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Handpan masterclasses taught by 11 top players. Learn from the best.

Handpan masterclasses taught by 11 top players. Learn from the best.

Ever since I fell in love with the
handpan I have wanted as many people as
possible to learn about this beautiful
and unique instrument to experiment to
enjoy its feel and sounds. To me it’s the
most beautiful way to express our
emotions and share them with those
around us. In 2016 I created Master The Handpan
to reach and teach the maximum
number of handpan students. For three
years I have worked hard to put out a
lot of content and it’s been amazing to
see this family grow to where it is now,
But it’s not about me. It never was.
I only provide the tools to help you
create your individual touch… if you
become a mini-me then I have failed.
The trouble is like everyone else
I’m limited. One guy. One style. Alone I
cannot give you all the different
approaches, skills, exercises, grooves and flares that will take your learning into
the future. For that you need more than one teacher
So within my Master The Handpan dream was another dream to go further, wider, deeper,
to inspire you with some of the best
freshest and most talented players in
the world. Today I’m happy to say that my once little online school now has brand
new classrooms and they are being filled
by my dearest handpan brothers and
sisters. My family to grow our family.
Over summer incredible artists Kabeçao
Dan Mulqueen, Adrian Portia, Mumi,
Alexandre Lora, Benny Bettane, Jeremy Nattagh
Laurent Sureaux, Archer & Tripp, Sam Maher… They came to my home and studio it was
such a rich experience talking handpan
day and night… working on new material
and rethinking the whole instruments.
More importantly we are all connected by
the same desire to share what we have
with you and to be part of your handpan
journey. From November we are launching Learn from the best master classes.
You’ll be able to choose exactly what
works for you, what you love and who
inspires you. Your new teachers will give
you the brushes, brush strokes and a
whole palette of colors and tones you
didn’t even know existed… You will truly
be able to develop your own style in
ways you cannot imagine. These friends
have completely renewed my vision and my passion for the handpan after these three
months… I’m not the same person and you won’t be either!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. David, Thank you, as a newer member of the Handpan community and of your Master The Handpan family I offer up appreciation and gratitude to you for finding a way to share your love and knowledge of this instrument . I am learning a lot from you and look forward to learning from the other masters.

  2. David, I am so grateful for what you have taught me on the Handpan. Your courses are such a great help and inspiration for exploring this instrument and finding an own style. I am so much looking forward to these great masterclasses. Ciao, Björn.

  3. Hey David, through this selfless act of teaching by bringing together all this amazing players you inspire a lot. Really beautiful brother! Hat down! 🙂 <3

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