How to Make Your Own Dice : How to Make Dungeons & Dragons Dice

Are you in to role playing games like Dungeons
and Dragons? My name is Dean Hale and I’m
going to teach you how to make your very own
Dungeons and Dragons dice. What you can do
is you can take some aluminum foil about eight
by eight inches in width and length. You’re
going to take it, you’re going to crumple
it up in to a ball. You’re going to squeeze
it down pretty tight to get it to where it’s
pretty compact. You’re then going to take
an instrument like this that I bought at a
local arts and craft store or you can take
a butter knife. You would then push down with
that instrument and you would actually make
a flat side with your aluminum foil. You do
that on all sides. You can do this for instance
making eight sided dice. Or you could, if
you wanted more sides, you could do that also.
After you’re done doing that you can take
some acrylic or some tempera paint and you
can then paint the aluminum foil with it.
Once you’re done painting it, you would then
take a paint marker like this or you could
take a Sharpe and you could write down the
various numbers that would go along with the
game. It’s that simple. You could also use
some clay to do that as well if you wanted
to take that a step further. I just taught
you how to make Dungeons and Dragons dice.
My name is Dean Hale

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This has to be a joke, right? How am I supposed to sculpt a 20 sided die out of aluminum foil with a butter knife, Dean Hale?

  2. That very smart but I use a program on my computer that has the D4 to D20 dice types and when you click on one a random number comes up and its for free. just go to google and search
    "RPG dice roller"

  3. I tried making a dice by printing out a 10 faced dice, shaping & gluing it together, then i fill it up with candle wax. It works yeah, but it breaks up easily the more i use it.

  4. Well, you had a good idea, my dad used to use candle wax to make six sided dice when he was a kid so he could play craps with the neighborhood kids.

    The problem is that you need a sealent to coat the dye so that it gains a harder construction, and wont break apart so easily. Maybe you could use polyurathane, but don't quote me on that.

  5. I knew expertvilliage was a bunch of smack tards, but this smacktard is king of the smacktards! What did he do? Mash up some tin foil? "Paint this with a paint marker"? ALL HAIL, KING OF THE SMACKTARDS!

  6. What a dummy you are! How do you ensure that you make a regular polyhedron, all sides of the right size and angles to ensure fair rolls equally likely on each side? You don't talk about measuring at all, just talk about tamping things down with a precision micro-callipered BUTTERKNIFE? Are you for real?

  7. Ive read and seen many many MANY good how-to web pages and videos respectively.

    And in no way can this be conveyed as good…

  8. This wouldn't work at all. The reason is the dice you made would be terribly unbalanced, always favoring one side because their weight isn't distributed evenly. You need some process to assure the mass of the die is in its center, and to make sure the sides are truly flat and of even size and shape.

  9. There are several problems with the video. The most glaring is that you actually didn't show any of the steps. You described very loosely how to perform the process but without elaboration you're basically telling your viewer to play with tinfoil. Secondly the viewer wasn't shown the finished product. Most watchers aren't going to be interested in trying this without seeing what you've done. The idea was good though.

  10. Hehe transcribe at the end it "I just thought you had to make guns and drugs but it's my name is David hale"

  11. Not to mention Opaque dice are around four dollars for a ten piece set. Maybe this is an option for all those people that just own PDFs of the rulebooks…

  12. This could be useful for something I was hoping to do later, but quick question; WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE FLAT ALUNIMUM FOIL PIECES?!!!! You didn't say what you stick them on or anything!!

  13. @Taniger12345 dude….just buy dice…it would cost you less. If you really want to make your own dice…learn to wittle…and how to pour lead into a wood shape to "balance" the die….

  14. what if you want a 4 sided dice are you gonna turn a ball into a pyramid by pushing on it this is one of the worst tutorials ever

  15. Thank you so much for this insightful video explaining the methods needed to construct a geometrically correct dodecahedron out of aluminum foil to make a professional quality dice. The result totally looks nothing like a failed art project from in 4th grade.

  16. what do you mean by "I just taught you how to make a dungeon & dragons dice"?!! Are you serious??? is this what you call a tutorial? what planet do u come from dude?!

  17. you know what, i think ill just save time and buy them or, if i feel daring, make them out of clay then fire them

  18. That was clearly the worst how to video of all time! It was painfully obvious your ignorant to any of the skills needed to perform this task. Lastly thank you for being a moron, we all feel a little bit higher up on the food chain after see you. But mostly I'm upset you've clearly wasted 15,284 viewers time. But you can redeem yourself yet, by telling me how to block your channel and remove this video. If your into wasting peoples time and get your kicks that way, leave it up.

  19. "Expert: Dean Hale
    Bio: Dean Hale has been playing board games and card games for more than three decades."

    I think not.
    Playing board and card games?
    Monopoly and poker are not qualifications for tabletop gaming!

  20. HAHAH Yet ANOTHER lousy "how to" video. How the crap do you make flat surfaces for a d12 or d20? hahah And get the angles right.

    "I just taught you how to make Dungeons & Dragons dice." No, you told us nothing. Thanks Dean.

  21. This… is hilarious. I'd like to hear this guy explain more things, like say how to save the economy… "you just take you multi-callipered butterknife and press it into the economy until it has the shape you want. I just taught you how to save the economy. My name is Dean Hall."

  22. I always thought about what if i was in prison and needed to make dice and get some shit rollin' with my fellow convicts lmao I see what you did here lol but I always figured if it was gonna be jailhouse D&D I would end up carving the dice out of soap….

  23. Yeah ill make this right after I make a dungeons and dragons figurine out of tin cans. Cut the crap and pull this off of youtube. And ill just make it out of clay. Its waaaaaay better out of clay.

  24. The best part about this demonstration is you never see it being made or a completed version. Roll up some tin foil bro, problem solved.

  25. i cringed the entire video. Its not that easy. If you've never played tabletop rpg's, dont make videos relating to them.

  26. I like how the dude is sitting with a bunch of wood working tools and makes his dice from aluminum foil. Lucky for me I only wasted a minute of my life watching this.

  27. fucking sucked got power tools and every thing and all he does is crumple tinfoil what a normy fuckboi

  28. Want to make a car? First dig your self a hole and mine some ore refine it a little bit process it a little bit assemble in the desired shape and you got yourself a free car!

  29. "Expert: Dean Hale
    Bio: Dean Hale has been playing board games and card games for more than three decades." honey then why tf do you think this is acceptable for dice??

  30. What?? First, the crumpled aluminum foil wouldn't be even, making it a lame die that always rolls to one side every time. Second, it wouldn't have the clickity-clack sounds when rolled, and that is a huge deal!(at least for me) Lastly, a cheap dice set is less than 3 dollars, if this is suppose to be a save money video, so this is both more expensive and not as nice as it would be to just get a normal set

  31. But what about "THE REST OF THE F*****G OWL"? Even if you used this crappola method to make the dice, they wouldn't be correctly weighted, and would disintegrate. Damn, I was at least expecting him to explain how to seal this aluminium conglomeration with a resin covering, but no, I was sorely disappointed.

  32. I always expect the best when a google search leads me to expertvillage, but it's never been this good.

    So bummed the channel died, could've been the next Onion.

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