How to Make Your Own Dice : How to Drill Dice

Hi, have you ever wondered how to make some
trick dice, or some magic dice, you can play
at home with your friends? My name is Dean
Hale, and I’m going to show you how to drill
some dice. First of all, you take your die,
and you put it in your vise. You never want
to hold it in your hands. That would be a
little dangerous. Always before using your
drill, please put on your safety goggles,
to make sure that you protect your eyes. You’re
going to get the die in the vise, and you’re
going to make about a quarter turn, and get
it tight in there. Get it lined up, bring
it down, and make sure to do a dry fit, until
it’s right where you want it to be. You want
to then check your depth level, to make sure
that it’s at the proper, of where you want
it to go, so you just turn this along the
side right here, to get your depth level to
get it where you want it. We’re going to keep
it very shallow today, to make sure that we
don’t go too deep, so let me line it back
up again. We’ve got it all set, and again,
make sure it’s tight, your safety goggles
on. You’re going to hit the on switch, and
you bring it right down. Bring it up, and
make sure the drill stops. Coming out, and
now you’ve drilled a hole in a dice. Now,
you can use this for various different things.
If you want to make some dice necklace, or
some other reasons. Again, Dean Hale, showing
you how to drill dice.

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  1. What size of drill do you use? What about using a stencil for marking the dice? Are all the holes in a regular d6 the same?

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