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I’m the Rules Girl, and this is Harry Potter
Hogwarts Battle, a cooperative deck building
game of witchcraft and wizardry for 2-4 players.
In Hogwarts Battle, players take on the role
of Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Neville, learning
spells, collecting items, and recruiting allies
to fight villains and defend against dark
arts events.
The goal of the game is to win, and you and
your friends win by successfully defeating
every villain before they gain control over
the wizarding world.
As you win games, you progress through your
years at Hogwarts, unlocking new cards and
gaining powerful new abilities as you encounter
tougher villains.
You begin your journey as a humble first-year
Hogwarts student, with access to only the
simplest of spells, your loyal pet, and some
items specific to your character.
This makes up your starting deck, and 5 cards
from that make your starting hand.
Your turn begins with one dark arts event,
which do bad things like damage your character,
discard part of your hand, or give villains
more control over the wizarding world.
Then the active villain attacks you, resolving
their ability.
After that, it’s time to play cards from
your hand and use resources, in any order.
Some cards give you attack, a resource that
can be used to weaken villains.
Once players have collectively dealt enough
damage to the villain, that villain’s defeated,
giving all players a reward.
Trevor can be used to either heal or attack,
and Neville chooses to attack the villain.
Other cards have influence, which allows you
to acquire more powerful cards.
Neville’s Remembrall and 3 Alohomora’s
give him 4 influence that he can use to learn
Reparo, placing it in his discard pile.
At the end of your turn, place all the cards
in your hand or play area in the discard pile,
and throw out any extra attack or influence.
If you defeated a villain this turn, draw
a new villain from the stack.
If the villains have enough control tokens
on the current location, reveal the next location.
You lose if there are no more locations.
Now replace any cards you bought this turn,
and draw a new hand of five cards from your
It’s now the next player’s turn.
At the end of your second turn, you’ll be
out of cards to draw, so you’ll shuffle
your discard pile and move it over to your
deck pile.
Now you’ll be able to draw those powerful
cards you bought earlier.
Beware, if you ever run out of health.
you’ll be stunned, forcing you to discard
half your cards rounded down.
You’ll lose any resources you might have
gained from other players’ turns, and add
one control to the current location.
You’ll have 0 health until the end of the
active player’s turn, after which you’ll
go back up to maximum health.
And that’s the game!
When the last villain’s defeated, you win!
Open the next game’s box, and follow the
instructions inside…
Ready to play your first game?
Open the Game 1 box.
Choose your hero and grab that character’s
starting deck, the cards with his or her name
on the bottom, putting the other characters
and starting decks away.
Shuffle the dark arts, villains, Hogwarts
cards, and your own deck.
Place the locations in order, and draw the
first villain.
Give yourself 10 health, and draw 5 cards.
The youngest aspiring witch or wizard goes
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