I Will Read Your Mind – Math Magic Trick

Hey this is Presh Talwalkar Think of a two digit number Add up the digits of the number together Subtract your result from your original number I want you to focus on this number I’ll call this your
magic number In the following table locate your magic number and concentrate on the symbol next to your number If you have the number 4 for example I want you to concentrate on the symbol of the person on the motorcycle. Are you concentrating on your symbol? Alright, I’m going to try and read your mind now. You’re looking at the symbol of an eye. Did I get it correct? If you followed the directions correctly I did make the correct prediction. Why is this? Let’s go through the steps A two digit number can be represented by a binomial 10 X plus y When you add up the digits of the number that becomes the number X plus y If you subtract the sum of the digits from the original number the Y’s will cancel out so you have 10 X minus X which is equal to 9 X I don’t know what your original
number is. I don’t know what the sum of your digits are but I know your magic
number will be a multiple of 9 In the table there will always be the same symbol for the multiples of 9 and that’s the eye. Thanks for watching this video
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  1. Its not magic trick bruh all the eyes are in the multiplication of 9 witch is the only possible to get like

  2. I don‘t get the equation.

    (10x + y) – (x + y) =
    10x + y + x – y =

    If you just subtract each x and y separately, it makes sense. But as a whole number?

  3. Nope i got 2⚡… I thought of 10 and then u told me to add 2 equals to 12 then subtract to the original number equals to 2

  4. X+y = blah blah …… no sir, u just put an eye mark on every single digit which is going to be the result of little calculation as you instructed…so you are predicting what is already predicted 🤪

  5. ey, simply this trick is easy you will always get the multiples of
    9 18 27 36 45 54 63 and so on… replay the video to see….you will always get an eye if you do the math right.

  6. logic:
    step 1—let the two digit number be :10a + b where b is unit's digit and a is ten's digit ( example 23 can be written as 10*2+3)
    step 2— add the digits : a+b
    step 3—- subtract sum from the number : (10a+b)-(a+b) = 9a
    step 4— this number is a multiple of 9 ,hence you will always get a number of the form 9,18,27,36…which are all eyes only as per the chart .

  7. First ten second… aby number will Give me 9 or number that can be divided by 9….
    0:35 Hah i Know IT eye are only chose

  8. I loved this video. Thanks for sharing. Is this your own original math/magic trick or can I use my own version of it too?

  9. the eye symbol was paired with the multiples of 9.

    so every time you do this over again , your difference will always be a multiple of 9 and get the eye.

  10. See my trick :
    1.Think of a single digit number
    2. add 5
    3. Subtract the original number from this
    and your answer is 5

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