How a Dice can show that God exists

some people say that human existence is a result of a role of the cosmic dice like the gambler who stakes his life savings on the next throw we just got lucky in the lottery of life some people say there’s no purpose in the universe no grand plan no god behind it all our numbers just came up and here we are but I don’t believe and nor should you if I roll this dice the chances of getting a 6 is 1 in 6 that’s not too bad but what are the chances of me rolling 6 twice in a row well the odds get longer it’s 1 in 6 times by 1 in 6 that’s 1 in 36 so I’d have to be pretty lucky to get 2 sixes in a row now every time I add the chances of rolling another six in a row the odds go up exponentially and it gets even more unlikely now what if I rolled this dice 70 times and every single time I got a 6 okay that’s pretty unlikely but it’s possible right well in fact the chances of rolling a 6 70 times in a row are around 1 in 10 to the 55 that’s a 1 with 55 zeros are 3 now just to put that in perspective how long would I have to stand here rolling this dice allowing about 5 seconds per roll before hitting that lucky streak and rolling 76 in a row well I had a mathematician friend work it out for me on average you would have to continually roll this dice for 100 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years before your numbers come up that’s a long time what if you applied that thinking to us what are the odds of us being here now the odds of rolling 76 in a row 1 in 10 to the 55 as it happens those are the same odds of something called the expansion rate of the universe being just right for the existence of us here today from the moment of the Big Bang when our universe began to rapidly expand the rate of that expansion was X we finally balanced any faster and the universe would have expanded too rapidly to allow the formation of chemicals atoms stars and galaxies any slower and the universe would have collapsed back in on itself but as it happens the universe expanded at just the right rate to allow for life to develop in the future for us to be here it hit 70 rolls of the number six in a row first time and the expansion rate of the universe is just one among 30 or so other incredibly sensitively finely tuned constants and fundamental forces in the universe that must be just the way they are for the universe to be able to produce us so let’s imagine if I went ahead and roll this dice 70 times and what do you know every time it came up six no waiting for trillions upon trillions of years first time beginner’s luck hardly you would assume that I must have rigged it maybe the dice are loaded maybe there are sixes on every side it can’t be chance now let me ask you why would we assume that this universe with us in it which is actually way more improbable than my 70 rolls is just a result of chance the fact that we’re here shows that someone’s loaded the dice in fact maybe there’s no dice at all what if the evidence points to this life-permitting universe actually being the product of an intelligent mind which intended for us to be here now you could come up with some speculative other theory maybe there’s an infinite number of universes giving you an infinite number of chances to roll the dice maybe but we don’t have any scientific evidence for it so if you’re hanging your hat on that possibility then you’re every bit as much committed to a faith position as the person who says God was behind it believing in God isn’t a delusion it’s a perfectly reasonable conclusion when we look at the fingerprints on our universe and if it’s true that we aren’t just the fluke results of a cosmic roll of the dice and that we’re actually here because a grand designer in it us from the very beginning well that’s worth staking something on [Music]

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  1. There is a deep flaw in this argument (aside from it being one based on a presupposition that there is a god and then looking for evidence of the god) – the flaw is, there is no way you can claims odds for or against the existence of this universe. There's only one confirmed so far. You cannot claim this is one-in-whatever because there is no other. This universe might be one in a dozen or it might be one in a gazillion. Or it may be nothing more that what we can confirm so far, just one, just this one. It is, so far unique. It is not one of anything other than itself.

    So this whole argument about "odds" proving the existence of an agent of its creation is just a numbers game. As Mama always said, "Numbers don't lie, but liars do numbers."

  2. Unless, of course, the dice is weighted to always roll a 6. In the same way natural laws have weighted our reality. Thus your argument is complete and utter nonsense.And even if there is a god (there isn't) that doesn't mean that the lunacy called christianity is true. Which is what these morons are really trying to prove.

  3. How does he know that a different set of circumstance wouldn't create a different universe in which a different form of life would exist. Science used to think life couldn't survive in outer space or at the bottom of the deepest ocean but research showed otherwise.There are much more profound arguments for the existence of god.

  4. Just more blah blah blah.
    These arguments that go on and no one ever defines the object of discussion.
    Define god, then present your case.

  5. Our chance of existing is 100%.

    This is because we DO exist, and if we didn’t we wouldn’t be talking about it.

    We don’t know if the big bang was the first. Or is the 10000000000000th try. We are only able to ask that question because we are actually here.

  6. it took over 4 billion years for the chemistry to complete the creation of humans . seems like a long time . i guess if there is a god his magic sucks . it took millions over 20 million for humans to get the technology we have today and there was not a god to do magic in order for humans to achieve such technology. it does not take a god it takes time.

  7. Short answer: it can't. It's a fucking man made object with a very specific function. And it's not for providing evidence of your personally preferred imaginary friend.

  8. Rolling 6's… With the "a ok" (666) hand sign clearly being used as he holds the dice… Attributing the belief in God to Lucifer… Subtle, but nauseatingly disgusting nonetheless.

  9. this won't get you anywhere, it isn't as plausible as many books and other videos (Not saying that this video is bad) but for aethiests who want a deeper understanding try this:

  10. They claim God is infinite, so why can’t the cosmos be infinite and we came about from a universe creating Nebula after trillions of big bangs?

  11. Well, the universe i live in is dead and lethal to much over 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999….%, and that was evidence for which god again?

  12. rolling dice doesn't prove anything regards god. Only god proves god. And I mean it. Lots of people are sick of those lame ideas and self delusion that is meant to be convincing when it clrearly does not rock one of my toes to move.
    I might add why this talk on chance is nonsense. We only exist onceand can not compare a universe where there is no life at all to then provethrough math which of those universe is more likely to happen again, without life. But life exists. So that is a 100% success rate.

  13. What people forget is that this video doesnt prove the existence of God, because even if the chance of getting the good result by chance is very small, it doesnt make it impossible.

  14. What this dumbass theist fails to realize is that if you rolled the dice 10^55 times, the sequence that would have come out of it would have been 10^55 times improbable, yet there is the sequence, staring you in the face. If there is a 1 in 300,000,000 million chance to win the lottery, there is a 100% certainty that the lotto needs to pay whoever ends up being the winner, regardless of how improbable it was for that person to be the winner.
    "If this hole in the ground was even just slightly changed, the puddle in it wouldn't fit." -every gullible theist on the planet.

  15. I don't know, therefore "god" that's what he's saying. But,if it was a creation, how do we know it was caused by an Deity? This is Argument through ignorance fallacy.

  16. Yet when you compare that dice roll to the number of effectively random chemical reactions taking place across our universe and the nearly infinite number of parallel universes which can exist, 10^55 is a pretty small and insignificant number. You only have to be wrong once out of a near-infinite number of dice rolls for your "theory" to fall.

  17. Ironically, you can use the exact same logic as what's in this video to prove Elon Musk's simulation theory. Whoever wrote the script decided that because there could be some form of intelligent life manipulating our universe, it's automatically God and the entirety of the bible is true.

  18. Mate; Of course it was incredibly unlikely, for life to form.
    However, here's an interesting fact, that hasn't seemed to have crossed your mind.
    I'm not saying there are, or aren't any parallel universes. But let's just assume that every single possible thing that could have happened in the universe, happened in a parallel universe.
    Supposedly, if you took all the parallel universes, where life would form, and eventually form intelligent beings, capable of deciphering how unlikely us forming Is, and compare that to all the parallel universes, in which either life didn't form to that extent, life didn't form at all, or the universe just claps back in on itself, the latter group would be far more occupied.
    The chances of the universe forming, was highly unlikely. The chances of Life forming at all, we're also highly unlikely. The chances of Life evolving to become intelligent beings, capable of seeing how unlikely their formation was, is also highly unlikely.

    However, in all the parallel universes, where that didn't happen, there is no one around, to see how likely their Universe Is.

  19. Here's an interesting catch;
    Yes, rolling a 6, 70 times in a row, is extremely unlikely.
    However, so is rolling any other sequence of numbers, over 70 rolls of a dice.
    If we would have wanted 70 rolls of a 5, it would also have been that unlikely.
    So would it be to roll 69 5s, and then a 6.
    So would it be, to roll a 4, a 5, a 3, a 2, a 6, a 1, a 5, a 2, a 4, a 2, a 3, a 4, a 5, a 6, a 1, a 3, a 4, a 6, a 3, a 2, a 1, a 2, a 3, a 5, a 4, a 1, a 3, a 2, a 6, and then repeat the pattern, increasing every number by 1, except for 6, which is brought down to 1, until we finally reached 70 rolls.
    Curiously, the chances of rolling That last sequence of numbers, is the same as rolling 70 6s in a row. However, no one would think it was rigged, if That outcome came out.
    However, they would, if you had laid out, that Exact sequence before them, and then proceeded to roll it.

  20. Bullshit as always…must be god 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ and it's not reasonable!!! It doesn't just expand at the right rate for us to be here… We are not special.. .. It just happened that we can be here!!!

  21. We can change "God" with "Humanoid Aliens" and it's about right.
    "How a dice can show that Humanoid Aliens don't exist"

  22. thanks for the video Justin! even though you have got a lot of hate for the video, I get your point. The probability is very very low for this universe, sun, earth, ozone layer, sky, trees, animals and humans to have come about by chance. If atleast the people who have commented on this thread with their hate could acknowledge this they could see the point you are making. But i guess the consensus from most of them would be that everything began from nothing, which as its said is a scientific impossibility. (Then i guess they all believe in miracles too, but no way does God exist *rolls eyes*)

  23. When you shuffle a deck of cards, what you end up with is not really surprising, right? There are 8.06e+67 possible combinations in one deck of cards. The likely hood of you getting that exact deck arrangement is unbelievably small. But it happened, and you're not saying something crazy is going on, are you? No. You just don't act surprised. So when we form, don't be surprised. The universe is a giant deck of cards.

  24. The universe is filled with trillions of star systems, very few of which have the potential of supporting life, like Earth does. Even if the odds of a sustainable planet generating out of a given star system are very low, the ones that manage to beat the odds will produce life, and have organisms evolve into a self-aware species, like ourselves. Therefore, just because we exist in an area of space that appears to be finely tuned for our existence, it is still more likely that we just beat the odds.

  25. It's pretty funny that they removed the video of the guy who actually used mathematical equations to prove God's existence (Whomever God may be)…

    But what I find the most condemning is people justifying people when less then 100 years ago, we were running around with a horse and carriage…

    So since we have computers and unlimited amounts of knowledge (that's given to us via Google, Yahoo or one of your other corporate search engines) God can't exist, period?

  26. Hmmm… no, I still don’t believe in God.
    It’s not that the universe is perfect for humans. Humans are very very insignificant. It’s the other way around. Remember the theory of evolution? Humans, like all other life forms, became adapted to their environment. Of course the conditions on Earth are just right for humans, because they evolved to live in those conditions. Obviously the change of the Big Bang happening and the planet forming was very small-but the chances of anyone being born is very tiny too. For you to be born one particular sperm had to fertilise one particular egg. The chances of the two gametes that made you fusing is ridiculously small-and yet there are over 7.4 billion humans on the planet. Even things with a very small probability of happening can still happen. Highly unlikely does not equate to impossible.

  27. If you roll a dice with holes in it then the highest chance is to roll a 6 because the 6 side is less massive since there are more holes in it and on the other side is the 1 which is more massive

  28. Even as an agnostic, i can’t deny this makes total sense. Doesn’t 100% clearly prove without a doubt the existence of an intelligent creator, but it definitely does add a fuck ton of support to that side of the argument.

    However at the same time, It gives some clarification to the big bang. It still could have happened

    Becuase, always remember, however small the chance may be, it’s still a chance, and can still happen.

  29. To those not interest in the truth, any bs can show that God is real. You can show religious fanatics some random piece of trash on the ground and they will consider it proof that God exists if you say some bs like "the chance for this piece of trash existing randomly is about one to a trillion". They will say "ooooh" and "woaaaah" and "soooo wise" and "god is great", because they don't give a shit about logic or reasoning. They just want to be told that the nonsense they believe in is true. Even if that's a lie.

  30. Thanks for this video Justin. It's well presented, short and easy for anyone to understand. Please make more of these high impact "nutshell" videos!

  31. I think people who are really bashing this guy are really missing the point. This video is merely illustrative of a pretty damn big point. Think of every scientific principle we know to be true. Think about the scientist who startled Neil Degrasse Tyson when he said quantum theory showed a mathematical equation completely identical to computer simulation. A series of 1s and 0s. Think about all the insanity yet order of the universe. All of that in line and somehow we’re here. No amount of random nothing could ever, ever result in this. It is far scarier to think that when you expire you MAY come face to face with whatever made all of this, than to think you’re going to return to a state of nothingness similar to before you were born having no anything. That’s scarier than anything we could ever discover in our lives in this world or beyond. The idea that intelligence designed this is absolutely terrifying alone without any doctrine or scripture to amplify it. I don’t mind when scientists scramble to mix and jumble up each discovery to point away from design. It’s terrifying. Once the Big Bang came out the question became what was before. Now we have multiverse. String theory, etc. you will never escape that fundamental reality that this is unmistakably deliberate. You’ll never in your life run away from that successfully. This is keeping all religion out of it, you will simply never escape the deliberate nature of reality. It’s all around you. There’s nothing you can do about it. Nothing.

    Think of it like this:

    Suppose we make it to mars. What in your mind’s eye do you see as you think about the first landing? You see blank open landscapes. Large swaths of land with nothing but heat and storms and so on. Why do you find no surprise in the lack of skyscrapers or roads, trains, cars, homes, bikes, buildings, etc etc etc? Because you know there wasn’t intelligence there to make such deliberate structural changes to an otherwise empty space of a planet. Take that and multiply it times the known size of the universe. Now think of how deliberate it is. How would such fundamental coding be formed from no form? How would time come from no time? Space from no space? You will never escape this quintessential reality. Who or what could make such things more fine tuned than the most precise equipment known to man, spread across the universe?

    You can take comfort in refusing to accept the intelligence in the framework of the universe, but you really shouldn’t mock those among us who struggle to try and find peace with it through whatever spiritual or religious pathways they see fit.

  32. This is pretty easy.

    It happened the way it did because it happened the way it did and if it happened any other way, it wouldn't be the way it is.

  33. This doesn’t prove the existence of the Abrahamic God anymore then it does the existence of any other god. This argument doesn’t work, and is illogical.

  34. Added on to that, if we where in fact made from that rare 1 in 70 6 roll chance, by our laws we should still be able to see things pop out of nowhere today. But we don't.

  35. I believe that it's currently impossible for us to know exactly how the universe came into existence, be that either by chance or by design. However, I don't believe that the Bible is a valid source to figure that out. There's no real evidence to support its validity and I'd rather put my faith in science than in the writings of men who may or may not have even existed themselves thousands of years ago.

  36. summing this up: the universe being created randomly is less likely than rolling 70 6’s in a row with a dice which is like 1/100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 so depending on how you look at it, it’s more logical to believe in God than to not

  37. Wooooooow the teleological argument for a "creator" how original and mind blowing. Ok Premier On Demand, you've convinced me, there is no way it's all just random chance, so i'm abandoning my atheism and am ready to begin my new life as a believer in Allah. Oh wait, you weren't trying to "prove" that were you? You were trying to prove that "God" exists right? Well, first of all the argument is weak since it's starting from a flawed premise that our world is like a wristwatch found in an empty field, you're assuming it was designed from the top down rather than how nature ACTUALLY forms which is from the bottom up, second, even IF i were to accept your flimsy logic and accept your conclusion that there is a CREATOR, that still doesn't do anything to prove any of the attributes of that creator, thousands of gods have been known throughout human history that believers have claimed were that creator but so far there's still nothing you can do to prove that YOUR god is the correct one.

  38. Great point, now let’s see what happens when we turn it around.

    Let me submit six possible natures of God (and keep in mind that whatever God would do is by definition good):
    God A) Content in his own greatness, creates nothing
    God B) Creates a universe which collapses on itself
    God C) Creates a universe which expands to quickly
    God D) Creates a universe in which matter can exist, but life cannot
    God E) Creates a universe in which life can exist, but never acquire intelligence
    God F) Creates our universe
    So the chance that God was of such a nature that it would allow for our existence is 1 in 6. Pretty high chances right?

    But what if you postulate a version of God for each of the 10^55 possible constants of the universe? Suddenly the chance of God allowing for our existence is way smaller. And this is even apart from all the ways in which God can actively interfere. He could perhaps have stopped the ascent of humans and favor instead, let’s say, elephants. Anything is possible. Of course, God has no measurable properties so we cannot calculate the amount of way’s it might have been. But that only leaves us with the assumption that the possible varieties are limitless.

    Yet we live in a reality governed by that one God out of countless possibilities that allows for our existence. Surely, that can’t be coincidence! One way to get around this would be a multi-God theory. I guess that few monotheists would be happy with that. Another way to get around this (probably more popular with theists) would be to say that the nature of God is necessarily one that wants humans to exist. But that implies some “deep law” governing God’s nature. One might then wonder: what is this deep law and why is that so particularly suited to our existence?

    The question of fine-tuning is certainly baffling. The answer “because God” does not solve it. It only pushes the problem back one step by adding an improbable link to the chain.

  39. Dear Humans, Wake up. Everything you identify with and are attached to is keeping you from seeing the true nature of god and the universe. Don't you get it? Life is a game. You have a limited time to piece the puzzle and figure your life out. When your time runs out, Your fate will be decided by your pursuit. Every thought and action you make on earth is recorded and contributes to infinite probability. Majority are merely interested in satisfying hedonistic impulses and pleasures of the flesh. Majority do not care about what happens to them after they die. But what if we are looking at it wrong? What if the only thing that matters is what happens to you when you die and your life is just a preface. What if you have to go against your material design if you really want the universe to speak to you. What if you need to stand out from the crowd to go down an improbable timeline. What if the creator knows everything? What if when you lock your door you are not alone? What if you are never alone?What if all forces(positve and negative) have equal access to your thoughts? What if the more you concentrate your thoughts on a particular force the stronger the force becomes?

    Just look at what we have done to earth? We are looking at a mass extinction not because the climate is changing but because we have f£$%ed with the fundamental forces of earth and are doing harm to gods creation.

    When the scale is tipped it wouldn't be a surprise if god decided to hit Reset on earth because we are destroying a fundamental part of an intricate design.

  40. Fantastic logic using science for a philosophical argument. The universe and life is arguably a creation by intelligent design.IMO Call it what you will, God, higher power, anything, but I doubt it is chance. If anything can happen and will regardless of extremely astronomical odds against it as quantum physics states in so many words, then an intelligent designer is just as plausible in the scheme things as well.

  41. Your ignorance is great. Evolution is not based on luck. It's based on natural selection. It's very different from blind luck.

  42. This entire argument is fallacious and we don’t even know if this is the first universe or try it could be a lot of tries in to get these variables right. Also saying that their might be infinite universes is not the same as believing in god. Theists say that gosh DOES exist, people who believe in the multiverse don’t believe per se. they say it might be the case but we don’t have evidence it’s simply a possible explanation or theory of reality.

  43. So the Flying Spaghetti monster exists?
    What about the horse that is a Unicorn?
    What about the Giants?
    What about Cyclops or Centaurs or Zeus?

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