Key To The Kingdom – Board James (Episode 11)

key to the kingdom now this is what you call a game as a kid it was one of my favorites on the cover you see a wizard a warrior and a dragon you know you can’t go wrong game looks complicated but you can learn it as you play it’s a pretty quick setup you just pick your players here you got purple grey blue green red and poopy brown you have all these treasure cards you hide them at random in the dungeons one of these cards is the key and that’s what you need all players compete to find which dungeon has the key and once you get the key plus one other treasure you need to go back to the start to exit the kingdom and win the game each player gets a handful of equipment cards these come useful when you’re in a hazard zone you might need the food to throw it to the wild boar or a rope to climb out of the rat pit when you approach a hazard you get out the hazard book to find out how to deal with it for example I have to cross the bridge in two rolls or less or else I wake the Giant when you get to the dungeon you fight a monster this is where it gets really fun you draw a random monster card some of these are totally insane like the insectoid which the alien stalker the demonic dwarf the gargantuan cockroach and the flying werewolf each monster has its own rules for example to beat the putrid poltergeist you need a grappling hook and you have to guess if the total sum of three rolls will be higher or lower than 13 yea let’s battle some monsters with our crazy mathematics if you win you take the treasure hoping it’s the key if you lose you go to the dungeon prison cell the coolest thing about this game is when you land on a whirlpool whoa the world is expanding before our very eyes that’s right the game gets bigger I always enjoyed not telling my friends about this part until it happened many drinks were spilled and many bowls of potato chips were knocked over oh and what happens if you get trapped in the folding of the board well you have three roles to get out or else you die well he’s dead now that the world’s expanded there’s a living forest the tiger pen the well of doom and plenty more dungeons there’s a bridge that you have to build and there’s always a dangerous spot where if you fall off you have to go down a separate course I also forgot to mention the demon king if you happen to run into him you get locked up in the dungeon every time you move your character the demon king transports to that number so you never know where he’s going to show up this adds a lot of tension to the game once somebody finds the key that’s when it gets real intense the other players have a chance to steal the key if you’re the one with the key you want to make it out of there fast because right now everybody else is against you if they get to the Whirlpool first they might close the board on you one of your friends might actually wait by the exit and as soon as you come near they’ll jump on the Whirlpool and fold the game back out again but you do have three roles to escape so they better plan it just right yep everybody’s an asshole when it comes to key to the kingdom if you can manage to find this game get some friends together and give it a go it’s one of the greats

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  1. Just bought this game last night. It's missing one monster card, but I was able to find it on EBay, along with a few more spares. So yeah, I'm ready to play this game. And soon I shall also own Dragon Strike.

  2. Just for fun I calculated the odds of beating each of the monsters he shows onscreen with die rolls.

    Insectoid witch: 72.656%
    Alien stalker: 42.737%
    Demonic dwarf: 50%
    Gargantuan cockroach: 68.75%
    Flying werewolf: 41.382%
    Hellhound: 41.382%
    Putrid poltergeist: You should guess that the sum will be higher than 13, in which case your chances are 50%.

  3. This game is really inventive and differetn. Surely, the D&D theme has been used, but the folding map is amazing. Thanks for digging this one up.. I know you've made the day of both sellers and buyers of old games. 🙂

  4. sure, all these terrible monsters and demon kings and the worst they do is throw you in a dungeon. Pretty humane if you ask me.

  5. Use to play the shit out of this game when I was in my teen days with a huge party of friends… Thanks for awakeing those awesome memories James 🙂

  6. Ohhhh wow! I just found this at a local thrift shop for $3.00!!!! Complete with near mint box. My 10 year old son is totally wigging out. Thank you for the video.

  7. Out of all the board games you reviewed this game always peeked my interest. It really looks amazing and yes I would love to play this with you one day!

  8. holy fuck I had this game back in 90s but it was in Finnish for some reason and I was 12 so there wasn't exactly a google translator so I had no idea how to play this but we made our own rules with friends because we loved the theme and art style, and didn't care about rules we just made shit up it was ton of fun

  9. This is one I happened to grow up with! I liked it so much I gave a copy to a friend for his birthday, but his dad threw away some of the cards because he thought they were evil… ya…

  10. Whomever designed this game, likely unwittingly took from a game I know well…
    'Dusai imio-dara-Rusurita', or Chalice of the Empire.
    The gameplay is essentially the same, only when the world 'expands', the player pieces don't get crushed/knocked off (as far as gameplay is concerned). However, there's three demon barons that go after the players, but when caught, the barons eat the players (game over).

  11. I had this growing up. Not gonna lie. Took a bit to get the rules down, but damn it's awesome. Also forgot the most OP monster too. THE VOODOO SPECTER "you can't beat the Voodoo Specter, go to dungeon." And if he was guarding the key… well fuck you.

  12. Played this game as a kid. It’s a really enjoyable adventure. Doesn’t take long, so we often played several times in a row. You’re always confident you’ll do better next time.

  13. With a name like Key to the Kingdom I thought it might be some sort of Christian game ( not that there is anything wrong with that, if it's well done).

  14. Best part of Board James is that if you can't find the physical board game or wanna try it out before buying a physical copy, almost all these games can be found in tabletop in the steam workshop.

  15. I have this game. Having to read all the rules for the traps slows down the game a lot. You'd have to play this enough to memorize all that to make the experience smoother.

  16. I tried this out with some friends. not too bad, but having to constantly check the hazard book slows it down a lot.

  17. I would love nothing more than to play board games with James for hours that would be a treat

  18. I remember playing this game when I was 8 years old. I could never remember the name of it. Just the whirlpools and the fold out board. I’ve been racking my brain for years trying to figure out what it was, but I finally punched in the right keywords into google and got directed to James’ review. Time to track this down.

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