IUCFB Player Feature 2016: Tanksley Efianayi and Brendan Boyle

– Tank came out of the Juco ranks
as one of the top in the country
and he’s really come in here
and had an impact on the team.
– Tank brings a lot of energy.
He brings a lot of defense,
he can really play defense.
He brings a pretty good scoring ability.
He can get to the basket,
he’s a really good slasher.
– [Voiceover] He’s Mr.
Smooth, he can go left,
he can go right, he can shoot jumpers,
he can rebound and as
he continues to develop,
he’s gonna have a big nitch on this team.
– [Voiceover] I know first
hand what he’s going through.
I just tell him keep
your head, stay positive.
It’ll come or you gonna be right back
where you was and he had a
better Juco career than me,
so I know he’s gonna bring
a lot of great things
to this program.
– The transition over here to UCF
wasn’t really that bad.
I obviously got to came in the summer,
so it made the transition a lot easier.
Getting to work out with the guys,
do some work outs with Ben.
Transition over into D1 basketball,
it’s a lot tougher.
– He’s so athletic, but he’s so versatile.
He can literally play
the two through the four
and flourish at either of those position.
– You know, Tank’s coming off a season
where he was puttin’ up
30 shots a game at Juco,
so he’s trying to change his game for us.
– [Voiceover] I think it’s again that
junior college transition.
How hard he needs to go the level.
Tank is probably one of
the most talented players
on our team.
For it’s running, jumping and shooting.
– Ability to be able to
score the basketball.
He can guard multiple positions.
He can be a mismatch big guard.
But a little bit like a
lot of junior college guys,
sometimes making this adjustment for them,
it’s just process.
– [Voiceover] I feel like
once he gets his game right,
he should have 20 point nights.
– Now he’s gotta implement all that in
to the system, learning what we doing,
maybe taking a back seat
where I can’t get that shot
every time I get a defense
get me on the floor,
playing hard, those are
the things he’s gotta
make a transition with.
But talent wise, Tank
is as talented as anyone
we have on our roster.
(digital music)
– Brendan, man, he’s a really cool dude.
He’s kind of like George, really cool dude
on and off the court.
Brendan, he comes from a
really good basketball area,
so everything he sees,
he wants to show you
what you can do.
He just brings energy and intensity.
– Coming in, he’s been
an impact for our team.
Just bringing his mindset
and his work ethic
into our program and
having that kind of spirit
it’s been a great asset for our team.
– I’m a guy, who my teammates
generally really like
playing with me because I get
the right people the ball,
I really distribute, I really
play hard all the time,
play really good defense.
I’m always talking it up,
trying to pick guys up
when they’re down.
– His mindset, the way
he looks at the game
is not more like a player but as a coach.
His mind is always racing, you know,
I love having conversations with him
’cause he’s always enlightening me too.
Like, Coach, we should be
doing this in the bench.
He’s coaching me sometimes.
– He got a pretty big
mind about basketball.
He knows what he’s talking about.
He’s real chill, he’s
fun to be around too.
– Everyday at practice, I bring it.
I try to make sure guys
are doing the right stuff
and playing really hard,
doing what the coaches
want me to do.
During the games when I’m
not getting the minutes,
I’m just trying to make sure
everyone’s really invested
and locked down on what we’re doing.
Really into our team’s success.

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