Guys it is absolutely right that knowledge without implementation is a waste. and this proverb is right on our community because we all have suggestions about the world to share and the point of concern is that before they don’t apply themselves or don’t want to do. We all know that we must follow the best practice for ourselves or for our environment but we are not able to do this even if we want to because we have created an atmosphere of the level of comfort around us that people are not able to break in the majority and the reason is lack of motivation Earlier i made a video how to introduce cycling in busy lifestyle in it i had told you 5 tips to add cycling to your daily routine. So now the knowledge is with everyone but now the question is how to start? So in this video i will share you 8 tips to motivate yourself for cycling. Coming up. Hey guys whatsup this is ridercharul and welcome to my channel hope you guys start thinking towards your health & environment. so if you are new to this channel than consider subscribe. So here are the 8 tips through which you can motivate yourself for cycling. Cycling alone sometimes can be a boring but ride with your friend is a very good option and because of this you can easily pass kilometers. All you have to remember is that your friend is of your similar abilities. because it doesn’t make sense that you cycling with a friend who is already cyclist and the time of riding is ahead of you, rather than stay with you. Guys you can make a list of where you go on your motorbike and scooter throughout a day like going to the park, go to the gym, watching movie or handout with friends. So replace all these commute with cycling which will give you a boost to burning additional calories & stay healthy. you can use cycling app on your mobile like strava, mapmyride, runtastic etc. which will help you in calculating km done & burning calories. and with the help of these you can track your daily activities which will motivate you to increase your ride length on daily basis just like we play candy crush game on our mobile in which we had the craze to move forward, by round clearing. Set your landmark & reward yourself after finish it. the best practice is that whatever you eat junk food and this practice will stop you to get more fat because you have kept a place before eating something, cycling through by burning your extra calories. Famous rule of fitness industry is no pain no gain. if any work is to be completed then we try our 100% effort to successfully complete it. similarly, if we want to lose extra weight from our body then we will have to sweat and if you don’t have time to go to the gym then the best option is cycling. So keep your goal in mind will motivate you to cycling. Guys cycling is one of the best stress reliever which you can introduce in your lifestyle because not only it will divert your mind from any tension while riding any motorbike or car but saves your money as well for transportation. In the majority of people, they are surviving on EMI whether it is mobile, 2-wheeler or 4 wheeler so cycling will help you to use that save money to pay your bills without any compromise. It only takes 6 to 7 hours a week to achieve a general improvement to your health. To get motivate there are lot of reasons to do cycling. Number 1 it causes less strain and injuries than most other forms of exercise. Number 2 cycling uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal. Number 3 unlike some other sports, cycling doesn’t require high level of physical skill. Most people know how to ride a bike and once you learn, you don’t forget. Number 4 cycling increases stamina, strength and aerobic fitness. Number 5 as a mode of transport, cycling replaces sitting time spend driving motor vehicle or using metro with healthy exercise. Guys if you have to go to heaven then you will have to die so if your goal is to being fit and healthier then you must introduce cycling in your daily routine. It will be late before and you started figuring out until the age of 40 so start cycling asap. So guys these were my 8 tips and I think there are sufficient to get you motivate to start cycling. hope you like my thoughts so do like, comments & share my videos and also don’t forget to subscribe my channel, so that’s sit guys this is ridercharul signing off.

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