Is THIS the Best Magic Trick?!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Surprised people are fooled by the 8 of diamonds trick. What was the top card of the deck? What happens when you flip it and spread it?

  2. 13:16 I showed this trick to a girl at school, she then slapped me and ran away screaming, I dunno if it was because I was the janitor or something else but damn that slap hurt

  3. It had to have been a blast buddy not sure of which one was the best because they were all pretty good thank you for giving us a little insight into your world and thank you for all you do have a great day and prosperous year Sorry I know I’m late and this video is old it just popped up after I watched one of your recent videos

  4. That Destiny Deck (8 of Diamonds trick) is straight up witchcraft… holy shit!! You should see the other routines you can do with it, it’s absolutely brain-melting.

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