some people say that human existence is a result of a role of the cosmic dice like the gambler who stakes his life savings on the next throw we just got lucky in the lottery of life some people say there’s no purpose in the universe no grand plan no god behind it all our numbers just came up and here we are but I don’t believe and nor should you if I roll this dice the chances of getting a 6 is 1 in 6 that’s not too bad but what are the chances of me rolling 6 twice in a row well the odds get longer it’s 1 in 6 times by 1 in 6 that’s 1 in 36 so I’d have to be pretty lucky to get 2 sixes in a row now every time I add the chances of rolling another six in a row the odds go up exponentially and it gets even more unlikely now what if I rolled this dice 70 times and every single time I got a 6 okay that’s pretty unlikely but it’s possible right well in fact the chances of rolling a 6 70 times in a row are around 1 in 10 to the 55 that’s a 1 with 55 zeros are 3 now just to put that in perspective how long would I have to stand here rolling this dice allowing about 5 seconds per roll before hitting that lucky streak and rolling 76 in a row well I had a mathematician friend work it out for me on average you would have to continually roll this dice for 100 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years before your numbers come up that’s a long time what if you applied that thinking to us what are the odds of us being here now the odds of rolling 76 in a row 1 in 10 to the 55 as it happens those are the same odds of something called the expansion rate of the universe being just right for the existence of us here today from the moment of the Big Bang when our universe began to rapidly expand the rate of that expansion was X we finally balanced any faster and the universe would have expanded too rapidly to allow the formation of chemicals atoms stars and galaxies any slower and the universe would have collapsed back in on itself but as it happens the universe expanded at just the right rate to allow for life to develop in the future for us to be here it hit 70 rolls of the number six in a row first time and the expansion rate of the universe is just one among 30 or so other incredibly sensitively finely tuned constants and fundamental forces in the universe that must be just the way they are for the universe to be able to produce us so let’s imagine if I went ahead and roll this dice 70 times and what do you know every time it came up six no waiting for trillions upon trillions of years first time beginner’s luck hardly you would assume that I must have rigged it maybe the dice are loaded maybe there are sixes on every side it can’t be chance now let me ask you why would we assume that this universe with us in it which is actually way more improbable than my 70 rolls is just a result of chance the fact that we’re here shows that someone’s loaded the dice in fact maybe there’s no dice at all what if the evidence points to this life-permitting universe actually being the product of an intelligent mind which intended for us to be here now you could come up with some speculative other theory maybe there’s an infinite number of universes giving you an infinite number of chances to roll the dice maybe but we don’t have any scientific evidence for it so if you’re hanging your hat on that possibility then you’re every bit as much committed to a faith position as the person who says God was behind it believing in God isn’t a delusion it’s a perfectly reasonable conclusion when we look at the fingerprints on our universe and if it’s true that we aren’t just the fluke results of a cosmic roll of the dice and that we’re actually here because a grand designer in it us from the very beginning well that’s worth staking something on [Music]

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