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How to Make an Easy DIY Dog Pull Toy out of Repurposed Reusable Bag Edges

hi there time for another tip on what to
do with cheap crappy reusable bags that are all made of plastic if you’ve taken
uncoated reusable bags and made a rug and taking coated ones and turn them
into placemats no it’s time to take all those edges you
cut off those bags and make those trim pieces into an amazing dog pool toy
that’s right look at how happy your pet could be you should be happy now that
you’re shopping with CRESBI crates instead of bags to make a footlong pull to it like
this one brought me you’ll need the edges from about five reusable bags you
need scissors and some clamps trim the edges close and sort your strands so you
have equal lengths that are about 30 inches long which most bags should be
you’re going to need nine total strands divide it into three sets of three trim
the corners so they straight now if a strand is not long enough you can add
more length with another strand by connecting it using a square knot to tie
a square knot bring the rights over the left and then
the left over the right to make a knot that’s healthy and tight now take three
of the strands tie a loose knot then clamp them to something stationary
oh here’s a handy CRESBI crate start braiding as tightly as you can you want
to keep the braid tight to make it harder for your pup to pull the toy
apart and a purse if you does if your dog does do that take the toy away so
they don’t eat it and then when you get to the end of this braid you’re gonna
clamp or loose tie it to keep it from unraveling
now you’re going to create two more birds just like that so here’s
our total three braids now you’re gonna loosen the top ends of your braids and I
start at the top because they’re usually all the same length and then you’re
gonna twirl them together and knot them into a very tight then get that not
gonna braid those three braids again very tightly when you get to the end and
then you’re gonna twirl everything together again and then you’re gonna
pull it tight into another knot at the end and then you’re gonna trim up all
the loose ends and then you’re gonna commence playing pull with your puppet
as it says in Ecclesiastes 4:12 a cord of three strands is not quickly broken
this is true with your new toy it isn’t quickly broken but eventually it will be
broken because dogs are crazy nuts over pulling stuff apart but just never
didn’t cost you anything except a little time and at least you gave some more
life to unwanted pieces of plastic that we’re headed for a landfill
plus you got a bunch of fun bonding time with your little buddy enjoy

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