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Magic: The Gathering Arena – Open Beta Announce Trailer (Official)

Magic: The Gathering Arena – Open Beta Announce Trailer (Official)

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Lo que faltaba…pierde toda la esencia en Pc es mejor inventarse historias a partir de los mazos…
    NO sabéis vivir sin tecnología…cansa y aburre.


  2. The little Ding noise at 54 seconds sounds exactly like the same ding in BFME2/RoTWK when you get a notification. I doubt anyone remembers that though. BUT! The ROTWK community is still alive and kicking, give it a try! Probably my favorite RTS game.
    As soon as I saws Danny Trejo I was convinced.

  3. Love how the game looks and plays from what I can tell on Twitch. Finally it looks like it will look like Sid Meier's 1997 version (with today's graphics etc.). It's time!

  4. I have no idea how to play magic any more because the game has changed so much from when I played 10+ years ago, but this commercial makes it seem appealing again.

  5. This is true, I've been waiting for magic to become an online game for sooooo long, but rules were so complicated that tbh I never thought someone would have really made it, but you did, and it makes me really happy. I've been playing for maybe a week now and I noticed there are already so many cards, and I know you're still developing(waiting for Direct Play especially), hopefully there will be even more cards in the future and maybe so old ones I loved <3, overall I'm really pleased with an online game after a long time, the effort you made shows, Hearthstone card hardly compare, not a chance in my eyes.

  6. I HATE YOU! you made me play Magic again after 15 years of not playing…

    to be honest thanks! feels very great! growing up and having less time for playing now i can do it after my children go to bed <3

  7. the thing that makes or breaks every single mtg game, no matter how user friendly and cool, is the freakin CARD POOL. These seem like a lot of animations, so I feel like not all cards will even HAVE animations, and also we may only see standard legal sets. (fyi I don't mind if not all cards have flashy 3d animations, that's perfectly understandable)

  8. Apart from the 3d monsters coming out of the cards (which is frikking cool) that UI and cards hitting other cards and explosions is a shameless Hearthstone copy aesthetically

  9. I've played over 50 card games over the years. This has to be the most unpleasant.
    A good 50% of games revolves around land draw.
    Blue/Island cards are unbalanced, so about 90% of the decks you face are blue, but the worst thing about them is their mechanics, just frustrating, make up for unpleasant games.
    The cancer of modern day card games (hearthstone era), aka the grinding for cost effective decks is also buffed in magic, this time with articles….
    As a result you keep playing against the same braindead decks, mono blue, red/blue, blue/green, blue in general.
    Promoting streamers only makes the braindead feel of the game worse.
    No actual ladder, so the only point besides draft is grinding the daily rewards.
    Uneccesary complicated yet uninspired mechanics, uber combo cards that make every game extremely depended on opening hand.

    On the plus side wildcard system is really good but that's about it.
    Hearthstone really fucked up the digital card gaming scene, people are happy to play games like NPCs.

  10. I downvote is now a like i add the solutin below. "Error Updating Data: Please check your connection and try again" that it (1 of 1 downloading file that not work). And write that in google follow the lines and yea combine it yeah … nope… nothing will work. Well done i mean its open beta ????? im not alone i mean you write solutions for that problem. But do you work on the problem itself that no one can get it? And if i must put my personal datas or regestry first on the website? If Yes? Than i dont understand that download button BIG shiny in front of all other little things.

  11. Is anyone else having trouble with the register? I can't type the freaking "@" when is asking me for my e-mail

  12. MTG is always behind

    The interface for Arena looks graphically like it is 15 years old

    MTGO was also always behind and looked like MS DOS running on windows 8 machines

    Arena looks awful (just less awful the MTGO) – mtg is a great game but until it's interface and graphics look on par with other online card games it'll never be number one – Arena looks very very tacky.

  13. I do not know who D9 is…… and you've underutilized Trejo. Please, next time get a big star like Karl Pilkington for this sort of promotion!

  14. I'm playing this game on pc but is this getting a mobile ios release?

    I heard about this game through pewdiepie

    subscribe to pewdiepie.

  15. trying to sell nerd games with mainstream celebs?
    nerds dont neeed mainstream celebs, and regular monkeys not going to even try nerd tcg games.
    sooo you r insulting the inherent intelligence of nerds trying sell them something with bullshit mainstream idiotic gimmics.

  16. "Strategy" more like, spamm counter spell in a mono blue deck, make the match last for two ages til the opponents gets too much frustrated from continuing or gets out of card. "STRATEGY"

  17. check out the "Raul as Danny Trejo" mod for Fallout NV
    ..he be like machete machete macheeeeeeete

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