London Cyclist Stopped by Police! (Funny Stuff!)

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. How very British , apologies all over the place , pass me a bucket! Still very funny and the world would be a better place if everyone was this courteous

  2. Even though the cyclist was in the right he still should have been fined , bicycle confiscated , put in a cell and beet with a rubber hose !

  3. It's funny. Cause that's how they deal with grooming gangs too

    'Why are you raping that 8 year old?'

    It's my culture and your racist if you say it's bad

    'Oh sorry sorry my mistake. Carry on…I'll go and arrest someone else for saying it shouldn't be allowed sir'

  4. I know he was legal, but there seem`s to be a lot of cyclists in London who do ride on the pavements, to the danger of non-riders.

  5. This cyclist should off got arrested for this well done to the police officer for stopping this TWAT face lycra lout, but should OFF arrested him and put him in the tower off london.

  6. All the comments are a bunch of British people who’ve never been to America saying: “WeLl iF tHiS hApPeNeD In AmErICa, ThE CyClIsT wOuLd HaVe BeEn sHoT, hahahaha, I’m so original, hahahaha America sucks, I’m so smart.”

  7. Shows how the met are recruiting and just chuckin the little sausages on the street, the poor bugger with his perfectly poised hand

  8. I would of stop, smiled profusely and I would have said, "Well, where am I suppose to go if not here may I ask Officer?" and from there my natural British Sarcasm would of taken over and lead this poor Officers down the merry path of the greatest winded up until he finally realised his mistake. 🙂

  9. Anyone would have thought that Highways Dept would've marked the cycle way with white lines and indicated it with cycle icons, wouldn't you?

  10. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. If this was the USA the poor cyclist would be dead. Then they would have planted drugs on him. (Maybe). (It's a joke people).

  11. @UCvt54LhWjBbgwlmwciWaoLg , is trying to restrict peoples opinions ,what a gringo cunt.

  12. Fucking useless retarded piggy cunt! These scum charge people for driving without due care & attention, while the useless bastards can't even pay due care & attention while WALKING, should've told him to Fuck Off!

  13. Well…"you are going too fast. I need to id you. I can also tell your bell isn't loud enough and you have a cracked safety reflector.


    "Stop giving me attitude."

    "That's it, you're under arrest."

    "Stop resisting or I'll drain this whole tazer into your nuts."

  14. Duh! 🤣🤣🤣
    But at least I'm the U.K. apologies are made and he's on his way. In the crazy US, he'd be tacked to the ground, probably arrest, maybe even shot.
    America- a cool place to visit, but a real nightmare to live in. Fuck that crazy country.

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