Khet = Chess with lasers

Challenge a friend
to an epic battle
of Egyptian-themed strategy
in Khet, the laser game.
Think of it as chess with
frickin’ laser beams.
Unlike chess however, the
Khet game pieces start
spread all over the board, in
one of three different setups.
Even if you don’t know what
a Pharaoh, scarab, anubis,
pyramid, or sphinx is, the
rules are super easy to learn.
On your turn either
move one of your pieces
one square in any direction,
or rotate it 90 degrees
to change the angle
of the mirror.
Strategically use
the mirrors to create
a line of sight between your
sphinx and an enemy piece.
Then after you make your
move, press your sphinx’s head
to fire its laser,
eliminating the piece it hits.
Note that the sphinx cannot
be moved from its corner
of the board.
It can only be rotated
to shoot the laser
a different direction.
The goal is to destroy
your opponent’s Pharaoh,
but be careful.
Twisting a single piece
just a quarter turn
can come back to bit you.
Khet is the recipient
of several game awards,
including toy the year
finalist and Mensa select.
Meaning players age nine and
up will have fun, and actually
flex their brain
muscles in the process.
Khet includes two
class II lasers,
which are completely
eye safe, and lower
powered than most
commercial laser pointers.
Khet the laser game.
Classic strategy
with more pew pew.
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Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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