How to record using VLC Media Player VLOG #2

what’s up YouTube world I’m Nico and
today I’m going to show you how to make
VLC player to record your screen so
let’s get started first off you open
your VLC player and then click media and
go to open capture device then go to
capture mode and select desktop after
that select a desired frame rate for
this video I indicated 10 then click the
arrow just beside the play and click
convert from there select the options
and you can see it there are
different video formats
you can choose whatever you want for
this video I’ll choose mp4 then select
video codec and check the video box and
choose h.264 you can also select the
type order if you want but for now its
fine and select create oops I forgot to
set the profile name for this video I’ll
type the test file and select create and
select the destination file then provide
the file name and click start
as you can see the file that we used to
get this recording is already saved
followed by our new saved file
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