How To Hand Wash Your Cycling Kit

(moderate electronic music) – [Matt] When away from
home on a training camp, a cycling holiday or
even a multi-day event, it’s not always easy
to get your cycling kit cleaned and laundered. Not all of us have the
luxury of a soigneur to come and collect our smelly kit, wash it in the team bus and
deliver it the next day. So what can you do? Well I’m going to show
you, old-school style. Often, all your kit needs, if it’s not actually muddy, is a simple rinse through. As you can see, my kit
is actually pretty clean, but I’ve been sweating profusely out here in the mountains, in the Dolomites today. So what I’m going to do is
kill two birds with one stone: clean me and my kit in the shower. Using soap or shower gel, gently work the lather into your kit, concentrating on your
chamois in particular. Then simply rinse everything
through under the shower and then launch it over the
shower and into the basin which is generally perfectly
positioned next to the shower. Then give it a big squeeze to extract as much water as you can. Now dirtier kits, splashed with mud etc, is going to need a
little bit more of a soak to get rid of that grit and dirt. So as soon as you get in from your ride, fill up the sink, you can
even use the bath as well, put in some shower gel or a little bit of soap, scrunch it around a bit once it’s full up, and then leave it to soak for about half an hour or so. And then after half an hour has passed, rinse it through using
clean water in the sink, or alternatively if you want, you can take it in the
shower and rinse it there. Now this is the cool bit. I actually learned this technique way back in the 1980s when
I was on a stage race. Basically what you do is lay
out a towel on the floor, get your jersey or
whatever bit of kit it is that’s freshly squeezed out, okay. Then lay it evenly spaced
out on the towel itself. Okay, and then roll up
the towel quite tightly, just like this, just like
rolling up a bit of pastry. Roll it up, remember to keep it tight. Then twist the towel
as tightly as you can. Not too tight, but pretty tight, and basically what will happen is the towel will absorb pretty much all, or nearly all, the residual
water in the jersey. Then unroll it. It’s pretty much effectively
like it’s been in a spin dryer. Not perfectly dry, but this now, once it’s hung up, will
dry very, very quickly. Great tip. And then it’s just a matter
of hanging your kit up as high as you can, because
it’s generally warmer in a well ventilated area, like so, and your kit should be nice
and dry by the morning. No one likes a wet shoe. It doesn’t even bear thinking about. And this one is remarkably easy. First off, with your wet pair of shoes, take out the insoles. That’ll help them dry far quicker. And then get a newspaper and gently, not too hard,
stuff both of your shoes. And that’ll help to absorb the water very, very quickly indeed. It just takes a few
minutes and the result is, even if your shoes aren’t perfectly dry, they’ll be good to go the following day and you won’t get cold and damp feet. Once you’ve stuffed them with newspaper, put them somewhere that’s
nice and ventilated, and they should be ready
to roll the following day. That took about 40 seconds. Please make sure you let us know how you got on with those tips and also we’d like to know about your washing hacks and tips as well. Now if you haven’t
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to wash your bike in a hurry, and back to the mechanical stuff because this weirdly is
mechanical Monday after all, click just down here for five
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  1. I thought we were actually going to see Matt's tip when he got on the floor to roll up the towel.

  2. As a lot of modern hotels have hair dryers I have used them to dry out damp shoes before using the newspaper hack, I was worried when you knelt down we might see something we shouldn't thank god we didn't

  3. I see you went for the Junior Suite at the Melodia Del Bosco – nice! filming with glass and mirrors can be a nightmare for reflections. Good job Matt wore underpants in the shower!

  4. Is GCN about to be rebranded as GPN – global porn network.
    Their first film/movie, "Matt does Psycho"

  5. I was going to add the drying tip but you had it in already. My only difference is that instead of twisting the towel I just walk along it like a balance beam.

  6. Love the stripes! Hanging to dry is good, but don't put them in a closet, there is not enough air flow. When putting your shoes outside to dry, make sure they are in the shade, and don't put them near the ground where a dog or cat may use them as a toy or a place to use the toilet. A towel on the table with the shoes up against the wall is better, or hook the shoes up through a clothes hanger so they get lots of air. You also get a custom mobile! All you friends will be jealous!

  7. Mine is after washing. and winging them as dry as you can, hanging them in front of a fan. In about 3 or 4 hours it is completely dry.

  8. Hi Matt, Tx for the clip. I often use the hairdryer or blowdryer in the hotelrooms to dry socks, underwear and jerseys.If not in the room, just ask for one.Towel trick was great.


  9. Knitters use a product named Eucalan. It's a non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free soap that requires no rinse. Various scents. Carry a small bottle of that and you're golden.

  10. was anyone else worried about Matt letting us see more than jst the quick drying technique when he knelt down?

  11. For drying shoes I've used the hair dryer often hanging on the wall in hotel bathrooms. The only tip I would recommend is not to leave the bath taps running when doing your washing at the same time, as the noise from the hair dryer drowns out the sound of running water. That is, until you notice a river snaking its way out of the bathroom, along the floor and out of the room into the corridor. Best to avoid that.

  12. Question: I was under the impression that we are better off by not twisting the fabric, opting instead by pressing with our hands when squeezing the water out… it prevents the elastic nature of the fabric to overstretch… (read that somewhere on the ASSOS site).

  13. my shoes when it wet, it's stink even when it's dry, so i try to spread some amount of anti bacterial powder which smell good and give it a good shake, it's makes the inside of my shoes became white but when i use it the powder just gradually gone and it's doesnt as stink as before

  14. And here I thought I was the clever one who thought up the great way of quickly drying my kit by rolling it in a towel. You sir, have busted my cozy little bubble. Great video thought, solid kit hacks!

  15. It is possible to sneak your bike into the shower also – this would take priority over the kit & don't forget to soap your helmet.

  16. To more effectively dry your shoes, replace the wadded up newspaper with a fresh batch after a couple of hours.

  17. After every ride, I set my shoes on the floor with the foot openings facing sideways. This allows the normal air drafts and currents that travel along the floor (from people walking by, from doors opening and closing, etc.) to circulate through the shoes during the night…even the wettest shows are usually completely dry by morning.

  18. Another option for washing, especially for 2-3 kits, is to get a large zip-lock bag, add water, some gentle detergent, and your kit(s). Shake well, empty, rinse the kit(s), and you're good to go.

  19. If you are in a hot and humid place and the room has AC try to hang your kit up high in the room – but not in the cold blast from the AC outlet as that just chills it so much it doesn't dry so quickly. If no AC then do put it in the draft from the fan. You can buy solid or paste clothes washing detergent in most places . Put some of this in a Ziplock bag – that way you have some proper detergent to wash your kit – better than shower gel. You only need a small amount for say a week's touring and, not being liquid and already in a sealed bag, it won't leak into your pannier. It's also good for hand cleaning after a mechanical but better use a bit of hand cream afterwards.
    The towel tip is great – I'll be trying that one. Thanks! As for washing kit in a team bus? I find washing it in a washing machine much more effective.

  20. I step on the rolled towel, I find it works better than twisting it. Just make sure you leave a clean towel for your wife.

    Take the wet paper out out of the shoes before you go to bed (after 4-6 hours) and either replace the paper or let them air dry. I keep them in the room vice outdoors since the morning dew / humidity delays the drying. The heater on cold nights or A/C on hot nights tends to lower the humidity in the room below that of the early hours. Also, many shoes have an air vent in the sole, near the toe, have this pointed down so the shoe can drain.

  21. At home in England or Netherlands = Jet Wash kit, fill with newspaper

    On holiday in Spain = hand wash and hang to dry- good to go in an hour XD

  22. You should take a small bottle of clothes liquid as it usually gentler on your clothes. Another tip for drying shoes is to use either newborns nappy or a sanitary pad.

  23. At home I have a machine called "ecofrog" that injects ozone into the water and is connected to the washing machine and let me clean the clothes without using soap. Also I can have water straight from the machine to wash by hand. Is amazing how well it works. I tryed it with my bike and all the grit from the chain just melts!!! So I don't need any degreaser…

  24. OHHH!!! THIS is a must-know for cyclists! No need to run the whole washing machine load cold just because of two pieces of cycling attire!

  25. I would be careful of wringing clothes by hand as the stitching can be stretched and broken if you're not too careful.
    Better to squeeze them tightly starting at the top and finishing at the bottom as you hold them. Spin dryer obviously is best choice if you have access to one.

  26. Like Matt's custom GCN jersey with National Champs colours – very cool 🙂 Wear it with pride, my man!

  27. this is fine when you´re staying in a nice hotel with nice fluffy towels and bathrobe; but try doing this when you´re camping in a field in the rain somewhere 😀

  28. I live at university, and the only washing machines to which we have access are expensive and very large capacity, probably too big to wash some kit in. For this reason, I hand wash my kit but I can never get my bibs as clean as when I wash them at home in a washing machine. Should I let them soak for a while when hand washing, or will they just not be as clean?

  29. Or take more than 1 kit on your training camp.. So the wet and dirty one can dry more than one day.. 😉

  30. Dripak make Liquid Soap Flakes, available from supermarkets here in U.K. Decant some before you travel and invest in a large travel towel. You get less chance of irritation from unscented pure soap, it's better for your kit and the travel towel absorbs more moisture but dries quickly. You might not have the luxury of plentiful plush towels or a hotel. I managed a fortnight with no washing machine , hand washing clothes and squishing water out with towels.

  31. For all, you can use the hair dryer (with having the heat on/Disable heater). Blow air through your stuff (jersey or shoes specially). It will dry much much faster.

  32. Last year i was in Corvara and had some wet days 🙁
    We did stay in a very nice hotel (Villa Tony) and the bathroom was equiped with a hairdryer! I used it to dry my shoes very quickly. Be carefull to not let the leather get to hot, as it might get cracked.

  33. I also use the rooms hair dryer to dry/ warm up the cham and shoes, not too much heat and if it's raining and can't hang up out side ask hotel for a electric fan, it drys kit really fast! I only take the one kit so I am becoming an expert.

  34. Only half way there with the shoes. The newspaper will soak up water but if you leave it in the shoe that water can go nowhere. So replace with dry paper after 10 minutes. Repeat and repeat. Then they'll dry on their own overnight.

  35. thank God we didn't see Matts nutsack,or did we?we can't have he's nearly as old as me ,it would been touching the floor tiles.

  36. With the news paper. Change the paper inside your shoes after about 30 mins as the news paper has normal absorbed lots of water by then and needs changing.

  37. soak them in a white vinegar- water mix (1/20) for 20 minutes (find it in any grocery store ) then wash with Sea to Summit Pocket Laundry Wash and rinse well in clean water

  38. My dad teached me how to wash "delicate" wool sweaters almost with the same method of the towel. With your barefoot you should step on the towel moving side to side instead of twisting it (it could damage the clothes by enlarging it). It works as well with your cycling kit 👌👌👌

  39. Remember to take phone out of pockets before getting in the shower with your kit on. Nearly fell foul of that.. 🙈

  40. Rice is also extremely efficient to soak up moisture. But then again, it feels wrong to use food for such things.

  41. Just followed Matt’s take on into the shower and towel rolling technique. Works a treat, especially if you have a warm, sunny balcony to finish the job. I have bought way too much kit away with me ☹️

  42. Most useful GCN video ever!
    Even though people say the towel trick is risky, all you need to do is not twist it! Easy! 😀

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