Magic man Maddox WOWS with Rubik’s Cube wizardry! | Auditions | BGT 2018

hello hello hi what’s your name sir my name is maddox why you want britain’s got talent i Am desperate, to perform magic, to an audience just like that and Magic has always been a dream of mine and last year i decided to take the plunge and to do it full-time Now if i was, to show you all something up here on stage with this rubik’s cube i’d be worried that because our judges are a little far away they might actually miss the moment the cube solves itself so if it’s okay with you please might come down and show you this close up yes thank you very much now rubik’s cube turn them and mix them up and they get jumbled up real fast and then the only way to Get it back to the beginning Is to get all the colors to come back together i want you to look just here for me and watch One by one you can actually see those colors start to reassemble themselves are you sure would you be so kind to give this a really good mix up for me i keep turning the mix in it and what you’re doing now Simon i’d love for you to help me also i’ve got another cube It’s not mixed up i don’t even makes it up i just want you to choose a color and whatever color you choose? Put it on the top to say you chose yellow put it on top and cover it up so no one can see it is That okay yeah probably getting on alicia yeah all good lovely mr. Issa thank you? Now if you were to look at this cube you can see all the colors mixed up all over now simon can you see the? color you’ve chosen he argued we go alicia would you mind putting your hand flat like a table for me just like this we’ll put it just up here i want you to stay perfectly still for me just like that now simon We’re just gonna reveal the color that you chose if that’s okay? the color white is that correct Now alicia all i want you to do is look right here and i want you to think of the color white watch three white just, vanished from every single side of this queue every side side Now before i finish a man i would love to try one last thing with you on stage is you mind coming up for you some moments Thank you Amanda welcome now if you look at the food when people are trying To solve it they basically pay attention to where every single piece is Before they found the solution but we’re not gonna have you do that we’re gonna have you solve this rubik’s cube without even thinking about it so both your hands behind your back like this now We need to turn the cube behind your back just like this but that’s all why what you do okay Now, i’m gonna give you one last look are you ready yes let me know when you feel it in your hands that’s great and just start to turn it just as i showed you That’s great perfect so i want you to believe amanda you can solve that i could do this you could do it She’s got this now i want you to stop turning the cube now close your eyes for me audiences 43 quintillion different ways to mix up a rubik’s cube and wouldn’t it be amazing if an amanda you could do the impossible thing tonight not me But, you to be a bloody miracle 3 2 1 put it in front open your eyes

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