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How to Play Poker Dice : Poker Dice Sample Hand: Pt. 1

How to Play Poker Dice : Poker Dice Sample Hand: Pt. 1

Let’s play a sample hand, two player heads
up, of poker dice to make sure that we understand.
So, let’s play that, we’ll include betting
and we’ll include the two pair to win minimum
rule. So, we’re each going to anti one red
chip and this turn you’re going first. So
here is your first roll. You have a pair of
Aces and that is it. So, at this time you
cannot stand pat because you do not qualify
to win the pot. Still working the pair of
Aces. There you go, you’ve got three Aces.
Now, I’ve got three rolls because you had
to take the maximum three rolls. I get three
rolls to beat three Aces. It’s not as easy
as it may sound. Well, there are two Aces.
Again, I only have two Aces. I need at least
one to tie you. Nope! You take the pot. We
would anti again and then it’s my turn to
go first and we’ll do that play in the next

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  1. Why is the ace a club on those koplow poker dice??  I don't get it.  Why didn't they just put an ace on the die?

  2. Klondike

    Sometimes known as Counter Klondike if played on a shop counter and Casino Klondike when played in a casino. This is a gambling game that was played in cheap casinos in frontier America, using five dice. The combinations or hands used are similar to Poker or Indian Dice but with some omissions.


    A banker rolls the dice first and players then roll the dice in turn trying to beat the combination first thrown. Only one throw is allowed. Numbers rank high to low as 1, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Any die not used in a combination is ignored. If a player rolls a combination equal to the banker's, the banker wins. The payoffs are made by the banker at even odds. i.e. players get their stake back with an equal amount. Winning combinations in descending order are as follows.

    Full House (Three-of-a-kind and a pair)
    Two pairs
    One pair

    The casino version is played using ten dice and a table with a layout. Players bet on sections of the layout marked 'win' , 'lose', or 'beat two aces'. The banker rolls five of the dice and sets them aside. Players take it in turn to roll the other five dice and try to beat the banker. A player who bets on 'win' must throw a combination higher than the banker's. A player who bets on 'lose' must throw a combination lower than the banker's. All ties with the house lose for the bettor and win for the banker. A player who bets on 'beat two aces' must throw at least two pairs.

    Because all ties win for the House, the House has the edge on 'win' or 'lose' bets at 5.194%. The House edge on 'beat two aces' is 11.111%.

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