Kingdom Hearts III Continues Disney’s Crossover Gaming Magic — Games to Play Before You Die

– After 14 years and an
indeterminate number of smaller console releases, Kingdom
Hearts III is finally here. The new game comes with new
features like a photo mode, collectibles, Disneyland
attraction based combat and mini games. But playing through it, really feels like an
exercise in nostalgia. Even if you’re not caught
up on the games lure, Kingdom Hearts III is still fun to play. Some of the more intense,
emotional moments in the third act might be lost on casual
students of the keyblade. But the Disney theme worlds
that serve as backdrop to the convoluted story
should satisfy those who just wanna wreck stuff
up with Donald and Goofy. Each of the eight Disney
worlds do a great job capturing the visual style of their source movies. With the Pixar worlds of
Monsters Inc. and Toy Story in particular looking like
perfectly animated extensions of their films. While the game still
chunks its open worlds into loadable areas, the complexity of the levels and the attention to Disney detail makes almost all of them feel
like fulfilling adventures. Some of the worlds have
better stories than others. Like the Kingdom of Corona
story that sets Sora and friends in the middle of Disney’s Tangled. Others excel in spite of their
plots, like the Caribbean. It introduces naval combat
an underwater exploration which are more fun to do
when you’re not following the games rehash of the third most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie. God this game took forever to make. The basics of Kingdom Hearts
combat are the same in three. In that keyblades are
used in a basic attack, block, recovery formation. But the types of keyblades
available and their form changes are a much bigger deal this time around. As are the new attractions. Attractions are a highly
destructive and completely adorable new combat mechanic that summons the power of Disneyland to help you kick ass all
over the shattered worlds. You can board a swinging pirate ship. Unleash a hell carousel
made of light and sound. Run people over with the
mad tea cups and more. They’re one of the those things that the game doesn’t really
bothering trying to explain. One second you’re Sora
the next you’re a boat. Never change Kingdom Hearts. A lot has been said
about the sappy dialogue and patchy voice acting
in Kingdom Hearts games. And unfortunately, three is no expectation to this tradition. Some of the character scenes
are downright cringey and slow with scenes going on for
twice as long as they would if the characters spoke at a normal pace. And didn’t pause between lines. – But hey at this point in the series, that’s a feature not a bug. If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts before, the Disney action and
hyper earnest attitude are what makes the franchise
so perfectly special. Kingdom Hearts III floats you
back to a time when seeing Mickey Mouse take down
a leather daddy sniper in Beauty and the Beast castle was the dopest thing you
could possibly imagine. Even if you’re a different person now, that excited ridiculous
feeling is worth a visit. And also worth the box
price on Kingdom Hearts III.

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  1. Check out AaroneousGaming on Twitch. He has already done the 99 level Grind on one and two and is currently doing the kingdom heart 3.

  2. As someone who loves kingdom hearts 3. I promise you, this game will not go down in history as a game you need to play before you die. A game that will go with history is probably kingdom hearts 2 but that’s it for the series.

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