwent The Witcher Card Game standalone anymore, served to us like if it was the masterpiece solving all the flows game had after 6 months long full of false expectations and promises, with better this, better that. AND released the game as is, leaving no hope to a rollback.

    Turned out, it was no better, not an improvements, not a solution to the issues the game could have nor a more interesting game. It is just something else, and something not enjoyable for me.

    I still do like the new progression system (ofc, who wouldn't) and the provision system (inadequate in the current state, tho). But I really wish they would remove everything else and replace our beloved old Gwent. Until this unprobable day, I'm leaving this game, and that's the sad affair when you came to Gwent closed beta from The Witcher 3's Gwent.

    I'm not here to fight and argue with people who like Homecoming, I'm glad they like it and enjoy it. I'm not here to disrespect CDPR and their hard work. But I really hope they would have done thing differently and acknowledge how bad Homecoming is for me and some other players, because I lost my prefered CCG out here

    Thumbs up, Burza read it, please.

    It was a fantastic 2017, bye Gwent, the only game i loved.

  9. Noooo, como hacen esto, el juego era genial como estaba, mas clasico, tipo Bar, de eso se trataba Y tras eso no me empareja, Ya nadie juega esto

  10. This game fucking suck compared to REAL gwent… what a fucking joke. Hand size limit, orders, no lock toggle, rng cards everywhere and still a fucking coinflip fest. Also ranked system sucks, leaders are nowhere near balanced… this is just shit. W3 gwent was even better. Might as well play that one cause that's a great game made by the real CDPR not some fucking…. team Z amateurs.

  11. I know all the Diablo immortal stuff that's been goin on …but…this would be perfect for mobile aswell :(( I really hope it comes out for Android/IOS too <3

  12. thouse jerqs from cd project took all cards which we payed away…great!
    next company that died for me!

  13. Woah! IDK who should i choose… Heartstone or GWENT cuz, well they both looks amazing! (But there is place only for 1!)

  14. the game is cute with nice visuals, but so bland and boring. its game mechanics are very basic, limited and boring. its way to focused on "easy to play" that is way to easy to play to the point that ist so very boring.

    sorry to everyone that actually likes the game, but unless you are a die hard Witcher fan i don't see why you play this game.

  15. "Let's just shake the fuck outta the camera so that no one will be able to follow what's going on. It'll look so action-packed!"

  16. playing the witcher 3 for the first time right now, i love gwent so much i always play against all merchants when i go sell my loot!
    as soon as i'm done with witcher 3 i download Gwent 🙂

  17. I have never played card games because I could not understand the gameplay. After all someone realised to put explanation of the gameplay into trailer.
    Well, I'm installing. Gwent will officially be my first card game.

  18. This game have changed yet again. This time removing all my collection of cards with moving picture and giving a ton of scraps, scraps that Cannot re-buy my lost cards with the moving picture, for that I now have to get dust… a ton of dust. So because of that and I have to learn the game from scratch for the 3rd or 4th time, I have deleted this mess. Damn I hope the Witcher 3 Gwent is still the same.

  19. CD Red have to make it so moving cards can be bough with scraps or they will lose a lot of old timers that lost their collection in return of scraps. I was ready to give this version of gwent another chance, but instead I deleted my app. They messed up BIG TIME

  20. I've started the game today after more than 6 months and i dont know this game anymore. Everything has changed. Maybe its not bad but i am really sad ive lost all my cards and all my knowledge about it. Its like to learn walking again… i hope i can keep my joy for this game…

  21. will it ever run in parallel, one Quint before the release of HC ? for the that now tear off and throw away as on me. should we wait for "alcolista" output Guinta which we loved which still makes us worry about Quint, well guys this is nothing Guinta who perebegaet Yes shoot if we wanted to have something in Hartstown would play out like guinta had taken the soul, I'm aware that two series is in the plans for cellphones to produce dark colors and "pretty" leaders are in tact Bloody feud Well, how could create such a masterpiece and so inept to fuck that up with the release of HC "boring grind with poor mechanics and cool like leaders" for whom it was generally to do not that We loved Quint guys "pretty" but not the main thing in this QUINTA "QUINTA"

  22. This game is not only full of glitches, but it has microtransactions and too many overpowered characters.
    I guess none of you has played this game, because it just sucks to play without paying.
    Or … you are rich.

  23. I wish they'd have a version of Gwent that is just like in the actual game; I love that one whereas this one doesn't make any sense to me!

  24. Gwent has changed so drastically from the Witcher 3 to the standalone open beta. I gave up as it became more complex, and it seems now they've changed it even more…

  25. Better than that fucking grinding hearthstone. When you go mobile you will destroy this shit.
    Pray for Gwent our new card games god.



    I have spent money in free to play games not much but I still spent and I dont regret it .
    I just enjoy the fact that there are games out there I can download and start playing for FREEE.


  28. It's in the heart of the cards! Also, all the times I had to decline NPC's a game of Gwent because I didn't know how to play it 🙁

  29. Too hard for me. Never won any game, not even against bot xD (that doesn't mean I say it's a bad one, oh no. Looks awesome and interesting. But… I suck at it.)

  30. Absolutely hate how much had changed sense it went out of beta. Havent played it in forever. But all these new abilities and taking all the cards I already had and replacing them with whatever they wanted was a huge turn off. I'll be deleting this shit show and play all my gwent in the actual witcher game now.

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