Lunar New Year is full swing and we have on-going sales happening throughout the week plus Thronebreaker is on Switch, so let’s jump into episode four of This Week in GWENT! Thronbreaker on Switch is here! After the success of Witcher 3 on Switch we have The Witcher tales launch on the Nintendo Console, the game received some performance upgrades and a tweaked level of difficulty on the Bonebreaker difficulty level! Head to you Nintendo eShop and grab your copy Today! As part of the Lunar new Year Festival we’re holding sales on Faction Kegs! This week we had Scoia’tael, Monsters and Syndicate – which just started today! More faction keg sales are coming next week, so don’t miss them. Season of the Wolf Arena is here! It’s a special arena mode which uses the Season of the Wolf seasonal mode rules, meaning whenever a unit appears on the battlefield, damage it by 2, then boost it by 4. If it is a Witcher, boost it by 4 instead. This arena mode will last to February 6th 2020. Important update from last week! If you’re transferring your account from consoles to GOG you can now overwrite your existing GOG account with your console progress. Just head to the transfer website linked below and follow the steps! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

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