If Blink 182 Sang A Christmas Carol

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  1. Pork scratchings is what we call them in the west Country in the UK, they are a pub snack, salty scratchings and a pint of scrumpy goes perfect.

  2. The main reason they say it's not a good source is because you would need to eat a whole bag each time which would be extremely unhealthy

  3. Rhett it's not a significant source of protein because the protein is coming from collagen which the fda doesn't consider as significant.

  4. How are pigskins paleo? Lmao i thought pigs were land animals, and paleo was not consuming land animals, only seafood? Im confused.

  5. I feel like rhett and link were doing a "mom and dad" bit during the tank tour but it didn't really come across right, so it just seems like they're actually mad at each other

  6. Rhett 😂 It's because they don't want you to eat ONLY the pork skins, like as a meal because you get nothing BUT protection from it. Not a balanced diet.

  7. Not sure if anyone commented on it or not, ain't nobody got time to search through comments :), but the answer to your protein dilemma is actually about the type and source of the protein. Essentially, the source of the protein in pork rinds is usually contained in the collagen (if memory serves me right) which is not a strong source of protein. In fact, they are incomplete proteins that do not contain all the essential amino acids. Which is why when there is "a lot" of protein in said product you have other statements or low percentages saying otherwise. Now you know. 🙂 Note: as for the last brand, not sure what is going on there. Could be ingredients or could be mislabeling.

  8. "If you're a pig skin scientist, which basically means a quarterback…" why did nobody appreciate this joke Link made?

  9. not a scientist, but I did do some research regarding protein cuz I lift weights. It is most likely because it is similar to tendon. There are things called complete proteins and incomplete proteins. For example, tendon has a lot of incomplete proteins, but eating only tendon wont result in GAINZ whereas a complete protein like chicken or beef IS GAINZZZZZ

  10. “It’s a woman who owns this company”

    “Im not interested”
    I love how rhett manages to say stuff like this and STILL be family friendly lmao

  11. 26:21 I know this is kinda petty but it really bothers me that the subtitles for the singalong is “deer pause” instead of “paws” lol

  12. See, if I sign up this month for mythical society to get the current gift. But how do I get the previous months gifts?!! Some of them were. Wicked keel and I want!!!!

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