How to Play Backgammon : Dice Irregularities for the Game of Backgammon

Hi! My name is Grady Johnson and I am a competition
backgammon player and today I am representing Now I would like to go
over a few of the irregularities you are going
to run across when you are rolling dice. There
are some rules here that are set in stone
that you need to always remember. It is only
fair and it will eliminate any complications
when these kind of rolls come up. The rolls
are always made on the player as right, so
it needs to hit on the right hand side of
the board, which is going to be the opposite
for the other player. When you roll your dice
on the board, they need to land flat and evenly
on the table. If the die should land up on
a stone, you need to roll both of them over
again. If it is sort of leaning up on the
side, then you need to roll both of them over
again. Now remember no matter what dice that
landed flat, that does not matter, both dice
need to be rolled together at all times in
order for it to be legal roll. Once you see
these legible numbers, then you can make your
move. When you make your moves around the
board and you have determine that your move
is correct and legal, pick up your dice and
remove them from the board. When you remove
the dice from the board and put them in your
cup or lay them on the table, you are signaling
the other player that your move is done then
your turn is over, okay. So you cannot come
along and say oh! I want to change that or
something like that. After you have done that
you have signaled the other player that your
turn is over. Now if the other player decides
to pick up their dice and throw them before
you have done that, then their turn is void.
Your turn is not over until you return your
dice to your cup and then they take their
turn. If they should roll before that, their
turn does not count. The other player then
looks at your board and determines whether
the move is correct and legal. Once they determine
that, they will then either change the doubling
cube or roll themselves. When they make these
moves, they have signaled to you that they
agree that your move is legal and they can
no longer challenge your move. Those are just
a few simple rules you need to remember when
you are working with a dice in backgammon.
There are simple irregularities that do occur
and challenges that cannot be disputed. These
rules are always the same.

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