Introducing: Paradox Board Games!

Okay, everybody ready?
What is it? Is it…
Hardware, huh?
But there are no… ports
That’s right
So it’s wireless?
I guess
So, how do you marry your horse then?
Your horse. Can you marry it?
That’s ridiculous
Of course you can
Can you drown everything in poo?
Yeah like a like a tsunami of poo like a Poonami
Well, i’ll have to get back to you on that
Wait, wait, wait, it’s got no ports
No wires
And you might be able to marry your horse
I still don’t get it
is it VR?
Look it’s simple

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Soon there will be an Europa Universalis board game and its going to be a revival of that old board game – along with a lot of expansions guaranteed

  2. A lot of kings, but just like the PC game, not much Crusades. (yes I know, PC game gets a Crusade update in the near future)

  3. We've come full circle as Hearts of Iron really is a digital version of the old World in Flames board game!

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