Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Volcano Mud Wrestling (2015.08.27)

Hot passion. Thrilling victory. Let’s Go “Dream Team”! It’s the muscle king competition! The last health boy of “Gag Concert”. Kim Suyeong. Representing idols with a great body. Leo of VIXX! I’ll make myself known. Actor, Kim Sakwun! (Dream Team) Do you know? Byeon Gangsoe. (Where did that come from?) Im Kkeokjeong. (Im Kkeokjeong=Byeon Gangsoe?) They’re completely different! I always get them confused. (They’re both strong, but…) 1st place at the Im Kkeokjeong competition. Park Minu! He produces great bodies for top stars. Kim Jihun! The 2015 Musclemania Universe, 1st place. Gu Hyeonho. (Muscle Team) (Overwhelming force) Excuse me. Yes. I was mistaken. Why? I thought we were going against muscle queens. That was last week. I practiced with my wife. It’s funny. The muscle men are all standing like this. (Bold and imposing) But the Dream Team is standing like this. Why are you suddenly so gentle? You pulled it up a lot. Cover it for me. I’ll carry it around with me. What parts do you want covered? (A muscle king except for the covered parts) This is the pose of muscle kings? Show us. Line up together. Line up. (High expectations) One, two, three. (Stagger) (A fool?) (A fine team pose) What if Suyeong takes Jihun’s place? Let’s switch one person. Jihun, come out. Let’s just switch one person. Let’s see what happens. (Same pose, different feeling) Did you fill your stomach with air? (Healthy boy balloon with a muscle scent) Did you see the muscle queen competition? Areum… Seunggon, what about you? NS Yoon G. What about her? I like her. Song Hyegyo. (Just say it?) Song Hyegyo and Jeon Jihyeon. Do you know them? We weren’t telling our ideal types? Your resolution! We’ll do so well that you’ll regret being celebrities. (Agh!) He’s good at voice imitations. He is? He can do Ju Hyeon. Begin. I’ll make you regret being a celebrity. (Unbelievable) Don’t think of winning. You want to be a celebrity, right? Yes. Jaemin. He’s funnier than you. Anyone else? Lee Juil. Lee Juil. With that face. You call that a celebrity face? We look much better. (Muscle + Fun) (Lee Juil’s dance, too?) (Today’s muscle team is strong) (Lee Byeongjin) The production team agonized over the muscle king competition. The wrestling event gave us many good scenes. This is the best. We did mud wrestling several times. In water and in mud. We did it all. We had a circular ring, cross-shaped ring and octagonal ring. We found a new shape. It is volcano mud wrestling. That’s right. It’s 1:1 and two out of three. (The team to achieve 5 wins first wins) Swing over on a rope, put on the glove and push the opponent off within the time limit of 2 minutes. If nobody falls off during that time, the person who weighs less wins. The winning team receives the honor of being the strongest and a prize. Here are the first competitors. Jaemin of the Dream Team. Yeah! Yeah! His opponent will be Choi Seonguk of the Muscle Team. When I looked at their team, he was the one I wanted to avoid. Why did you want to avoid him? Everyone has a certain energy. He’s strong? Yes. Yeah? He has such a large chest. Is your chest small? Yes. Look at it flexing. Oh, dear. Take off your shirt and do that. It won’t even come off. (Can he do it with his shirt on?) (Power) (Why do I feel small?) You saw him on the show, right? He’s awesome. He is? But not as much as me. Not as much as you. Okay. Did you see him on TV last time? I don’t remember. He doesn’t remember. Were you on the show? He was. (January 26, 2014 / Dream Team vs. Muscle Kings) (He was eliminated in stage 2) Don’t fight with words. Go up there and fight well. (The body performance is the best!) (Choi Seonguk’s body performance) (Overwhelming back muscles) (Ugh…) (He’s so healthy) (Jaemin’s body performance) (An exciting start by a former B-boy) (Shall we see how good he is?) (He flies) (This isn’t the end?) (His abs are embarrassing) (The Dream Team is healthy, too) Jaemin and Seonguk are first. Seonguk and Jaemin. Please enter. Dream Team first. (Win with know-how?) Jaemin. Go, Jaemin! Choi Seonguk. (The first match) Go, Seonguk! They are men. They will want to win. Jaemin of the Dream Team. Choi Seonguk of the Muscle Team. Yeah! Yeah! The first competitors are up. Get ready. (Nervous) (It begins) (Jaemin goes up first) They’re pushing now. They’re both holding their footing. Jaemin is pushing. (He dodges sideways) His power… No! No! No! Seonguk hangs in there. They changed spots. They’re fighting hard. He’s pushing. (With everything he has) (Seonguk is facing a crisis) No! No! No! (Jaemin attacks!) (Seonguk is in dancer) It’s an advantage to win first. Jaemin is in an advantageous position. Seonguk is hanging in there. I’m scared. Oh, no. Get up! Get up! Seonguk is hanging in. (He holds his place with everything he has) Seonguk is in danger. Will he fall? He falls. 1:0. Jaemin wins. He falls. 1:0. Jaemin wins. Wow. A person didn’t come out. A human being didn’t come out. Mudman came out. Jaemin wins. Jaemin. (No way) It’s that muddy? Seonguk, why do you think you lost? You look great covered in mud. If you lose your center of weight, you can lose right away. That’s the cause of your loss. Yes. I see. Jaemin. He’s exhausted. Why do you think you won? There’s only one way to win. Fight for your life. (A sharp start) (Obsession to win) End it quickly. End it quickly. You have to end it quickly. Let’s see the next round. It’s two out of three. They have to one or two times more. The first fight was great. Seonguk lost. But he looks great covered in mud. Do you think he wants to shake hands? It’s unpleasant. It’s provoking. He went to shake his hand. He can’t refuse. He must be going crazy. Get ready. (Will Mudman lose?) (Round 2 : Seonguk vs. Jaemin) The second round begins. Seonguk is covered in mud. (Hanging on) (Pushing) Good! Good! Good! It’s slippery. It’s slippery. He can’t get up. He loses! Jaemin wins! (Jaemin wins) Seonguk. Seonguk. (The Dream Team is having a party) (We’re totally ruined) I trusted my strength too much. I could feel I was stronger. If you lose your balance, that strength comes back double. That was a great fight. Give each other a hug. Let’s go to the next match. That was great. The audience had a commotion after the first match. There is only silence now. They won. Dream Team won, but they’re down. Seongjo. I can feel their power. I feel like I already wrestled. I’m tired. It’s the same for them. They’re very gentle now. He was a card to be thrown out. (He doesn’t know that and he’s excited) I think eating well is more important. He doesn’t have strength because he only eats chicken breast. I feel so sorry for him. So that’s why it smelled like chicken. They could fly soon. They’ll grow wings? Seungkwang, what did you think? They’re useless muscles. Useless muscles. They’re useless in life. Seungkwang, you’re next. Come out. You’re next. Get ready. Seunglwang’s opponent. Sim Jaegeun. Jaegeun, can you beat him? Yes, I will. What is the reason? Is it my age? How old are you? I’m forty now. Forty. Then… I’m only thirty-seven. You know what? You’re the same. Seungkwang, you’ll win? I lost all useless muscles. You lost all useless muscles. I’m the oldest. I’ll show you how an old man fights. Go on up! Yeah! Yeah! Seungkwang, Seungkwang, yeah! Go Jaegeun! My legs gave in. I wasn’t acting. They really gave in. It’s really hard. Are we hearing the behind the scene story? It feels really high. It’s high. The first timers are listening with interest. It makes you nervous. Don’t be. 1st place at the bodybuilding competition in 2007. Lee Seungkwang. Nice. He looks great no matter what he does. Sim Jaegeun did bodybuilding for 12 years. Nice. It’s two out of three. The time limit is 2 minutes. (Reliable old members) (They meet on the volcano) The second match. Jaegeun and Seungkwang. Yeah! (Surprised) (What happened?) Jaegeun and Seungkwang. Seungkwang wins! (A powerful blow!) One shot, one kill. (Yeah! Yeah!) (Dream Team wins three in a row) (Jaegeun 0:1 Seungkwang) What? We won! Jaegeun, what happened? It was so slippery. It was too slippery. What else? I’ll do well. He’ll do well. He’s smiling, but he’s mad. Okay. He’s mad. That was the shortest win. 1:0. Seungkwang is in the lead. (Right to a loss) It didn’t even take 5 seconds. 2 seconds. Jaegeun lost. He went right up. He’ll enter. He’s really mad. Yeah! Yeah! Jaegeun lost to one blow. Seungkwang won the first round easily. Jaegeun, how do you feel? I’ll end it quickly. (No more mistakes!) (Everything is up to the 2nd round) This is why a person has to eat well. Seungkwang, say something. (Successful with the mental fight) I’ll make it short. You’ll make it short. Seungkwang is leading by 1:0. Will this match end? The second round begins! (Seungkwang is fast) (The glove goes flying away) (What is the result?) Seungkwang wins! Seungkwang wins! (Seungkwang wins) Jaegeun is eliminated. Seungkwang wins. Jaegeun loses two rounds just like that. (He loses his mind) He fell in too quickly. He fell in too quickly. It’s embarrassing. (It’s alright) I’m sorry. Win for me! Seongkwang, congratulations. (Seungkwang wins 1 point!) The Muscle Team will have to do better. It’s a bit down right now. Baek Seunggon, come on out. (The savior of the Muscle Team) What do you think of the matches so far? My heart is heavy. It is? I trusted them. Both of them were eliminated before. I was the only one to finish. I’m confident of the obstacle course, but I’m not good at physical fights. You’re not confident? I am. I’ll do my best! Okay. Did anyone come to cheer for you? Yes, my girlfriend. Welcome her with a round of applause. Come on out. Why do you like her? How can I express that with words? You can’t express it with words. No. Do you think he will win? Yes, I do. Who do you want from the Dream Team? As his opponent? Kim Suyeong. You really want him to win. Anyone else? Hong Jinho. Hong Jinho, come on out. He’s really happy. You’re in trouble. Seunggon, this is a wedding gift. From “Dream Team”. Congratulations. Congratulations. How do you feel? I was a fan of Lim Yohwan’s. I’m very happy. This is entertainment. It should be fun. Yes. I came to please the team. I came to be eaten like a lunch box. We’ll add captions when you talk. The viewers can read the captions. I want to win since he mentioned Lim Yohwan. I suddenly want to win. Jinho’s performance. (Jinho’s body performance) (The ‘kong’ dance is in) (A muscle performance, too) (Unbelievable) (He’s great at slapstick comedy) We’ll only show the foolish scenes of his performance. Baek Seunggon and Jinho. This will be important for Seunggon. Seunggon enters. Jinho, you can’t fall while swinging over. Good luck! Nice. It’s a great chance for the Muscle Team. Go, Seunggon! (Will there be a surprise?) (It begins) Jinho! (Seunggon is fast) Jinho… As expected, he fell. (Seunggon wins) Seunggon. Yes. Is it worth a fight? He’s too strong. (Stagger) Oh, boy. He’s too strong. It’s hard. Jinho. The heavy person wins if nobody falls. Right. I was going to hand on to the end. But one blow… You looked pathetic when you fell. (The result) (A slide to congratulate their wedding) (He’s a man like a gift) 1:0. Seunggon is at an advantage. (Will Jinho fall like this?) (Round 2 : Seunggon vs. Jinho) (It begins) Jinho doesn’t go up. He changed his strategy. He got caught. Hey! Hey! Hey! He got caught. Jinho goes up. Jinho goes up. He comes down again. Jinho! Good. Good. He’s hanging on. Jinho! Good. You’re doing well. (They both lose their gloves) They both lost their gloves. Give them their gloves. He’s making him suffer. The game stopped for a moment. He’s killing him twice. He should just lose. (Seunggon is at an advantage) (But if Jinho hangs on, he wins) Yeah, Jinho! Yeah! (1 minute 30 seconds left) (The game continues) Jinho. (He hung on!) (I’m not dead yet) (Surprised) He hung on. Jinho! Push him! His face! Hurray for Korea! (The last blow) (A warm wedding gift) (Be happy) (Unbelievable) (Seunggon 2:0 Jinho) (Nice, honey) Jinho always gives us a perfect picture when he comes on the show. He never disappoints us. He’s photogenic. Why did you lose? You can’t ignore his strength. I was going to buy some time dodging him. It was too long, so I tried to fight. But I couldn’t fight him. The genius of short track skating. The god on ice, Kim Dongseong. Lower body. Lower body. His lower body is alive. His opponent has just as strong a lower body as Dongseong. Park Hyeongseong. (Kim Dongseong vs. Park Hyeongseong) It’s between national athletes. Former field hockey player, Park Hyeongseong. Former short track skater, Kim Dongseong. They’re both from Taeneung. How many medals do you have? Over a hundred. How many? Over a hundred. Over a hundred. How many do you have? Too many. This will be a good fight. Who is the senior? When did you enter? 2002. I left in 2002. You’re the senior. (Dongseong is an ancestor of the athletes’ village) What do you think? He wasn’t around when I was an athlete. How do short track skaters train? – This is all they do. / – That’s all they do? That’s provoking. Did you prepare a performance? What I’m going to show you is… People in the fitness area… Are you winking at me? I’m the only one who isn’t wearing sunglasses. Wear them. Let me borrow a pair. Just wear them. You don’t have to be jealous. This isn’t bad. What a strange character. (Park Hyeongseong’s body performance) (He attracts all attention) (His upper body is mad) (I shouldn’t have come today) (He has a great body) I have to go against him? That’s amazing. Dongseong, show us your thighs. I don’t have much to show you. If you have strong thighs, you can jump high. I’ll show you a jump. – A jump. / – Okay. Show us. (He jumps up to chest height) You can’t do that, can you? My knees hurt. I won’t. (He manages himself perfectly) One, two, three. Ice god, ice god, yeah! Go, Hyeongseong! Dongseong and Hyeongseong met. Their names both end with seong. Enter. Short track skater Dongseong. Field hockey player Hyeongseong. Go, Dongseong! The signal. (It begins) Hyeongseong. He’s up. He staggers. Dongseong has a position at the top. (Hyeongseong is in danger) Dongseong has a position at the top. From above. Dongseong wins first. From above. Dongseong wins first. (Hyeongseong 0:1 Dongseong) He wins with his strong legs. Dongseong wins first. (I’m the prince of the volcano) Dongseong! Dongseong! Dongseong! Hyeongseong and Dongseong. 1:0. Dongseong won the first round. Now for the second round. Get ready. (Will Hyeongseong make up for the loss?) (It begins) Dongseong… Good, good. Dongseong… Hyeongseong is in a bad position. Dongseong is looking down at him. He’s in a good position. He holds on. Does he go up? Hyeongseong went up. Hyeongseong went up. (Dongseong doesn’t miss his chance and attacks) (Dongseong wins) (Hyeongseong 0:2 Dongseong) Dongseong won two in a row. (We trusted Hyeongseong…) (It’s as if they already won) I was nervous since I haven’t been here in a while. But being here, I’m so motivated. Right? I’m going to kill everyone. (I don’t want to go home) Dongseong wins. (Dream Team 3:1 Muscle Team) (Will the next person keep this going?) Go! Suyeong, it’s your turn. Are you alright? I’m worried. But I did sports for 6 years. I was a wrestler. In middle school. You wrestled? Good news. Suyeong was a wrestler. Until the 7th grade. Wrestlers are at an advantage. It’s a fight of the shoulders. I have great balance. You won’t be shaky. Look at my lower body. It’s really strong. What? You weighed 168kg, but dropped to 137kg. KBS made you lose weight. It saved me. Sure. The last healthy boy! No defects! (He weighed 168kg) 98.3kg! You pig! Your opponent… You could win. – I could? / – Sure. Park Minu, come on out. This is a big match. (High expectations for the big match) He was 1st place at the Im Kkeokjeong competition. He looks more like Im Kkeokjeong. How about a foot wrestle? I don’t do that. I could flip him over. I only eat pork hock. What? I only eat pork hock. Pork hock… Did you say pork hock? That’s a provocation. He said your feet are pork hock. I’ll humbly accept. He’s nice. He’s nice. Did you prepare a performance? I’m SISTAR’s fan. You prepared a SISTAR song? Yes, “Shake It”. How to seduce women. I prepared a dance. Let’s see Suyeong’s dance first. (Suyeong’s dance time) (He uses his body line) (Women, come to me) “Shake It”. Give us the music. (Minu’s dance time) (Feminineness is emphasized) (Minu will do this dance?) (Burdensome to see on Sunday morning) (Terror on the eyes) Stop the music. I’m sorry, but that’s so dirty. Suyeong, Suyeong, yeah! Go, Minu! Suyeong will enter. (Suyeong is sincere now) Suyeong will enter. (Suyeong enters) (A huge crisis from the start) No! No! Help. Suyeong… What is he going to do? (Who am I? Where am I?) Push him. Push him. Help him. (He gets exhausted from the start) (It embarrasses his team) The team score is 3:1. Dream Team leading. Give them the signal. (Round 1 : Minu vs. Suyeong) Minu and Suyeong. Suyeong reaches the top first. (Charge) (Close from the start) What power. Minu is hanging in. Suyeong… No! No! No! (Consecutive attack) (Minu wins) Suyeong! (Minu 1:0 Suyeong) He’s a man! He lost his grip. Minu. How is Suyeong’s strength? He just comes straight forward. If I dodge him sideways, I could easily beat him. I thought he’d fall off right away. Minu is really strong. He must have a strong lower body. You have to cross over again. Enter. (A process he can’t avoid) (A mud pack) A concern turned into reality. (This wasn’t planned, he made everyone laugh) What will we do? His legs gave in. Are you alright? It’s over. (It didn’t start yet) It’s real. Other people act, but he… That looks beautiful. What sportsmanship. That’s amazing. (Very heavy sportsmanship) Okay. Get your glove. It would be amazing if Suyeong wins. Both of you, yeah! Give them the signal. Sideways. Sideways. Go up. Go up. Minu went up first. He waits. Go up. Go up. – All the way. / – He went up. They meet again at the top. Good! Good! Good! Suyeong! Regarding power… With your body! (Suyeong defends with his body) Both of you, go up. This is fun. This is fun. Minu is in the lead by 1:0. Again. Suyeong has a position at the top. He loses it. Keep your hands in the glove. You have to keep your hands in the glove. Get up. That’s the second time. One more fall and he disqualifies. He’ll lose if he stalls. Get ready. He’ll be at a disadvantage. The game continues. Suyeong pushes Minu! (Suyeong aggressively attacks) No! Minu, hang in there! Suyeong pushes Minu! It’s a chance. It’s a chance for Suyeong. (Suyeong wins) (Minu 1:1 Suyeong) (Bold) Suyeong! Suyeong! He let his guard down. This is the first time for round 3. Right. Give them the signal. Go up quickly. Go up quickly. It’s the last round. Suyeong went up first. (Will the sliding attack work again?) (Suyeong wins) Suyeong reverses! Suyeong reverses! (Like a surprising drama) No way. Suyeong reversed and won. The Dream Team leads by 4:1. (After 5 matches) I can’t believe it. Except for Hong Jinho, all the Dream Team members won. (Seungkwang beat Jaegeun) (Dongseong beat Hyeongseong) (Suyeong beat Minu) Suyeong reversed and won. The Muscle Team is at the edge of a cliff. Will they just lose like this? Actor, Kim Sakwun against fashion model Gu Hyeonho. Come on out! Go, Sakwun! Go, Hyeonho! It’s a visual match. It’s a visual match. Were you a fashion model? For Musclemania. For Musclemania… Did you prepare a performance? Model walking. The pose that won 1st place. Give him music. (Gu Hyeonho’s body performance) (Fancy) (Anxious) (Sakwun can’t lose) It’s natural. (Meeting a pose with a pose) (Imitating Hyeonho) (He looks the same) (I shouldn’t have gone first) One, two, three. Sakwun, Sakwun, yeah! Go, Hyeonho! Hyeonho could reach it if he just spread his legs. Are you ready? The person to go up first has an advantage. Get ready. Go, Sakwun! Go, Hyeonho! (The volcano makes everyone tense) (It begins) (Sakwun’s face is attacked first) Sakwun and Hyeonho. It’s very rough. Go, Sakwun! Sakwun and Hyeonho. Two rough men. It’s a fight of males. (Sakwun wins) Sakwun! (He penetrates just like that) (Hyeonho 0:1 Sakwun) (An unexpected result) Sakwun! Sakwun! Didn’t he hit your face when you went up? Right? He hit my face. He was punched in the face. Your face is smaller. If Sakwun wins, the Muscle Team will be in trouble. Hyeonho has to win no matter what. Go, Hyeonho! (Sitting on thorns) (Round 2 : Hyeonho vs. Sakwun) He charges again. (Sakwun attacks Hyeonho’s face) Hyeonho! Sakwun dodges him. Sakwun is at the top again. This is a bloody fight. Good! Good! Nice! Hyeonho has a good position. Sakwun is hanging in there. He’s circling at the bottom. You’ll win if you stall for time! 1 minute 30 seconds left. There is plenty of time. Hyeonho gives it a shot. Just a minute. Stand up. Good! Good! Hyeonho, calm down a bit. How much do you weigh? 84kg. What about you? 72kg. If they tie, Sakwun will win. Get ready. Sakwun and Hyeonho. They charge again. (Hyeonho vs. Sakwun) Hyeonho is standing. He attacks Sakwun from behind. Sakwun is a bit exhausted. They’re told to stand again. Sakwun, this is your last chance. If he falls and can’t get up, he’s disqualified. Go, Sakwun! The game continues. (Sakwun’s jumping attack fails) Hyeonho wins! It’s 1:1. Back to square one. Right. (Saved) No, no… Oh, dear. I don’t know why Sakwun attacked first. I was tired. I wanted to end it, but I slipped. It’s alright! It’s alright! Hyeonho tied. It’s a bloody fight. There is one round left. Go, Sakwun! The winner of this round… (Hyeonho pushes) The winner of this round… (Sakwun is in danger) The winner of this round… Hyeonho has a good position. (Hyeonho wins) Hyeonho has a good position. Sakwun… Hyeonho reverses. The team score is 4:2. Hyeonho! Hyeonho! Nice! The seventh match. Leo of the Dream Team. (Leo of VIXX) His opponent helps stars get great bodies. Kim Jihun, come on out. (Leo vs. Kim Jihun) What? It’s the best combination. Why is that? I wanted to fight a light opponent. You think he’s easy. I’ll just teach him. What do you think of that? I’ll do my best. He doesn’t even want to respond. (Leo doesn’t waver / Ugh) Did you prepare a performance? I’ll show you boxing. Boxing? From what I heard… Leo boxed, too. I heard he boxed. How many years did you box? I was on the national team in 1998. – You were? / – Yes. The national team? Yes, lightweight. I suddenly have respect for you. What is your performance? They have such great bodies. I’ll show you something they don’t have. What could they not have? What I don’t have… A handsome face? A handsome face… (Self destruction) Give him music. (Leo’s body performance) (A bold high kick) (That’s not it) (VIXX is great at group dancing) (See Leo’s dance on “Dream Team”) Together. (Kim Jihun’s body performance) (The real one appears) (The national boxer attacks) (From a national boxer to an idol trainer) (Basic skills of a different level) Nice. Just a minute. Leo, you try this. (Boxing idol, Leo!) (Former boxer, current trainer, Jihun) (Real men are here) (In sync) Give them a round of applause. Leo, don’t lift it up. Lie down and you won’t fall. His face! One, two, three. Leo, Leo, yeah! Jihun, Jihun, yeah! Leo is taller. Will he win? Or will the former boxer win? Get ready. Give them the signal. (An athletic idol?) (Or an idol trainer?) Leo and Jihun. Leo… (Leo is at a high position) Leo and Jihun. Leo dodged once. (A straight blow to the face) He’ll get hurt! (The tables are turned) He’s in a crisis. He can’t hang on. Jihun wins 1:0. (One straight blow decided the win) He can’t hang on. Jihun wins 1:0. Jihun had a nice jab. Jihun continued to attack. He wins the first round. Leo, go on up. He’s fast. He won’t stop attacking. His step is different. Go, Leo! Get ready. Jihun won the first round. Let’s see if Leo can counterattack. Give them the signal. (It begins) (A powerful blow) He was punched a few times. Jihun. Jihun’s position… Jihun wins both rounds. Good job. He’s in trouble. He’ll have anti-fans now. Jihun won. The score is 4:3. What do you think? The power of boxing. He was a national boxer indeed. (Jihun scores 1 point for the team!) Nice. He was a national boxer indeed. (That was a scary and terrible nightmare) (You pushed me into the mud) There are two people left. Wonhyo and Seongjo for the Dream Team. Hong Jiwon and Kim Jaeyun for the Muscle Team. Four aces. I came to fight, not entertain. Who do you want to go against? Wonhyo. Why? There is a difference in weight. I have an advantage. Wonhyo, what do you think? I’m not afraid. You’re not afraid. I ate a lot. Is that so? You mud wrestled before, right? I appeared by chance. I won 2nd place. That’s right. You were 2nd place. Seongjo, who do you want to go against? Jaeyun. I don’t care who I go against. It doesn’t matter? He works out. It will be an equal match. How long did you work out? I’ve been a trainer for about 15 years. I’m more into looks now. I’ll tell you your opponents. Wonhyo will go now. His opponent will be Hong Jiwon. Seongjo will go against Jaeyun. (Wonhyo was 2nd place before) He’s sincere. Wonhyo was 2nd place before. Wonhyo and Hong Jiwon. The team score is 4:3. Will the Muscle Team win? Give them the signal. (It has to end here) (It begins) Wonhyo and Jiwon. Jiwon pushes. (He dodges) Jiwon pushes strong. Wonhyo held his position. He waits for a chance and goes up again. Wonhyo is pretty strong, too. Wonhyo falls off. Jiwon wins 1:0. No! He’s strong. He’s strong. Unbelievable. Jiwon wins 1:0. It’s too bad for Wonhyo. He defended well. Jiwon is full of confidence. He’s not an easy opponent. He could beat anyone. Let’s go to the second round. Get ready. Give them the signal. Jiwon has the lead. (Will Wonhyo succeed in a counterattack?) (It begins) Wonhyo slips. The mud gets in his way. The team score is 4:4. The 9th match will be the final match. Seongjo and Jaeyun, go up. The last match. Seongjo. Seongjo. Ace! Ace! (The Muscle Team) (The secret weapon goes to war) I asked other people how they could lose. I cheered, then lost. (Jaemin won the first match) (Seungkwang won the second match) (Seunggon won the third match) (Dongseong won the fourth match) (Suyeong won the fifth match) (Hyeonho won the sixth match) (Jihun won the seventh match) (Jiwon won the eighth match) After a breathtaking fight, only the last men remain. This is interesting. As the Dream Team ace… What? As the former Dream Team ace. Get it right. (Secret weapon vs. former ace) The volcano mud wrestling final. This is the last match. The team score is 4:4. It’s a fight of pride. Seongjo and Jaeyun. I’m more nervous than when I went. Really. They’re both strong. Get ready. (All preparations are set) (Secret weapon, Kim Jaeyun) Go, Seongjo! (Go, Seongjo!) Yeah! (Go, Jaeyun!) Will the muscle men maintain their pride? Or will Seongjo maintain pride for the Dream Team? Give them the signal. (Round 1 : Jaeyun vs. Seongjo) They both charge. (It’s really close) – Yeah! / – Good! Nice! They both charge. Seongjo is in the middle in a low position. Jaeyun pushes. Don’t hold the glove. Jaeyun receives a warning. You know why, right? Feet in back. Go, Seongjo! Feet back. Go, twins’ dad! Yeah, Jaeyun! Get ready. Give them the signal. 1 minute 33 seconds left. The round continues. Push! Push! 33 seconds left. The round continues. It’s a chance! Seongjo! (Seongjo wins) (Jaeyun 0:1 Seongjo) That hurts. Seongjo! Seongjo! (The ace is on fire) He can win. He can win. He lost his balance and lost. The fate of each team is on their shoulders. The volcano mud wrestling. Jaeyun lost the first round. If Jaeyun loses, the Dream Team wins. If Seongjo loses, there will be a third round. Get ready. (Beat the ace!) Go, Seongjo! I’m more nervous. Stay calm. They meet at the top again. (At the same time) (He’s pushed) Seongjo is at an advantage. Seongjo is at an advantage. His hand fell out. Jaeyun, good! Do it like that! Just like that! Get ready. Give them the signal. (Three warnings means a loss) (The round continues) (He slips) (Seongjo attacks) One shot. One more time! No! No! Jaeyun slipped. (He is eliminated) (Seongjo wins) (Dream Team 5:4 Muscle Team) (A roar of victory) Seongjo wins and the Dream Team wins. (Choi Seongjo) (The ace is back) (Next week) (Cooler) (Cuter) (Sexy Dream Team is back) (The 2015 CISM World Games Special) (A 5-stage obstacle course) (All the elites are here) (Soldiers gather with high spirit!) (The Dream Team faces a crisis) (What is the fate of the Dream Team Avengers?) (Weekend mornings are fun because of “Dream Team”) (Don’t miss next week’s show) (“I’m Ill” / HELLOVENUS)

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  1. wow i had no idea leo was going to appear. took me by surprise. and oh my goodness hong jinho! on a obstacle course race i can , maybe, see you do okay, maybe. but something like this? oh little kong, how cute.

  2. Pity Suyeong when he fell sobs but god that was freaking awesome how he showed others that he can win yeah! and I bet Leo-shii wants to be friends with him hehehe he gave that smile and laugh when he sees children haha. Leo must be shy being there all alone:/ hihihi YOURE STILL SO CUTE AND AWESOME

  3. Not only Leo, but a muddy Leo…. I feel like I should send KBS a thank you-letter.
    Can't wait for the other VIXX episodes coming up wohoo!

  4. OMG Leo's body is so slim and so perfect!!! I looove his arms!!! Sorry Dream Team but in this episode Leo was all i saw kkk

  5. Leo looks a lot happier in this setting than when hes in the idol world, I think he suits the non idol industry… maybe he could get into the entertainment business?

  6. At around 9:10 how did jaemin manage to barely just get mud and the muscle dude get completely muddy when they both fell into the moat o_O ?? Some secret celebrity technique???

  7. GAWD! I came here to watch Leo only but this episode made me scream and get excited of what will happen next XD

    ack! there are too many parts that made me squeal >u< @31:05 31:45 32:50 ah! his reactions~ TuT Leo's high kick @44:19 was so impressive! and @45:00 with his boxing skills! GAWD! THIS IS LIFE! QuQ

    "He'll have anti-fans now" was so funny XD it's okay Leo~ there is still next time ^^

  8. Honestly i came to watch this episode just because of Leo but it was really funny 😀 Leo oppa its okey even u didn't won you are still best for Starlights ^^~ Next week Leo & Hongbin :*

  9. I'm so glad Kim Dongsung finally returned like he is my favourite ace after Choi Seongjo! But his hairstyle makes him look totally different!

  10. Who's here for Leo's rare smile?!?! 😍 Not to mention Dream Team is also awesome!! 🙂 I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole episode!! XD

  11. Leo smiles 10:48, 14:01, 18:05 (slightly, can see it better at 18:09), 22:41 (slightly), 29:42 (appears for a short while), 31:05 (then he does his signature head move), 31:46, 32:49 (he laughs!), 40:33, 46:38, 47:16, 47:37, 51:07. Precious Jung Taekwoon.

    The directors really got funnier while editing this year. I actually like Kim Suyeong. He's a funny comedian. I was so proud of him when he lost weight in Gag Concert.

  12. OMG how can VIXX Leo still be so handsome with mud all over him and gosh his smile is so mesmerizing – definitely daebak… I am so happy for Seongjo for winning.. DREAM TEAM hwaiting…

  13. dream team used to be better when they actually had famous people on it. i mean Leo is the only super famous person on here today, along with the guy from gag concert. the others have mostly been made famous for being on dream team. but thats not what i mean. the old episodes with idols and actors were awesome…. miss the first episodes with minho, eunhyuk, junho, danny! <3 especially danny hehehe by the way, when is the episode with eunhyuk and kangin ever goign to air? or did i miss it? i heard it was supposed to air in august but i never saw it :/

  14. The first game was not fair, they are supposed to wipe the mud from the platform after someone falls in otherwise ofcourse the next player is going to slip… how stupid

  15. Actually… I don't like Muscle team's body… They are like "Ghh!!" and showing them but I find it disgusting… sorry.

  16. i missed dongsung and his thighs haha his jump was so freakin high! expert jump level achieved. and leo tries so hard to not show human emotion XD stop hiding your precious smile boy!

  17. OMG literally, the whole comment section was people being proud, fans, and supporters to Leo!!

    btw, I with everyone who put something about Leo!! Just not the haters!!

  18. I watched it mostly for Leo but the whole episode is very funny and entertaining, ohh and Leo in mud look very hot so i'm not very mad that he lost ;D

  19. Score Of 2 Team
    Game 1: Jaemin 2-0 Seonguk
    Game 2: Seungkwang 2-0 Jaegeun
    Game 3: Jinho 0-2 Seunggon
    Game 4: Dongseong 2-0 HyeongS
    Game 5: Suyeong 2-1 Minu
    Game 6: Sakwun 1-2 Hyeonho
    Game 7: Leo 0-2 Jihun
    Game 8: Wonhyo 0-2 Jiwon
    Game 9: Seongjo 2-0 Jaeyun
    Dream Team 5:4 Muscle Team

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