How to Play UNO

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    If you’re a card collector you need to check these out on Kickstarter I previously bought the Leonardo deck from the same company and was impressed with the quality

  2. All the comments are about having no friends. But remember no matter how many times you comment about it you'll…never….have….friends.

  3. Wait, me and my brother once play uno with playing cards (the ones with ♠️♥️♦️♣️) because we don't have uno cards


  4. Great game. We played UNO with my cousins which resulted to a big announcement. To know what is that announcement you can watch it here 🔽

  5. My friends and I always debate on WHEN to call uno. Ex. It’s my friend’s turn and she has two cards, on this turn she is about to throw out one of those cards. Is it fair to call uno as she is throwing the card out or do I have to wait until she has finished putting the card down before I call uno?!? 🤔 because sometimes as ppl are throwing that second card out that’s when they call uno.

  6. so… this is basically all the cards(regular card) games combined and mixed all rules and all.

    so, where is the reverse uno card?

  7. Can anyone explain me about the points matter? I thought the person to lose all card will be the winner but whats the point of points?! And what about 500 points?

  8. Everyone:I need friends!

    Me:I-i only have a fish

    Me again:*Dumps cards in tank and then kills fish*
    Btw i have no pets this is all fake lol

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