How to Play “Magic The Gathering” : A Sample Game of “Magic the Gathering”

To continue our sample game we’ll begin with
the fifth turn of the black deck. During its on top step the zangerphage will un-tap. During
its upkeep step we’re faced again with the choice do we pay to a life or let the zangerphage
become tapped. Because it is pacified by the enchantment there’s no point in untapping
it. Then we draw. At this point we’re allowed to cast sorceries, artifacts, enchantments
and creatures. One black mana is the cost of duress. When you cast a sorcery you follow
the instructions printed in the text box of the card. Target opponent reveals his or her
hand choosing non creature, non land card from it. That player discards the card. And
now we’re faced with a choice. The opponents hand doesn’t contain any non land, non creature
cards. Therefore duress does not have an effect aside from revealing the opponent’s hand to
us. Then we’re free to cast more spells if we can afford them. One block and two others
are enough to cast an enchantment that does not enchant anything. It simply stays on the
table and has an effect. As engineered plague comes into play choose a creature type. All
creatures of the chosen type get minus one, minus one. When it comes into play we’re faced
with the choices of the opponents creatures. We could choose any creature type but these
are the ones that make a difference. We can choose soldier, bird or soldier. Because he
has two soldiers we’re going to choose soldier to have the biggest impact on the board. Honor
guard is a soldier and gets minus one, minus one as does glory seeker. This reduces the
honor guard to a zero zero and its distraught, put into the graveyard from play. Glory seeker
is now a one one two two. At this point we can declare an attack step with the ravenous
rats and the nightshade stinger. The power of each creature because they’re unblocked
will be dealt directly to the opponents life putter lowering them to eighteen.

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  1. @bbiguy
    Agree. It has a pretty good combination of skill and luck. Its nothing like the card game war which is pure chance, its more like poker which involves chance but mostly skill and experience.

  2. @DomagojPS3 i run 3 decks – #1 is a blue-green deck based off auras and enchanments, with a creature aura gnarlid that builds off auras. my 2nd is a red blue artifact deck that just really beats ass :P, and my 3rd is a red-green eldrazi deck. I pulled a card called eldrazi conscription from a pack and added it to this deck, it gives a creature +10, +10 – trample, and anniahlator 2, lol add that 2 an eldrazi boss card and boom, game over 😛

  3. so when he used the enchantment on the soldier, that specific card when used can effect more then one card if it is the same type?

  4. Because you cant break the rules, i am also really confused, if you can only play 1 land a turn and basic lands offer only 1 mana, how do i play a card that requires 4 mana

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