How to Beat the College of Winterhold without Magic

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  1. "Well, after the unfortunate incident that just occurred, I guess it's best if we just move on." I can't believe they voiced that. I can't believe they anticipated one of the students getting murdered in cold blood during class.

  2. Yes. Murdering a fellow student in the middle of lecture will definitely get you out of class. Not sure if the prof will let you back in though.

  3. 4:49,, we'll need the incense…" AND IRON! I see what you did there, i am listening to all songs from them because of you…

  4. Your videos are always so well made, perfect music added in at the perfect moments and the perfect pinch of comedy in the midst of what I must assume to be a punishing experience for you. I always end up laughing, and being impressed by how thorough you are. Your methods are impressive and diverse. Thanks for making such quality content!

  5. One could say that the permanent barrier aesthetically improves the College. Now it's not only on a high, ruined fortress but now even protected by an impenetrable barrier where only the Archmage can travel in and out of the barrier along with his/her companion

  6. Tolfdir: "You are a shining example to all the other mages at this college"

    Me, who did the entire Mage College questline by abusing sneak attacks:

  7. Harry: I'm not a Harry, Hagrid, I'm just wizard!
    Hagrid: what?
    Harry: Not wiszdard, jus hagrry
    Hagrid: Harry are you okay?
    Harry: Barry Hotter hazin a stronk

  8. The fact that this this is possible shows how wack the college of winter hold is, on my first play through of Skyrim I joined the college thinking it would teach me better magic and level up my magic skills but instead I beat the whole quest line and became arch-mage never having gained a single new magic ability and only using novice level spells. On later play throughs I’ve used the college to help level up skills but still without the prior knowledge it was very unintuitive in terms of magic learning as the the name would suggest.

  9. Doing "Companions" questline without a single swing – Sleep
    Doing "College of WIntergold" questline without casting a single spell – WOKE!

  10. I'm just at the part where you decide to go for the sword that sends a wave to use against the wall and let me tell you, you make the kind of content I want to see. That's expertise on the game and the way you edit, is also very pleasant. I turn bell on.

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