Kalashnikov the card game

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  1. My brother dealt the cards after loosing last round and dealt me K47Q. Since I won last round I went first to remove the junk. Got an ace. Also got shot with a BB Gun soon after, Cyka.

  2. Okay, this is a rather specific scenario, but has come up. If I fire Golden AK at Player 2 but he is able to fire back with Trashnikov, does he still deal damage? Do I still get the 8 damage on him?

  3. Hey Boris! This Western spy would like to know if Doctor sausage is the same as bologna here in the U.S? My first gun was a Kalashnikov by the way. Also have a tokarev a siminov pps43 and mosin nagant. Love Russian weapons. Have a great day my friend.

  4. How can both players have a kalashnikov if you shout the other one as soon as you have all the cards ? Should you wait for your next turn ?

  5. Boris: explains the basics
    Me: so you just discard cards until you get the combo? Sounds lame.
    Boris: starts explaining damage system

    Me: He is speaking the language of gods.

  6. What happened to your other videos Boris ?! The taxi driver ones, the stalker ones, the flying school ones, they're all gone pr labeled "private video" and they used to be my favourites, what happened ? That's at least 20 videos just gone 🙁

  7. Its great thing boris!
    I love this card game
    And i also think we can made more ak gun
    Ak12, an94(using joker for 'n',and its damage +1).

  8. Не перестаю удивляться креативности Бориса. Всё время новые идеи. Круто!

  9. Suggestion. If a player choose a card from opponent, if the player2 have 2 of that that is stalinium, so it cancels out plus you dont have to show your card that round. Only the 2nd card that is the same to that the player1 chosen.

  10. I actually played this with 3 other people we just tweaked the rules a bit to make the first person to get Kalashnikov pick damage on everyone else. Someone even got gold. Still works.

  11. I already thought your channel was funny, but after finally picking up more Russian and speaking/learning it with my friends who speak it at home, it's even funnier.

  12. Oi, blin, what if I want to play with more than just one friend, but play with 3 or 4 friends? Who do I damage and how do I decide it?

  13. Now I may be drunk due too how much vodka I had while playing tf2 but I think that this game revolves around making guns to shoot the other guy and the doing it again and also something about scrap and a shelf…

  14. Idea for Kalashnikov:
    So I was playing this game with friends with a normal deck of cards and I came up with this idea with jokers. Jokers can be a mold for a piece, and you have to melt down scrap for that mold. You need 4 scrap melted down in order to create your AK47 piece. The pattern on the piece depends on the scrap you use, so if you have a majority of spades, your piece is now spades. The joker needs to be placed face up on your side and you choose to place scrap there instead of placing it in the discard pile. Once a piece is created, all scrap that is melted down is place in the discard pile.

  15. hey boris, you could get some serious downloads if you make an app version that allows us (us being the fans or yourself if you wish) to play online and against each other or against friends.

  16. Boris I got the card game and other merch for Christmas and I got the lucky blank card that’s supposed to be signed but there isn’t anything on it

  17. A good change to the game is to make it so that first person to make an ak gets a point but round still continue until both have ak.

    When this comes around, a person with an ak that has parts with different suites gets 3 points, a person with 2 matching suites (e. a and k are heart while 4 and 7 are spades) gets 4 points and a person with an Ak with full suite which matches gets 5 points.

    A Full suite beats dual suite and a dual suite beats a collection of suites

  18. Because I have been exposed to almighty Slav for a few weeks, I have now decided to learn Russian and I have almost learnt of the Cyrillic alphabet in minutes thanks to you Boris! I thank you comrade as a fellow youtuber gopnik

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