So, we just learned what a trick is and we were faced with a challenge: What do you do if you don’t have a card in the suit that was led? In one case, there’s something called a super suit and this is something that was determined in the bidding if this was going to be the case. If there is a super suit, then that means that if you’re out of the suit that was led, you can then play a card in the super suit and you automatically win the trick. That’s why it’s called a super suit. Let’s say that Frida starts by playing the Ace of clubs. Prince is up next, and so let’s look at Prince’s hand. We can see that Prince actually is out of clubs. So it isn’t possible for Prince to play a club. Prince can now play a diamond if that is the super suit, and automatically win the trick, and that can be the case whatever diamond Prince plays. So even if Prince plays the two of diamonds Prince is going to win. So that was the most common case, where there was a super suit and you can play a card in the super suit if you have one. Frida leads the Ace of clubs. Prince is out of clubs, so he plays the two of diamonds which is the super suit. And now in this case David is also out of clubs and decides to play the three of diamonds, which is a higher card in the supersuit so that three of diamonds would now win the trick. In the second case there’s actually no supersuit and that can also be something that is happening in the bidding where you decide there’s no super suit. Or you could be out of the super suit in your hand So you don’t have any more cards in that suit and in that case you can play any card you want And you can’t win the trick. So only a card in the suit that was led can win the trick. Now that we’ve covered tricks, the super suit, what to do you if you’re out of a card in the suit that was led, We’re gonna go over how you start the playing portion of the game, and the different roles that you have during the play. So this is one facet of bridge that means that your role is gonna change every time. Stay tuned to learn that next.

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