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Saboteur is a 30 minute game for 3-10 players
where you take the roles of dwarven miners
searching for gold.
Use your cunning to subvert the saboteurs
and collect the most gold to win the game!
Keep your identity hidden in this game of
mining and intrigue.
There are two different roles in Saboteur
– the miner, and the saboteur.
The goal of the miners is to tunnel a complete
path from the mine entrance to the hidden
gold card.
If this objective is achieved, all the miners
earn gold pieces.
The goal of the saboteurs is to do whatever
it takes to stop everyone from reaching the
If they succeed, all the _saboteurs_ earn
gold pieces instead.
Roles are given secretly, and are redistributed
over three rounds, after which the game is
over –
And the player with the most gold pieces wins!
There are three goal cards in Saboteur.
One is gold, and the other two are coal.
These are randomly placed at the end of the
The field of play is set up as follows: the
mine entrance is spaced 7 cards away from
the middle goal card.
The other two goal cards are placed on either
side, with one card space in between.
At the start of a round, each player is dealt
a dwarf card and a hand of cards.
There will be one dwarf card left over, which
you set aside face down – this means you can’t
be certain how many Saboteurs there are in
a game.
Players take actions until the round is over.
On your turn, you can either play a card or
discard one, and then draw a card.
There are two types of cards, paths and actions.
Path cards must be played next to an existing
path that connects to the mine entrance.
(should be obvious that it must be unbroken)
These cards must be played in the same orientation
as the others.
The paths on all sides of these cards must
fit the ones around them.
Path cards can extend infinitely in any direction,
as long as connection rules are being followed
– even behind the entrance and goal cards.
Actions are played in front of any player.
Broken tools disable a player from playing
path cards.
A maximum of 3 of these cards, one of each
type, can be in front of a player at one time.
Repair tools are played on a broken tool and
remove both cards from play, to the discard
A repair tool with two symbols may be used
for one of the tools shown.
When you play a rock fall, choose a path card
in play, and place it and the rock fall in
the discard pile.
When you play a treasure map, secretly look
at any one of the three goal cards and return
it to its place.
Discard the treasure map.
If you cannot or choose not to play a path
or take an action, discard a card from your
hand face down in the discard pile.
Once you have played or discarded a card,
draw a new card!
If an uninterrupted path reaches a goal card,
flip it over.
If it is the gold, the round ends and the
miners win!
If it is coal, orient the goal card to best
fit the path, and continue taking turns until
the round ends.
The second way for a round to end is if the
deck is empty and players can no longer play
path cards.
In this case, the saboteurs win the round!
At the end of a round, reveal your roles and
collect nuggets.
Keep your total number secret until the end
of the game.
If the miners won, draw a number of nugget
cards for each of them.
Each miner picks one in turn order, starting
with the miner who reached the gold first,
until all the cards are gone.
You can play a more competitive variant by
discluding miners who have broken tools.
If the saboteurs won, they may pick an amount
of nuggets from the deck as follows: if there
is only 1 saboteur, 4 nuggets; if there are
2-3 saboteurs, 3 nuggets: if there are 4 saboteurs,
2 nuggets.
Once nuggets have been distributed, gather
the dwarf cards, including the one set aside
at the start of the round, and reshuffle and
deal them to each player.
Shuffle all the action and path cards back
into its deck, and randomize the goal cards
Deal each player a new hand.
After three rounds, the player with the most
gold nuggets wins!
To start a game of Saboteur, pick the right
amount of dwarf and saboteur cards according
to the rule book.
Randomly deal a card to each player, with
the remaining card set aside face down.
Shuffle the goal cards and place them randomly
at 7 spaces away from the mine entrance.
Shuffle the path and action cards together.
For a 3-5 player game, deal 6 cards to each
player; in a 6-7 player game, 5 cards; and
in an 8-10 player game, 4 cards.
Shuffle the nugget deck and set it face down.
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