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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 18.10.2019

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 18.10.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here, I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk everything GWENT! The Closed Beta for iOS started this week! A limited number of participants received access to the game on their mobile devices and will be testing the game! Don’t forget to leave your feedback! Reminder: GWENT will be released on iOS at the end of this month! The Season of the Cat Arena mode in now available! It mimics the current seasonal mode, which means that you and your opponent will swap hands every 2 turns! The event will last till October 28th at noon CEST. Team Leviathan Gaming have dropped their GWENT META REPORT #9, which has the freshest decks after hotfix 4.0.3! To check out the report be sure to hit the link below this video! This Saturday at 2:30PM CEST the GOD himself aka TailBot will appear on the Merchants of Novigrad podcast! Details regarding the show can be found by following @NovigradPodcast on Twitter! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

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  1. When will the monster faction be balanced to the same level as the others. It's now the weakest faction because of all the nerfs and I don't want to change faction to win a match

  2. do something with skelig they are very weak…(for example, the ship — the horror of the seas — is multi-charged like Helga ) only from armor!!

  3. Music now is really boring. We want to hear enjoyable music from beta while playing gwent. CDPR please add old music to this game.

  4. I played this game today for the first time since the end of beta. I prefer the board from the beta version. I mean, not about the 3 lanes, but about the art.

  5. So when are you Nerfing/ Reworking Northern Realms?

    Nilfgaard Leader +2 needs a nerf.

    Northern Realms Rendanian Archer needs a fat ass fucking NERF.

    Nilfgaard Tactic (create) needs a fat rework or provision increase.

    Northern Realms Leader: Pincer Attack needs a fat fucking nerf. Provision decrease / Nerf


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