How to Play Euchre : Rules of the Card Game Euchre

The rules of the game are pretty basic. I’ve
gone through the scoring system. One point for making three tricks, two points for a
Euchre, or two points for taking all five tricks without a loner, and four points for
loner and ten points for game. Bidding system, cards are dealt, and now we’re going to take
this group of cards and we’re going to show you a simulated deal real quick. It doesn’t
necessarily need to be in a particular order and the dealer, some people like to deal two’s
and three’s, I know it’s a variation, some people deal one at a time up in Canada, it
really doesn’t matter, just agree on it, it’s not, I was going to say it’s not a big deal.
That’s really bad. After the dealer deals five cards to everybody, the discard pile
is put here, and the top card is turned and this is the nine of spades and this where
the action starts. The hand is going to rotate around this card. This person picks up their
hand and they have a terrific hand. We want to look at these four hands because this is
really good instructional stuff. Ok, if we look at all four of these hands, we will see
that this person, keep in mind that in every hand there is seven trump, after the thing
is named there is seven trump. The odds are that everybody will probably have one trump
and there may be one in the kitty, but if we look at the left hand here, with the spade
as the trump suit, we will see that he has two spades. Don’t forget that’s the second
in command, that’s the left bower. So he has two spades, he has one spades, no spades,
and this is a relatively weak hand. Yes, he does have the right, but he doesn’t have a
very strong hand other than the right. He doesn’t have any off suit aces. So what normally
would happen here, it’s going to go pass, it just doesn’t, some people might take a
chance with this hand, it’s a very borderline hand, depends on the hand and so forth but
with only two trump and unguarded left, it’s very, very risky. So he’s going to pass, he’s
going to pass, he’s going to pass, and even though I like the idea of never turning down
the trump when I have the right, I just have a terribly weak hand. So now keep in mind
that once I pass, had I chosen to take this trump into my hand I would have done that
and I would’ve gotten rid of another card to bring my hand back to five cards, but I
chose to pass because I just don’t have the horsepower here although I like the red suits.
Now he may opt to go to clubs because he knows that, and you can’t name the suit that’s been
turned down, so he may choose to go to clubs because he has the top two of them and hope
to get help from your partner. Another theme we’re going to talk about, count on your partner
for one trick. If you don’t, you’re never going to get hands that have three tricks.
Aggressive players will call this hand clubs and he has a chance of making it depending
on the way that the suits break for him. The point is I just wanted to show you how the
trump changes. Once this is turned down, spades cannot be named and there’s one more round
and if it turns out that it goes pass, pass, pass, now the dealer goes over to here and
he’s lost his deal. So that’s just a quick review on the auction.

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  1. depends if you called the trump or not, if ur partner or you called trump lead with a high card trump, if the other's called it, then lead with high card off suit

  2. its really hard to explain this over youtube… if someone wants to learn euchre get together with friends who know it and play it to learn. only way to learn it right

  3. Euchre rocks! We play it here with the 7's and 8's though to make it a bit more interesting. I would say for beginners (or poker players) the toughest part is learning that the Jack of (trump) is the highest card along with the other Jack of the same color is also used as a trump.

  4. 3 person "buck" or cutthroat euchre Dirty Spades is a personal favorite! Dirty Spades-Everybody stays, everybody plays when that spade is up


    As far as I know, euchre is pretty much a hoosier game, meaning that people in Indiana play it.

  6. @crazystratton33 Here in the Louisville, Ky area it is still immensely popular but be sure you know how they want you to deal. I've been bitched out for dealing one at a time rather than the stupid two or three at a time, like it makes a freaking difference. It's a fun game but some people really take it too seriously.

  7. Seriously… you didn't explain how to play.. You just explained what you would do in this situation. You talking about all this lingo that beginners wouldn't understand.

  8. this video sucks so bad that theres no point in saying why it sucks but ill tell you any way it dont explane any thing you didnt evin tell what the value of the cards are.i could make a better video blindfoldid.befor you make a video think of what you want in it and how to show it and other things clearly you didnt think here or the video would be better

  9. Yeah…din't learn the game at all here. You don't even mention the object of the game. Tricks? What are those? Pass? "Everyone will have a trump and there may be one in the kiddie". WHAT?

  10. Expert village usually has a series of videos each explaining parts of a whole. That is the case here this is probably one of the last ones in the series.

  11. This guys sure knows the topic, but he should do his own video, because the shortage of Expertvillage videos sucks and we dont get nothing.
    I'd like to learn from him, step by step.

  12. @simonced Witch is good For all those Videos he has on "How to Play" Euchre
    I came here from a Howcast magic Video btw ; o

  13. Nothing was explained, I couldn't see any of the cards. You know how to play Euchre, but you have no idea how to make a youtube video.

  14. AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE TITLE "Rules of the Card Game Euchre". He has other videos on terminology and overview. Open your eyes.

  15. Most people who don't know Euchre do know how to play similar games, like Hearts of Spades.

    I'd start by:

    1. Explaining what a trump suit is and how it changes each hand.
    2. The high/lower order of the cards including the Right/Left, etc..
    3. Scoring for tricks, being "euchered"
    4. The concept and scoring of "Loaners"

  16. OK you never deal 1 card at a time in euchre, the rules are the deal goes 2 times around. And yes this is not a good explanation on how to play euchre; euchre is sort of like spades except the jacks change suits

  17. According to hoyle rules as i read them, you are not required to have a trump suit card in your hand if you are requesting your partner to pick up the top card to be trump.  I realize that a lot of house rules will require you to have at least one or sometimes 2 of the suit to be trump suit in your hand before naming trump but actually not per the official rules?  Comments please

  18. Don't get me wrong.. this is one of the best tutorials on YouTube.. but after watching this 5 times.. I still don't know what's going on. Sticking to "Go Fish'" LOL.

  19. right ace in my opinion is worth 1.5 tricks and should always be called regardless of whether its a next call. play it smart and hope the left bower is to your right or in the kitty. only time I would pass is if I'm playing std and I have loners covered in each suit. plus if my partner is the dealer I know I have a trick for them in any suit

  20. That's helpful, but also check out Euchre Master!… it's an app to help you know the odds of how good of a Euchre hand you have

  21. anyone play Euchre online from facebook playroom can anyone believe the cheating going , i been getting 3 on 1 games sometimes people lack in their cards game talent smh , just like Spade bunch of cheating bunch of trolls who just want to lose

  22. Tha cards u have in you're hand do not mean anything unless the trump is made. When the dealer flips the a card it doesn't mean that card faced up is the trump there is no such thing as the dealer makes trump first

  23. Here is a tip if card face up is a spades and u have a jack of clubs and king of spades do not count as two spades.

  24. Not a good educational tutorial to teach beginners. He starts talking and mid sentence goes on to something else. Very confusing. How would I know a weak hand as he assumes I would?

    Visit our online euchre community. Discuss and debate euchre strategies, exchange ideas and more.

  26. Don’t watch. Comply the opposite of helpful/instructional. This guy is probably an expert player but he’s a challenged instructor. START FROM THE BASICS. WHATS A TRUMP. WHY is this hand weak. WHY is this hand STRONG. How this video got 300k views blows my mind

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