How to Make Your Own Dice : How to Play Liar’s Dice

You ever at home with some friends and wanted
a fun game to play? My name is Dean Hale,
and I’m going to teach you how to play liar’s
dice. What you do is you get a group of friends,
a minimum of two people up to ten, and you’re
going to have five dice per person with a
cup. Everybody’s going to roll their dice
at the same time. Keep it on the table with
the cup covering the dice. The first person
is going to then look at the dice and try
to see guess, from what they have and what
everybody else has they make a bid. Let’s
say you have two twos in your dice. You may
say I bid five twos. You’re counting your
twos, and all the other possible twos that
are on the table. It would then pass around
to the next person, and they could either
up that bid and say three twos, four twos,
or they could change the denomination and
they could go with fours and they could make
a bid with fours. Let’s say they say four
fours. It then goes around to a point where
anybody in the group thinks somebody’s actually
lying and there’s not a possibility of that
being out there they would then call a stop.
Everybody would pull up their cups and they
would count. If the person that that actually
said there were say five fours out there was
lying, and there was only actually four they
would then lose one die from their five. If
there actually had the four fours or more
the person that actually called them a liar
would actually lose a dice. And what happens
is as it goes around as you get called liar
or you get caught you get one dice pulled
out. The play continues until only one player
has dice remaining and that would be the winner
of liar’s dice. So, when you’re playing don’t
get caught lying. My name’s Dean Hale.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. …Five twos to Fours fours. It can't happen. Neither of the two numerical values can be reduced when making a new bet. If they could Some one might bid Eight fives and the next player could make a safe bet of Two sixes. Not very fair that way.

  2. Oh yeah the point being is that anyone can instanly bump the bid to sixes if they don't feel like taking the risk of calling another player when the bet is high on a bet with a die value of 1-5.

  3. @gareth5533 If it wasn't like that the game would be one sided to whoever got to bid first.
    Everybody would always have to pick a higher number of dice and not be able to change the face value. Which would be incredibly unfair to the last bidder as they are most certain to lose a dice.

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