Let’s Play: Adiboo: Magical Playland

♫Hello I’m Mr. Nutt♫ ♫And I’m playing Adiboo♫ ♫A game aparently by Sierra♫ ♫That company’s now dead♫ ♫And also CD 2♫ ♫Because I can not find that damn disc♫ That was lovely Hello Really? Hooray! I like having fun! Wait I don’t want this No! I already know this I started the game! Even when this game I was, you know yound enough for this game I knew this Yeah I can shapeshift apparently Sometimes my hands, yeah Are like claws Sometimes they’re hooves And sometimes Just sometimes They’re hands No wait, they’re always hands I mean sometimes They’re leaves Yeah I made that up I really don’t want this tutorial on how things work And knowing is half the battle™ Yes *incoherent mumbling* Pick random Exept if it’s a girl hair I’m going to Start *incoherent mumbling* Oh Good enough Actually wait I’m Batman™! No There There we go Dreamworks™ mouth Oh wait Let’s see if we can make a Dreamworks face™! *incoherent mumbling* Eyes, eyes *incoherent mumbling* Actually back, back to those other ones There Close enough.png And there we go A standard You know Dreamworks™, poster Face Character Thing OK, aren’t you nosy Well aren’t you nosy! You know what? You don’t get to know my real birthday So let’s say it’s the 7ᵗʰ Of October, which is this month right? Atleast I’m pretty sure it’s this month Yes this month And the year Well of course I was born 2010 Just like everyone else, you know Nah actually I was born… then Right Hello! I doesn’t seem that magical Really? OK Uh… Yes? OK OK Singing? There’s a karaoke on this? Of course I just like clicking on these things Awwww… Yeah, this detail’s important Yeah that rascal that has not been introduced yet Go ahead and talk about him Ad if he had been Ge, I wonder what going on there You know, these over there Oooh, he’s got a message! Helloooo! Who needs a 4ᵗʰ wall? No wait there’s no 4ᵗʰ wall No! Oh god no! How do I make this stop? Hmmm Actually can’t you make your own? Yes, let’s make our own picture! The wonderful paintbox of hope and wonder! K There’s Santa Yeah he got snubbed I mean, you know, he got no He got nothing that year Let’s have him there He is a… Cowboy… Knight He’ll be a cowboy knight Who is also a diver Of course I have have to add a cowboy hat otherwi- You know this hat otherwise He just Looks silly Without it And it takes place at- Oh god no Of course Now we got you OK Cowboy there *incoherent mumbling* What? No, I thought that was undo You know, what ever No it’s cowboy knight Erm… right Let’s stop doing that then There we go! No he doesn’t need gloves, he’s a man! Now Santa there Who is of course smaller than our hero And… Now where’s the shark? There we go A shark that’s um… got on the naughty list Oh my Wow! Doesn’t stop, does it? Oh dear Can I get rid of this? OK it gets rid of everything, nice Erm… OK? I was going to write hello but I couldn’t fit it all in So… There we go! It’s hello now! Save it! Yeah, I’m so going to send it to Adiboo Hmmm… On there, not the floppy disk Anything but the floppy disk You leave my floppy disks out of this ♫It’s loading a piece of game♫ ♫It needs to play the theme♫ ♫Because that’s absolutely necessary♫ ♫I’m not even going to ryme♫ ♫So don’t even think I will♫ ♫Stop expecting actual planned out lyrics♫ Yeah See what this is Huh? Oh no! No, this is bad Bad, all bad Who are you? OK Oh I want to play the portrait game I’m a hardnut, 3! Alright Wait I’m pretty sure… Are these sound effects necessary? No! Back! Back! There we go Acutally that’s perfect there Go on! Ear ring Perfect The hair was already right and *incoherent mumbling* OK Clown nose and that That was it right? See? Exactly Wait, Erm OK A what? What?! I didn’t want that! Whatever that was What? Wait! I said no! Cool, cool Hey! This! I’ll check out the cake later Such Brilliant ambient sounds Yup Love that amient sound Are you going to do something? OK I know I started playing Hooray! Wallbreaker! OK that’s err, not good Oh hang on Well, looks like we’re not playing that game OK What? Wait what was that? Did he say? Just tightening up my screws! There we are! Oh no! Something horrable is happening! Yeah, yeah, yeah And that Now to give everything a home Everything deserves a home Even the bees What? Oh no! It’s… Something It’s so menacing it suck on a dummy Uh huh And he sucks his thumb Alright then Well I saw that No No No! No it isn’t! No we shall not But you shall, but No What are you doing? Erm… thanks And hey presto! I can see that! Yeah OK ???? sounds like effort I’ll let them starve What’s this? Oh it looks like a puzzle game Right, what’s this? What? What’s so wonderful about it? Wait, what’s the background can I pick Yeah, sure why not There’s a house inside an office… somehow There we go that’s next door And I’ve lost interest Already Probably because I absolutly didn’t remember this part and So I couldn’t I couldn’t think of anything to do I prefer the other theme OK that’s never a good sign OK, crisis averted There wasn’t a crisis Yeah! What surprises? It’s a cake! Why it would be rather splended *incoherent mumbling* OK Isn’t someone suppost to come along and eat it or something? Oh I just skipped that scene by accident Hmm Promising as alway Hey a fridge! Hang on I’ll mix up anything I want in this This cake obviously needs one of everything Yes Everything Oh that was an apple, right Actually, needs more ham Right Are those pea? Sprouts? What? Carrot! Can’t go wrong with carrot! Not offensive at all And what ever this is Let’s go with that Everyone? Well you know what else is ma- magic? Friendship Fantastic! That was a Soufflé? Anyways this is ???? This will cool it off right? Add sparklers, everything needs sparklers Sparklers! More sparklers! Alright! Very well Why did I have to click him? Alright I agree Now shut up and let me agree Let’s see who gets to eat this Hah! Take that! You ruffian We shall present, oh Oh well What’s on telly? Uh huh What’s this Ooh it’s the Adiboo song! ♫Do, do do♫ Actually, no This was a bad idea H-how do I stop? Spacebar? There we go ♫Sooo cooooome with meeeeeee♫ Anything else we can mess around with? OK it’s already 26 minutes or so Maybe one more thing Of course it’s alway nice to see me No I’m not a Peeping Tom! Yeah, shut up This is fun and you know it I need to grow the wheat or the birdies will die of… Dying! Alright then Not necessary You know, water all down here Look how fast it grows Oh well, alright I thought that’s how plants work I guess I’m wrong What’s this? Magic garden? What’s so magic about a garden? Yeah the garden The garden, the guard? What? I guess we’ll never know Great, some more watering action! You know Basically this robot exists because Adiboo is too lazy to do it himself You keep talking about that Maybe That took him long enogh Yeah luckily how? How much water’s in that thing? We’ve established this Yeah thanks Right, his face His eye is ticklish Very well then Not really! Right then! I think this videos gone on a bit too long OK shut up! I’m trying to end the video! Right then, like I said I think this videos gone on Gone on a bit too long S I’m going to end it now So until next time, goodbye!

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  1. OMG I spent HOURS playing this game when I was a kid! I spent two weeks trying to find this! 😛 Thank you!

  2. Well they didn't really say there was no English version, but they always made us play the French version so I always just assumed that that was the only version. Not really sure which one is the original language, but either way I always enjoyed playing it as a kid!

    As for any other games I might have only played in French, I honestly can't remember….

  3. This and Yoshi's Island were pretty much my life when I was younger. Thanks for uploading! Brings back a lot of memories.

  4. This game always used to freeze on me, creating some nightmarish sounds and images. I forever now subconsciously associate Adiboo with satan and cultists.

  5. Hahaha you're so funny me and my sister sat here watching the whole thing. Your commentary is hilarious! I didn't realise how annoying Adiboo was haha

  6. I managed to find the Numbers & Puzzles set at a Goodwill. Uploaded it to Kickass because this game is awesome. https://kickass.to/adiboo-magical-playland-mazes-numbers-puzzles-t8672639.html

  7. I remember playing this with my friend when we were about 7. Looking back we were really disturbing children cause we'd send Adiboo threatening letters saying that we were going to kill him and then laugh at his reaction, his reaction always being "what a wonderful letter, thank you!"… I'm not as freaky now, I promise!!

  8. You know what's weird? In this game, the brown monster (you probably know if you look farther in the video) is known as Fuzzy Galump but in Adiboo and the Energy Thieves on PlayStation 2, he's known as Bert. I mean, what's up with that. =S

  9. So I remember owning this game in the late 90's / early 2000's and I enjoyed the cake making game and the break-out clone they had. However a couple years later when I tried to replay this game something happened. I don't know if the disc was scratched or there way something wrong with the computer itself, but basically, the game fucked up. The home menu was a mess of glitched graphics and colours and the sound was basically static interrupted by the occasional word by one of the characters. So, yeah, it turns out that I did a Vinesauce corruption before it was cool…

  10. Holy shit, just seeing some of this stuff brings me back… I would play this ALL DAY when I was little… to the point where I wore out the CD!

  11. I remember this game so vividly, it's weird, I haven't played this game since I was a little kid and it's as if I saw it a week ago. It takes me back to when I first played it sat on my Mum's lap, making cakes on it. Good times.

  12. OKAY! those like puzzle maps at 18:05 were sooooo fucked up man. They used to scare me soooo bad. Like I know he doesn't play any of them but just looking at them brought back bad memories.

  13. my childhood reborn !!! i feel 5 years old again ! wish i could find the CD in my granddads attic ! i know its up there

  14. I got a box of random CD's bundled with my very first CD. This game was one of them. Even though I was way too old for it even then, I actually kinda liked it. I still have the CD today, though of course it wont run on a modern system.

  15. That damn fridge hated me. No matter how much cheese, chocolate and carrots I put in the bowl, I'd always get a mud pie. WHAT MUST I DO TO IMPRESS YOU?

  16. Ahh man this was WAY back in the days. Nostalgia trip. Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 got nothing on this. But I must admit that there is something unsettling about the artstyle of this game.

  17. Weird…I remember a lot about this game but oddly the thing I don't seem to remember at all is the actual character of Adiboo LOL

  18. this was my childhood I've been looking all over the internet to find this cause i couldnt remember the name

  19. I have the American version of this when it was called eager to learn and his name is adi jr I just can't get down with the adiboo versions

  20. I was so mad today my friend was at my house and my dad was messing with my computer and on accident he clicked on the game adiboo and in my mind I remembered the good old days when this used to be my favorite game ever and i was addicted to it and my friend who was at my house also liked the game so we went on the game and made a character but forgot we need the disc to play so we checked literally ever inch of my house IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN MY BASEMENT!!! but it was not and me and my friend were so sad that we can never play adiboo ever again because it is no longer available to buy when I was a kid I had such good times playing that game and now I can never play it again 🙁 🙁 🙁 this is like one of the saddest moments of my life like literly my friend who was over before me and him are texted each other right now about the good days when we played IN THE LAND OF ADIIIIIBOOOOO!! 🙁 but now we can never play again BUT IM GOING TO LOOK IN MY BASEMENT AGAIN UNTIL I FIND THAT GAME and if its not down there im gonna try to download it from my computer lets hope people can still get the game some how I WANT TO PLAY ADIBOO!! D: WISH ME LUCK!

  21. I never realized one of my favorite childhood games was such a spectacular acid trip. Truly this is an art that was not only ahead of its time but a joy to all who played it. If your seeing it for the first time you probably think it’s trash but for us lucky few, what a breath of fresh air

  22. I have been looking for this game for YEARS. I remember I LOVED it as a kid and being so devastated when we got a new computer and it couldn't play this game anymore. I couldn't remember what the hell it was called either! I just remembered there was a little elf kid and that you could plant vegetables and cook in the kitchen.

  23. Why is it that I remember everything about this game EXCEPT for adiboo’s voice?!? Like I dont remember that voice coming out of him or him even talking for that matter

  24. Found my copy of this game on CD-ROM last night. I remember playing this as a really young child on my Packard Bell Windows 98 PC! I got it to run on my virtual machine and playing it today is so surreal. I still remember everything about it, it's so stunning to finally get to relive that part of my life again. Along with my Pingu CD-ROM, these are 2 of my most treasured possessions from my childhood :)))))

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