How To Play President, The Card Game

Hey guys it’s Carrie Anne from
EverythingMom and Mannix. In the past I’ve talked about a number of great
solitaire games but we’re actually going to be here showing you how to play one
of our new addictions thanks to Mannix. Is the card game President. Meant for three or more players. I think
you can have up to eight players in one deck but if you have nine or more
players in the game you have to incorporate a second deck. Two decks. And what makes even perfect is we found this card deck of US presidents from a drugstore in the US. All the Queen’s are First Ladies. Fitting for the game President. It’s really simple to play in that it is building on numbers.
Everything is based on numbers. In the first game, the first round that you play, whoever has the three of spades will start off the game. First card down is
the three of spades. Two threes. Twos are wild cards so they can become any card
except for a joker. So I’m putting down a three and a two.
The two is a wild card so I’m making it a three and if you put two of the same
cards on top of each other, since I’m putting two threes on top of two threes,
it gets discarded and I get a go again. Dub Jacks. I put down two Queens. Two Kings. Alright so Jack, Queen, King. Jack Queen King, it’s a run. So this is discarded and then each
player that played one of these cards in the run gets to discard two cards. So
suits don’t really play a part in this game. Somebody plays a three, the next
person in the turn has to play a three or higher. If a hand gets burned or
discarded by you then it is your turn again. And on passing. You are allowed to
pass on your turn even if you have a card in your hand that you can play but
so you don’t want to play it on that turn. George W Bush is on top of that pile. I’d like to burn it. The two Joker cards enable you to burn
anything that’s played. That’s a highly valuable card and there are only two of
them. But one thing you should note is you cannot end your turn on a Joker so
if you do have a joker in your hand you have to make sure to incorporate it in
your gameplay or else you will automatically be the last person, the
Bum, even if you’re the first one to lose all your cards. If a person plays a
single, a dub (which is two cards), a trip (which is three cards) or a quad (which is
four cards), then the next person has to match that number of cards. Last card!
Since it was her last card, it’s automatically put into the discard pile.
The purpose of the game is to be complete all of your cards first. The
harder you make it for other people to discard and the more that you can
discard, the bigger advantage you have. If you finish first, you’re called President.
If you finish second, your Vice President. If you finish third, your Vice Bum. If you
finish fourth, you’re called Bum. And there’s two things that distinguish the first
game of playing President and any subsequent game. So the person that comes in last, the bum, will now start instead of the three of spades.
Also, based on what place you finished in, it determines how many cards you have to give up or gain. The President and the Bum exchange cards. So when you’re President you have to give Bum your two worst cards. Bum, they would give you their two
best cards. And the Vice President and the Vice Bum exchange cards. Vice
President gets Vice Bum’s best card, just single best card, and gives Vice Bum
their single worst card. So that’s the game President quickly, a little bit of a
demo of how to play it. It’s using the rules that we’ve come to use when
playing the game. I’m sure like many card games there are variations to those
rules. Would love to hear in the comments below any rules that you incorporate in
this particular game. Or rules that you’ve heard of. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a great game for the family. It plays pretty quickly. It’s not based on skill. It purely is based on,
you know. the hand you’re dealt and the numbers that are played making it
perfect for young members to old members. It is a great card game that the whole
family can enjoy together. As always you can find me here on Fridays talking
about fun things to do with the family, such as playing a game of cards, but I’m
also you’re talking family travel, books for kids, and other fun family stuff, so
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  1. We demonstrated how we play the card game President. What rules do you use that may be different from our game play?

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